Volkswagen Tharu 2021

Volkswagen Tharu 2021 is a new crossover from the German company. The appearance of the car is connected with the popularity of compact models for improved patency and expansion of the company’s lineup. According to the manufacturer, the novelty will have the following traditional virtues of Volkswagen cars:

Volkswagen Tharu 2021

Among classmates and competitors Tharu is possible to distinguish crossovers:

  • Skoda Karoq;
  • Hyundai Creta;
  • Renault Kaptur;
  • Nissan Qashqai;
  • Lifan X50;
  • The Mitsubishi Outlander.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021 Volkswagen Tharu 2021
Volkswagen Tharu 2021 Volkswagen Tharu 2021
Volkswagen Tharu 2021 Volkswagen Tharu 2021

The prototype of the novelties was presented in the spring of 2018 at the motor show in Beijing, and at the end of the year and the scheduled opening of the production model in China. In the plans of Volkswagen to 2021 to start sales of crossover Tharu in Eastern Europe, South Africa, Mexico, India.

External image

Presented by Volkswagen photo clearly shows that the appearance of a new crossover Tharu 2021 model year recalls the image larger models Teramont the latest generation characterized by design with solidity and power.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021

To create such a design, the designers and artists VW used:

  • straight hood;
  • almost rectangular headlamps in the two-and the lower led strip running lights;
  • the wide radiator grille with two massive longitudinal panels and a coarse pattern;
  • additional air intake in the plastic frame and rolling in the invoice panel protection;
  • increase in the slope of the windshield and on the contrary small smooth slope of the roof aft of the crossover;
  • significant lateral glazing;
  • square wheel arches;
  • massive front tab;
  • large rear lights;
  • speed device aft and vertical position of the liftgate.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021 Volkswagen Tharu 2021

Off-road qualities of the car emphasizes the traditional set that includes:

  • plastic kit;
  • protective inserts in the wheel arches;
  • high ground clearance;
  • reduced overhangs;
  • special bottom panel.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021


The company Volkswagen has positioned the new compact crossover as a more affordable and, therefore, the interior quality, but not the most expensive materials:

  1. soft plastic;
  2. artificial leather;
  3. wear-resistant fabric;
  4. a quality carpet.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021

The architecture of the salon stand out:

  • multifunction steering wheel with the bottom support;
  • analog instrument panel;
  • the Central console has received in its design several layers and dichroic execution;
  • front seats with lateral support and a headrest;
  • front armrest with stowage compartment;
  • a wide tunnel with Cup holders;
  • color touch monitor of the multimedia complex.

The second-row seats fold in a ratio of 1/2, but can not achieve the smooth floor of the trunk, and the resulting protrusion will make the download of the not quite convenient.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021

Technical parameters and equipment

The size of the new VW Tara 2012 model year are:

Length4 450 mm
Width1 840 mm
Height1 630 mm
Wheelbase2 680 mm
Clearance185 mm

The new crossover is put proprietary platform MQB. At the initial stage of production Tharu will get front-wheel drive only and be equipped with power units with the following specifications:

Engine typeThe volumePower
Petrol turbocharged1.2 l115,0 HP
Petrol turbocharged1.4 l150,0 HP

With both engines it is possible to use 6-speed manual transmission or 7-band robot.

With the model of the diesel engine, which will be further installed in the car Volkswagen at the moment is still undecided.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021

Due to the fact that the car leans to the budget segment to the basic configuration requested the installation of a relatively small, by modern standards, the number of equipment among which you can select:

  • 6-inch monitor multimedia system;
  • four airbags;
  • air conditioning;
  • the electrically controlled side mirrors;
  • power Windows;
  • navigation system;
  • electric driver’s seat;
  • personal computer;
  • audio system with six speakers;
  • electric power steering and an adjustable steering column;
  • fog lights.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021

As options according to the complete set of crossover it is possible to use the following equipment:

  • Keyless access to the salon;
  • engine start button;
  • heated seats;
  • climate control;
  • all-round visibility;
  • Parking sensors, light and rain;
  • led optics;
  • side mirrors with automatic folding.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021

The final list of equipment of the crossover depending on the configuration variant will be announced before release.

The start of sales and cost

Original VW Packaging 2021 model year will be sold in China, where the initial price of the crossover will amount to 145.00 thousand yuan (1 million 400 rubles). The future plans of the VW company to start production of a new car for domestic buyers from Eastern European Assembly plants in Kaluga, while considering specifics of the Russian demand it is possible to produce and all-wheel drive version of Volkswagen Tharu.

Tharu for USA

In the spring of 2020, Volkswagen has presented a model Tharu 2021, developed specially for the Russian market. The novelty is really worthy of attention, despite the fact that in China, the production car already on sale.

According to Ralph Brandstetter, chief operating officer of the company Volkswagen in the USA, the production car will take place in Nizhny Novgorod at the facilities of GAZ group. Different from the Chinese version will be in the dimensions (with a wheelbase of 2630-2638 mm).

Volkswagen Tharu 2021

So, the crossover, which plan to collect in the USA, will have some differences from the original described above, namely:

  1. the car will most likely get a new name – the Volkswagen Tarek;
  2. its dimensions will be modest, so as not to oust the Russian market popular model Volkswagen Tiguan;
  3. in the engine range is reduced Tharu (Tarek) possible changes, but it is not known which of the two stated power units will be available to Russian customers.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021 Volkswagen Tharu 2021

Will appreciate the fact that the interior and technical equipment reduced Volkswagen Tharu 2021 will not differ from the original, as the set of advanced options in the budget and the most expensive trim models.

So, buyers Top versions also get a panoramic roof, a large touch display multimedia system, projection dashboard, climate control and other benefits stated higher trim levels.

Volkswagen Tharu 2021 Volkswagen Tharu 2021 Volkswagen Tharu 2021

Also see the first video about the new Volkswagen Tharu:

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