Weather for the New year 2021 in Saint Petersburg | what will it be like, forecast

If you want to spend the new year or Christmas holidays in St. Petersburg, see what the weather will be like in the Northern capital for the New year 2021 and Christmas, as well as when the forecast promises severe frosts and thaws.

Geography and climatic features of the region

The climatic features of St. Petersburg are determined by a number of factors, including::

  • geographical location;
  • proximity to large bodies of water;
  • features of atmospheric circulation.

The Leningrad region is located in the transition zone from a continental to a marine climate, which is characterized by frequent changes in weather conditions, rains, fogs and strong winds.

Weather for the New year 2021 in Saint Petersburg | what will it be like, forecast

Continental air masses bring dry, warm weather to the Leningrad region, while moist sea air comes from the Atlantic ocean, which slightly softens the climatic conditions.

For the St. Petersburg winter, the following are typical::

  • fogs;
  • freezing rain;
  • icy conditions;
  • snow and blizzards (with or without snow cover formation);
  • strong winds;
  • sudden change in the weather.

The absolute minimum of winter temperatures recorded in the region is -35.9 ° C, although in recent years such extreme frosts have not been recorded in the city. The average winter temperature in St. Petersburg varies between -8 … -12 ° C with short periods of severe frosts, approaching -20 ° C at night.

Although according to the climatogram, the maximum amount of precipitation in the region falls in the summer, in winter in St. Petersburg, the weather quite often presents surprises in the form of snow or freezing rain. According to weather forecasters, the height of snow cover can reach 73 cm, but on average it is 25-30 cm.

General forecast for winter 2021

Predicting what the weather will be like in St. Petersburg for the New Year 2021 is quite difficult, due to the changeability and instability of the meteorological picture of the region.

For the Leningrad region, the beginning of meteorological winter falls in the second half of November, although the first frosts and snow are possible at the beginning of the month and even at the end of October. Sometimes the snow cover forms as early as December, but there are also years with frequent thaws that lead to wet weather, freezing rains and ice.

Weather for the New year 2021 in Saint Petersburg | what will it be like, forecast

Autumn 2020 was relatively warm. The first frosts and snow came to the region only at the end of November. According to forecasts of meteorologists, the winter of 2021-2022 will also be warm, without extreme frosts and cataclysms, which means that we should expect frequent thaws and most likely the weather for the New Year 2021 in St. Petersburg will be wet and snowless.

It is worth noting that the processes of global warming have not spared the Northern capital. The climate here is also undergoing changes. In recent years, the average winter temperature has increased, the thaw periods have become longer, and the snow cover is formed somewhat later than normal.

Detailed forecast by month

A long-term weather forecast will help you choose the best time to travel to the Leningrad region. We will tell you what weather forecasters expect in St. Petersburg for the New year 2021 and Christmas, and what periods will be optimal for walking around the Northern capital.

Important! The presented weather forecast for the New year 2021 in St. Petersburg is a long-term one. The official probability of long-term forecasts based on the observations of meteorologists is 60-80%.

December 2020

The beginning of the calendar winter will delight residents and guests of the city with a beautiful picture. But the snow that fell at the end of November will last less than a week. The new year’s weather will be replaced by freezing rain and slush.

The weather will be unstable throughout December. Temperature swings will fluctuate within the zero mark (from a small minus to a slight plus), preventing the formation of snow cover.

Weather for the New year 2021 in Saint Petersburg | what will it be like, forecast

There will be a lot of precipitation, but mostly in the form of wet snow or freezing rain.

On December 31, 2020, forecasters also predict snow and rain and plus temperatures.

January 2021

Although the weather forecast for the New year 2021 itself did not please St. Petersburg, snowfalls are expected in the region in early January. At a comfortable daytime temperature of +1…+3 ° C, guests and residents of the city will be able to fully enjoy the beauty of snow-covered St. Petersburg on Christmas day.

Relatively warm and snowy weather will last in the region until mid-February. January will be abnormally warm, because the forecast temperature is significantly higher than the meteorological norm. But at the same time, we can expect the formation of a stable snow cover.

Weather for the New year 2021 in Saint Petersburg | what will it be like, forecast

February 2021

The first half of the month will be warm and snowy. The weather pattern will be similar to January, with light frosts at night and a slight daytime plus (up to +2 ° C).

Real winter will come to the Leningrad region in mid-February, bringing with it clear Sunny weather, a sharp cold snap and night frosts of up to-20 ° C.

Weather for the New year 2021 in Saint Petersburg | what will it be like, forecast

Severe frosts will last in the region for a little less than 2 weeks and at the end of the month they will soften a little – cloudy and snowy weather will return again. It will get significantly warmer in the daytime, although frosts of up to-12 ° C are possible at night.

Spring in St. Petersburg

The arrival of calendar spring will not bring any warmth yet. Meteorological spring (with a positive temperature, melting of snow and ice on the Neva river) in the region occurs in mid-April. Throughout March, the temperature will remain in the range of +1… – 4 ° C. Precipitation will be mainly in the form of snow (sometimes wet).

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