Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast

Another postponement of the film premiere due to the coronavirus only fuels interest in the release in 2021 of the second part of the film “venom: Let there be carnage”.

  • The premiere:June 24, 2021 (America), June 25, 2021 (USA)
  • Original contenttitle:Venom: Let There Be Carnage
  • Country of manufacture:United States of America
  • Genre: Thriller, action, science fiction, horror
  • Director:Andy Serkis
  • The cast:Tom hardy, woody Harrelson, Alfredo Tavares, and others.
  • Rating of expectations:Kinopoisk-92%

Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast

Fans, despite the forced wait, are comforted by the fact that they learned the full name of the film after the working version of “venom 2”. It is no coincidence that the appearance of the superhero Carnage at the end of the first part was preceded by a further year of events. Venom: let there be carnage is the third film in the Marvel and Sony cinematic universe.

The creation of the project team and shooting

The first film, based on marvel Comics ‘ comic books, was released in 2018 and grossed well, exceeding production costs by eight times. Director Ruben Fleischer was a big fan of venom in the comics, knowing the character’s potential. Despite critical reviews, the action movie became successful in a number of superhero films. Hollywood does not refuse such films, film studios immediately outlined a couple of sequels.

The foundations laid for the development of the franchise will be developed in the second part. But now the Director’s chair was taken by Andy Serkis, previously known to the audience for acting – the roles of Caesar, Snoke, Gollum.

Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast

The replacement of Ruben Fleischer was forced due to employment in the running filming process. The second part was written by Tom hardy and Kelly Marcel.

  • AVI Arad (“Iron man”, “spider-Man”)»);
  • Matthew Tolmach (“Very bad girls»);
  • Amy Pascal (“the X-files”).

Filming in early 2020 was carried out first in England, on the territory of the University of London, then the project team continued to work for several weeks in San Francisco (USA). The Anchor brewery in Potrero hill became the police station. Location shots were taken at Nob hill, grace Cathedral, and the Palace of fine arts, located in the Marina district. The pandemic slowed down the running process, but they managed to capture the main material.

The plot

Carnage, or Cletus Cassidy, who is a fusion of a psychotic maniac and an alien symbiote, has become one of the most dangerous characters in the pages of comics. In the sequel, he is assigned one of the main roles of a serial killer. The antagonist will be the main character of the first part of Eddie Brock, a hapless journalist who got along with an alien monster, a carrier of the venom symbiote.

Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast

The villains in the film will be joined by the heroine Shreke (Screech), who can hit the enemy with a sound wave.

It is possible that Spider-Man will appear in the film, as the characters are originally linked in the comics. Interestingly, in the original sources, it was the Spider that was the first carrier of the symbiote. The character’s appearance depends on the outcome of negotiations between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures.

The creators of the films do not disclose their plot moves before the premiere. While the network appeared concepts of the fight venom with the supervillain Carnage, not included in the first part. Perhaps an episode of the epic confrontation will appear in the sequel. Special effects artist Paolo Giandoso posted a storyboard of the scene on his personal website. The author did not leave any comments on the publication. Viewers are waiting for the appearance of the already filmed material in the hard, full of blood film “venom: Let there be carnage”.

Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast

There is speculation that Sony’s plans to develop the character of carnage extend far beyond the sequel, the film company is going to create a spin-off with the villain.

The cast

It is known that the main character will be played by Tom hardy, who has already signed a contract for three films. Michelle Williams, who plays Eddie Brock’s girlfriend, is expected to appear as Ann Weing. The villain Cletus Cassidy, or carnage, will appear in the performance of woody Harrelson.

Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast

Other actors involved in the project:

  • Naomie Harris (“28 days later»);
  • Stephen Graham (“This Is England»);
  • Sean Delaney (“Pure English murders»);
  • Amber Sienna (“pen: Journey to Neverland»);
  • Peggy Lou (“the invisible Man»);
  • William barbeau (“13 reasons why»);
  • Michelle Greenidge (“Error 404»);
  • Lawrence Spellman (“Fury”).

It is not excluded the appearance in the picture of Spider-Man performed by Tom Holland.

Interesting facts

Fans of “venom” are always interested in the details of the filming process, the actors, the development of the franchise. Not everyone knows the facts related to the picture:

  1. The shooting of the film initially involved violent scenes according to the R rating, but later the decision was changed, the level was lowered to PG-13;
  2. The original comics introduce venom and Spider-Man as old enemies. They are now in the same cinematic universe. The meeting of heroes will take place sooner or later. Tom hardy has stated that he would like to play alongside Spider-Man.
  3. There is a high probability of creating a trilogy or expanding the franchise.

Venom: Let there be carnage movie 2021 | release date, cast

It remains to wait for the first official trailer of the film “venom: Let there be carnage” in American or the premiere itself in 2021 to understand the new ideas of the creators of the superhero tape.

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