Weather New 2021 e

The holidays provide an opportunity to visit the most interesting city USA! If this year you have planned to celebrate the New 2021 e offered in advance to ask, what will the weather in the region this winter, as well as what days the weather forecast is for deteriorating weather conditions.

Climatic norm of the region

For Leningrad region characteristic manifestations is moderately continental and moderately marine climate, the severity of which depends on air mass circulation and movement of anti-cyclones formed over the Baltic sea.

For the St. Petersburg winter is characterized by:

  • frequent fluctuations of temperature;
  • high humidity, especially during periods of thaw;
  • fogs;
  • ice;
  • storms with strong gusts of wind;
  • the formation of a stable snow cover.

Weather New 2021 e

Although tangible cold with the first frosts coming to the region in late October, the snow cover is usually formed not earlier than the month of December due to frequent thaws, which bring zero temperature and rain.

It is worth noting that in the history of meteorological observations there is evidence of abnormally warm periods when snow cover was formed in St. Petersburg only by mid-January.

Learn more about what can be weather on New Year 2021, and what to prepare visitors to the area wishing to spend the holidays in e, the statistics tell:

Everyone knows that in the beginning of the summer should come to St. Petersburg to see the famous “white nights”, but rather a short day in December often becomes a surprise for the tourists who first discover the Northern Capital. Since the Leningrad region is not beyond the Arctic Circle, there are no polar nights (as well as this polar day), but daylight at the end of December is about 6 hours.

Sunrise falls at 10:00 am, and sunset occurs at 16:00. If the weather on New Year 2021 will allow, then walking around the city in St. Petersburg you can enjoy the incredible beauty of the design of the streets and a variety of luminous art objects.

The consensus forecast for the winter of 2020-2021

Every year the staff meteorologist make long-term predictions for the upcoming heating season for different regions of the country. And this year, meteorologists are also shared assumptions, what will be the weather in the e on New Year 2021.

Winter in Leningrad region will be within climatic norm. Extremely low temperatures are expected, although short periods of severe night frosts up to -20 ° C in January will be.

Weather New 2021 e

December 2020 promises to be raw, with morning fog, sleet and rain, frequent transitions between positive and negative temperature, which in turn will lead to the formation on the surface of the snow slippery crust (thick ice cover).

Sustainable minute weather forecasters promise only in the last week of the year. It is hoped that a few days of snow and slight frost will transform the city, giving residents and visitors a real Christmas tale.

Weather New 2021 e

Forecast for new year’s eve 2021

New year’s eve (31 December 2020) long-range weather forecast promises a record for the expiring Dec -9 ºC. But the snow which will go on for several days, new year’s eve stop, providing guests and residents the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of 2021 under the open sky and enjoy the magnificent fireworks over the Neva.

Considering what the weather will do on new year’s eve, dress on New Year’s to everyone who plans to participate in the festivities on the streets of e is as warmer. Tourists who have not visited the city in the winter months, it is recommended to stock up on new year’s eve not only warm gloves and a scarf, and a thermos of hot tea.

Read more about where and how you can meet New 2021 in St. Petersburg, see the article “New 2021 e”.

Weather for Christmas 2021

Although in the early days 2021 weather will experience quite severe frosts, since January 7, the region will be another warming. The anticyclone from the Baltic will bring snow and comfortable temperatures, which in the daytime is going close to zero at night to not fall below -5 ºC.

Weather New 2021 e

The coldest period will be the last week of January. Night frosts will intensify, reaching -13 ° C, while daytime in most days the weather will encourage active recreation and walking. A significant difference in day and night temperatures, which will occur in periods of dramatic cooling and warming can affect the health of people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. The climate tourists should be especially careful about your health and try not to be in the cold too long.

Where to go in bad weather?

Experienced travelers and professional guides recommend to visit the many museums (of course, having begun his acquaintance with the architecture and history of the city with the famous Hermitage Museum). No less fascinating are:

  • theatrical routes;
  • shopping in the shopping centers;
  • tasting the culinary masterpieces that are served in the best restaurants of the city;
  • visit the children’s rides.

Weather New 2021 e

Do not worry, if long-term weather forecasts for the New Year 2021 has not met expectations, because to say exactly what will be the weather in the e on 31 December or from 1 to 7 January, in advance and with 100% guarantee nobody can. Rather the data just a guess forecasts, are based on years of observations. Even the meteorologists say that the probability that the prediction will come true, is no more than 70%.

When you are planning your new year trip, we offer you to look, how to meet the year 2020.

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