Water day in 2021

One of the most important environmental festivals in 2021 will be a water Day. And although mark he would be the 18th time, he is unpopular among the population. Events held on this day, mainly in water conservation, improvement of environmental situation and approaching the problem of shortage of drinking water. In some countries organize festivals and folk festivals.

World water day

Approved was a celebration by the UN General Assembly in 1993. Although the story of his appearance starts a year earlier. At the conference held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, the participants raised the issue of water conservation, as had already been recorded a shortage of them. It was proposed to establish an environmental holiday. The purpose of the meeting is to attract public attention to the problem. In early 1993 the UN was to sign the resolution, and in March, first held themed events. Participation in the celebration was attended 30 countries. Each year their number increased.

Water day is held annually under a certain slogan, although the goal remains the same – to attract public attention to environmental issue. According to statistics, from drought and water scarcity kills more people than diseases.

World water Day in 2021 will be March 22.

Water day in 2021

As noted

In the water Day is usually held the following events:

  • seminars;
  • round tables;
  • lectures;
  • conference, etc.

The participants have raised the issues of unsustainable use of resources and pollution of lakes, rivers, groundwater. Definitely heard reports about the poor state of water resources, increasing their consumption by mankind and other problems.

Also organize exhibitions, flash mobs, contests and other events. The party is sure to spend in kindergartens, schools, universities and other educational institutions, as it is considered important to correctly educate children and to form their attitude to natural resources. To arrange open lessons and educational hours to teach children about the importance of water, its sources, wasteful consumption, etc.

Water day in 2021

The water festival in different countries

In the USA, Belarus and other Slavic countries almost did not survive a long tradition, but there are in the world, who organize festivals and celebrations in honor of the water. Here are some of them:

  • China. In the Shui (the so-called holiday) lasts a whole week. It is associated with an interesting legend that tells that China was once the evil demon ruler. He had 7 wives. They killed her husband, tired tolerate bullying. So his spirit has returned to the country, they had to take turns to hold the head of the spouse. To ease their suffering, the local people poured water on them.
  • Cyprus. Kataklysmos is associated with the memory of the deluge. It symbolizes resurrection and new life. People drench each other with water to of body and soul was purified. Arrange a fun celebration for 7-th day after Easter.
  • Dagestan. A holiday that has old roots, it falls on the 40th day after the vernal equinox. Be sure to carry out an ancient rite. Young girls covering their heads with white shawls, with a 10-liter jugs are sent to the far pond. There lead dances and sing songs, and then filled the jugs back home.
  • Thailand. On Mother’s Day, which is held in late October or early November, Thais spend a beautiful ritual to thank the water and bring her an apology for the use and pollution. On the ocean, rivers, or reservoirs they carved small boats out of palm leaves. They put hot candle and put a few coins and a lock of hair to be cleansed from all the bad. Then put the boat on the water surface, after which it floats.
  • Armenia. The holiday, during which everybody poured, arrange in the summer. In Vardavar is forbidden to rely on the strangers who pour water. Guys be sure to give the girls red roses, and lovers released doves into the sky.

Theme organize festivals in Cambodia and Burma. Laotians sprinkled each other with water for the New year.

How to celebrate world water day : video

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