Volunteers for the Olympic games in Tokyo-2021

From 24 July to 9 August 2021 in Japan will host the 32nd Summer Olympic games and from 25 August to 6 September 16-th Summer Paralympic games. The organizing Committee of the Olympic games Tokyo-2021 September 26, 2018 announced the recruitment for the vacancies of volunteers around the world. It is planned to recruit 80 to 90 thousand people.

Volunteers for the Olympic games in Tokyo-2021

Requirements for candidates

The main directions where it is necessary to attract volunteers-2021:

  • assistance in organizing of the games;
  • communication with the media;
  • working with newcomers to the country audience-foreigners;
  • work in places of residence, “Olympic villages” athletes from different parts of the world;
  • organization of communication with medical staff.

Requirements for volunteers:

  • all who were born before 1 April 2002, but who was not at the time of the games of the 80 years;
  • when applying for the organization of “transport support”, having a driver’s license in Japan and driving experience;
  • an additional advantage will be the presence of the sports category;
  • must know English, Japanese preferably a third language;
  • advantage in the selection is experience in providing care and support for elderly people and persons with disabilities;
  • the possibility of opening a Japanese visa for the period of the Games.

Note: important volunteer around the world — stress, especially when resolving conflict situations between fans or representatives of the warring countries came to support their compatriots.

Volunteers for the Olympic games in Tokyo-2021

Volunteer it is important to know that:

  • its activities are unpaid and voluntary;
  • the attitude of all the participants, guests and staff should be as polite and friendly;
  • in the event of a conflict in the first place, you must notify the coordinator of the site;
  • in case of failure of tasks or the inability to implement it, you should immediately inform the curator;
  • his actions should not discredit the host of the Games;
  • personal values are under his own responsibility.

A distinctive feature of volunteering at the Games in Tokyo-2021 is implementation of the program for those who volunteer with the visually impaired. For this category of persons the program was started from 26 September 2018, and the deadline for receipt of applications from them was extended for another month, to create equal conditions for all. For visually impaired volunteers on the website, we provide a separate application form where information is filled in voice mode, and the questionnaire in electronic form to be filled by the employee of Tokyo-2021.

Volunteers for the Olympic games in Tokyo-2021

Documents and data for registration application

For the consideration of applications for participation in the casting of volunteers, you need to prepare the scanned versions of these documents:

  • passport, when necessary a driver’s license of Japan;
  • certificates of foreign language proficiency TOEFL, IELTS or any other equivalent certificate level of English and other languages.

For more information, register on the official website candidates:

  • Name, gender;
  • addresses and contact details relatives, in cases of emergency;
  • the experience of the volunteer, education and places of work;
  • experience in the sport, the level of language proficiency, experience of control of the vehicle;
  • what type of volunteer work preferred for the volunteer to select one of the ten proposed.

What will the volunteer

Upon approval of candidacy, volunteers will be granted upon arrival in Japan:

  • uniform, confirming his affiliation with volunteers – shirt, pants, jacket, shoes, bag, cap;
  • free food and drinks for the duration of the Games;
  • travel expenses equivalent to 1,000 yen/day (about $ 9)
  • insurance and benefits of transportation when traveling around Tokyo.

Payment visa, round trip tickets, accommodation falls on the volunteers.

Volunteers for the Olympic games in Tokyo-2021

As volunteers – “volunteers” with the tough schedule they have in a week one day off is provided on day 6. On your day off is allowed to attend stadiums and other sports facilities, because not all the volunteers are in the places of the Games, many work in the logistics, the hotels, the “Olympic village”. Weekend volunteer has the right to freely visit any competition and be in the middle of a Grand sporting event of Olympics-2021.

Directions for volunteers at the Games 2021

When applying the contestant chooses one of the 10 proposed lines, but this is not a guarantee that the organizing Committee of the Tokyo-2021 shall approve selected:

  1. Any kind of volunteer activities total number of volunteers 80000-90000.
  2. The coordinator and the controller: flow fans; entrance tickets to the sites competitions; security level; flows athletes foreigners, their support to hotels, stadiums or “Olympic village” (for this category will be chosen 16000-25000).
  3. Assistance in the organization and conduct of competition (15000-17000).
  4. Transportation of athletes between the “village” and the stadiums, the transportation sector (10000-14000).
  5. Support: international delegations at airports; athletes in preparation for competitions; the participants when communicating with the media after the competition (8000-12000).
  6. Coordination issue: uniforms to other volunteers; the identifiers of the participants of the Games; equipment for the teams, journalists, service personnel and coaches (8000-10000).
  7. Medical: provide first aid in case of injury of athletes, fans, employees; organization of delivery to the hospital; help the staff of the anti-doping Committee, for collecting samples from athletes (4000-6000).
  8. Technological support: input and display the results of the competition; assistance in installation, commissioning of communication equipment (2000-4000).
  9. Media: assistance to the Japanese, the international media to conduct photo, video and interviews of athletes, press-conferences participants and trainers (2000-4000).
  10. Ceremony: delivery of medals, awards; presentation; organization of their travel to stadiums in Tokyo (1000-2000).

Volunteers for the Olympic games in Tokyo-2021

The training program volunteers

After the approval of the nomination as a volunteer of the Olympic games 2021, a volunteer continuously for two years held a joint briefing and training sessions in company with other volunteers.

  1. From January to June 2020: orientation notifications, the briefing and interview.
  2. February 2020: introductory session.
  3. September 2020: training.
  4. October 2020: General training.
  5. March 2021: alert about defining and assigning the form of volunteer activities.
  6. April 2021: role-playing, leadership training.
  7. May 2021: total distribution, approval of the site.
  8. June 2021: training in the field.

For volunteers, the Japanese must be present at least one informational session, schedule and venue are posted on the official website of the volunteer movement. For volunteers-foreigners residing outside of Japan, sessions are held via video link during the period from March to July 2020.

What not to do volunteer

In case of contact with an infected with the virus person to volunteer is urgently required to inform their supervisor and be in isolation, the required time specified by the medical staff, depending on the disease.

Volunteers are forbidden to post information about Games, their conduct, both positive and negative in the media, as well as photos, posts on social media about their volunteer activities without approval of the organizing Committee.

Volunteers are forbidden to be the initiator of conflict situations, and in case of violation of human rights needs to inform the higher management.

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