Volkswagen Jetta vs5 2021

A popular line of sedans Jetta from Volkswagen evolved into a separate brand that will sell in China! Not waiting for the April auto show in Shanghai, which will be held from 14 to 18 the Volkswagen Group presented in Chengdu (China) a new brand of budget cars Jetta and showed three new models: sedans VA3 and two crossover VS5 and VS7.

And if VA3 did not cause much interest because of its exterior clearly visible features of the well-known Volkswagen sedan, the SUV VS series, the basis of which lay the popular Tharu model, really worthy of attention.


Introduced new models Jetta a subsidiary of the Volkswagen brand at the end of April, and the venue was not chosen by chance, because the plant, located in Chengdu (Sichuan province), in the near future begin to collect new items.

Volkswagen Jetta vs5 2021

Lifting the veil, the producers still managed to keep the intrigue, showing the audience only the exterior of the new models and not venturing into what specifications will receive the first representatives of a new brand Jetta.

However, it is not difficult to guess that at least they should not concede on reliability, functionality and equipment of its European counterparts. Where and what is saved in production, being able to offer competitive price in China market, learn over time.

Most likely, the world will be able to see in all its glory Volkswagen Jetta VS5, VS7 and VA3, as well as to assess the interior, the options available and the complete set of cars of 2021 in April. Volkswagen plans to introduce a subsidiary brand at the Shanghai motor show 2020.

Exterior crossovers

In fact the model VS5 and VS7 are two versions of the same car with a five and seven-seater execution of the cabin (obviously from the title). External representation in Chengdu models differed only in the color scheme of the body and the lower air intake front bumper.

Volkswagen Jetta vs5 2021 Volkswagen Jetta vs5 2021

So, what will attract the sophisticated technology of China Volkswagen?

Bright, bold and dynamic design VW Jetta VS5(and VS7) model 2021 form:

  • large 6-coal grille, received a completely different design, not typical for VW cars;
  • the original geometry of the optics head;
  • stylish design bumper strips fog lights and a contrasting plastic elements;
  • large convenient mirror;
  • plastic kit of the body;
  • the abundance of chromium in the finish;
  • longitudinal body forms, give the car a dynamic;
  • high side line of the glazing;
  • roof rails and roof line that some understated as you get closer to the rear uprights;
  • the big wheels with an exclusive design;
  • the original model the rear lights with an unusual Y-shaped arrangement of luminous elements;
  • lifting tailgate for easy loading;
  • a tidy spoiler above the rear window;
  • rear bumper protection, alluding to the off-road qualities of the car.

Volkswagen Jetta vs5 2021

As you can see, externally, crossover was quite charismatic and certainly no one can accuse debutants in the absence of “a private person”. Color scheme also promises to please not only the classic shades and vibrant colors which are in great demand in the market of China.


The company conceals information about what will be the interior of the new Volkswagen Jetta VS5 and his older brother, the VS7, the issue of which plan to start before 2021, and even spy photos of the paparazzi failed to capture the new interior.

Perhaps, the cabin will be used the design elements inherent in the progenitor of the Tharu, but it is possible that the new SUV will get its own individual interior without reference to the more expensive counterparts from the line VW.

Volkswagen Jetta vs5 2021

According to the external dimensions, the car is a 5-bernam execution needs to be quite spacious and roomy inside. Those who focused on the 7-seater elephant, traditionally have to give up a roomy Luggage compartment. Will the Jetta transformability, while it is hard to say.


Watching a camouflaged road test-Volkswagen Jetta VS5 many experts predict that the model 2021 will get a 2-liter turbocharged powertrain, but we all understand that “my dear, powerful and economical engine” = “high price”, a Jet is positioned as a budget line.

Volkswagen Jetta vs5 2021 Volkswagen Jetta vs5 2021

In network Weibo also has information about the possible bundling of new products including power units (power unknown):

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