Vietnamese New 2021: a number

In 2021, the Vietnamese New year once again will be greeted loudly and cheerfully. It’s one of the main festivals in the country. It has a lot of interesting traditions and customs that are passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Tet (the so-called New year in Vietnam) is not only a fun family holiday, but also a manifestation of respect for the older generation, the commemoration of the dead.

The date for the celebration

Tourists wishing to get acquainted with national traditions and to witness the celebration, wondering when Vietnam will celebrate the New 2021. The fact that Tet has no fixed date. It is calculated annually according to the lunar calendar. The holiday symbolizes the arrival of spring and the rainy season. Almost always it coincides with the Chinese New year, although there are exceptions. In the period from 1975 to 2100, will be a total of 4 mismatches.

Important! In 2021 in Vietnam, the New year will meet on 25 January, although some rites are performed the day before. The festival lasts for 3 days, and in some regions of the festivities last for up to 7 days.

Tourists should know that during Theta closed not only public institutions, but most of the shops. For this reason, food and other essential products you should buy in advance.

Vietnamese New 2021: a number

Preparing for the holiday

The Vietnamese are looking forward to the arrival of the New year, and so advance to it and begin to prepare. During the preparation do the following steps:

  1. Conduct a General cleaning. Throw away trash and old stuff, all washed and clean. In cleaning be sure to involve children. Clean not only the house but also in the yard, to earn the favor of his gods.
  2. Clean the altar. It is usually done by the host.
  3. Buy the children new clothes. According to Vietnamese tradition, to celebrate the holiday need new clothes, so a trip to the store included in the compulsory program.
  4. Decorated the house. For this purpose, flowering apricot and peach branches, which symbolize happiness and luck. Homes put a small tangerine trees with fruit hanging red lanterns and garlands.
  5. Decorate the Christmas tree. Instead of Christmas trees, the Vietnamese decorate the bamboo. It grows in almost every yard. The trunk of bamboo is necessarily wrapped with a red cloth, which attracts luck and prosperity. On the upper part are attached the bells to scare away evil spirits. Be sure to hang on bamboo and a small lamp to point the way for the souls of dead relatives.

7 days before the Theta definitely satisfied with seeing off the Kitchen God. The ritual is led by each family, because it is believed that the Kitchen God goes to the jade Emperor, to tell him about the past year. For the ceremony, the Vietnamese buy special paper donations, and upon completion of the ritual release into the river of the three carp.

The main tradition

Knowing what date is the Vietnamese New 2021, the locals before wearing new clothes. Before the Board decided to prepare the gifts and to walk-in guests, but by invitation only. Usually I give money. It is desirable that it was a new of coins or bills, but not a great value. Put them in the red bag or envelope, as the color in Vietnam is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Sometimes give clothing items or other inexpensive gifts.

Vietnamese New 2021: a number

And although new year’s eve in Vietnam decided to spend with family, celebrate the holiday usually on the street. Everywhere launch fireworks, fire show, banging drums and bells. To make noise in the streets made not only for fun but also to drive away evil spirits. After the New year, the locals go home.

Morning all up early and first go to the temple. At noon on the altar put of presentation (fruits, sweets and other treats) to the souls of deceased ancestors joined the celebration of the most important of the year celebration.

On the first day of the Tet, the Vietnamese are satisfied with the festival. The streets of the city carrying large red or red-yellow dragons made of paper, cloth or other materials. Accompany their people who are loudly banging drums. In the temples of beaten copper bell. If for foreigners the festival is an opportunity to have some fun for local residents, it has symbolic value. Dragons and loud noises can help protect the inhabitants from evil spirits.

Festive table

Christmas meal in the North and South of the country differ. Northerners serve pig’s feet, cooked with bamboo shoots carp with salty sauce and meat jelly. Southerners cook pork in coconut milk. On the table there is another unusual dish – stuffed bitter melon. Meat dishes complement the sprouts, green peas, turnips, carrots.

On every holiday table there are fruits:

  • tangerines;
  • the kumquats;
  • dragon fruits;
  • bananas;
  • pomelo etc.

Vietnamese New 2021: a number

Vietnamese from the North and South regions provides traditional Christmas cake – banking. It consists of sticky rice, pork, onions and green peas. The filling is wrapped in dough and bamboo leaves. The cake has a square shape, which symbolizes the gratitude to the land that feeds people four seasons of the year. Cook the dish for almost a day according to the old technology.

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