Violet Evergarden movie 2021

Japanese anime has received worldwide recognition thanks to features not found in other projects. They affect the most sensitive topics and to help uncover the inner emotions of people. Cartoon “violet Evergarden” aroused interest among the audience, so the creators decided to release a feature film that will appear on the screens in 2021.

The plot

To help his wife, who lost his eyesight and both hands, Professor Orland is an experiment and creates a recording of the doll. His invention has spread. Soon the robots start to use not only in peacetime but also in war. Evergarden violet, the heroine of the film 2021, passed the horrors of the military and received some damage.

Violet Evergarden movie 2021

After discharge the girl working in the small post office, which is located in the village. She writes beautiful letters, solving the puzzle, commanded by major-aristocrat Gilbert, who admitted fighting friend in love.

New story

The plot of the new film for a long time kept secret, but recently it became known that in a side story the main role will belong to the beautiful Isabella, who is studying in an elite all-girls boarding school. Violet focused on teaching, she teaches students good manners. The place is very harsh orders, it is more like a prison. Miss Evergarden will have to help students, solving teenage problems.

Violet Evergarden movie 2021

Interesting facts

  1. The name of the protagonist in translation sounds like “blue violet” and is a symbol of loyalty and truth that is consistent with the character.
  2. Initially, the girl knew nothing about feelings, but after the service, major Gilbert gradually began to feel the emotions and trying to unravel the meaning of the words uttered by the man.
  3. In the cartoon incredibly beautiful music and the overall picture.
  4. At the open end of the events in the second film can take the most unexpected turn.

The authors

The main character speaks the voice of Yui Ishikawa, who before the sound of the anime was a theatrical actress. The girl began to build a career in 2002, and over the past 17 years makes the characters come to life and gives them expressive emotions.

Violet Evergarden movie 2021

The literary basis

It is curious! The origin of the violet Evergarden not disclosed by the authors. In the original version she was found by soldiers on a deserted island, who was in the war zone. When some soldiers decided to rape the girl, she was forced to kill the attackers.

Novel written by Kahn akatsuki, has received numerous awards and in 2014 took three awards in each category – novel, script and manga. Work has begun a series of stories about a curious girl who possesses incredible strength and agility. Her inaccessible to the human senses, so the heroine tries to understand what is happening inside.

The name violet girl gave major Gilbert, who did not want to admit her obvious quality killing machines. The man who discovered the heroine was Gotfrid, his brother. He has repeatedly demonstrated an eerie ability to trust, exposing her to fight with experienced opponents.

Violet Evergarden movie 2021

Gilbert began to develop the human qualities of violet, taught her how to speak, read and write. Man belongs to the aristocratic family. Characters will meet many, many years, during which the girl believed that her mentor died.

Room for imagination

The story is about an incredible girl named violet Evergarden is not in place. It included several episodes, each of which tells about a new stage of identity formation, encounters with different people and further adventures.

After a distinguished military career heroine had to work in postova office, after she went to school dolls, visited the Kingdom and in the Observatory Shaher. She has an incredible destiny that makes to travel the world, helping people and find myself.

Waiting for official Russian trailer full movie, 2021, watch first the original video with English subtitles:

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