Venom 2 movie 2021 | release date, actors

In 2021, the Thriller “venom 2” will be released, a blockbuster about a hapless journalist. After an unexpected success in 2018, viewers will get the long-awaited continuation of the story of Eddie Brock, who got along with an alien monster.

Filming a movie

The Director of the first part of the film, Ruben Fleischer, left the project without any comments. It is assumed that the reason was the lack of time, as the Director’s work on shooting another large-scale sequel was launched.

Andy Serkis worked on the filming of “venom 2″, who is better known for his acting work (roles in the films” the Lord of the rings”,” Rise of the planet of the apes”, etc.), although Travis knight and Rupert Sanders were previously considered candidates. The Director confirmed his new position personally with a post on Instagram, noting that “the symbiote found a carrier in me, and I’m ready for it…” earlier, Andy Serkis shot the melodrama “Breathe for us”, his version of Mowgli (2018).

The Director was inspired by the new project, the development of characters. Kelly Marcel was still working on the script, although he was actively joined by Tom hardy, who plays the main role of the host of the venom symbiote. It is known that the actor has already agreed to shoot the next, third part about Venom.

Venom 2 movie 2021 | release date, actors

Filming of the Thriller began in November 2019, and it was still fully completed in February 2020, with photos from the site appearing online. The creators managed to shoot the main material of the film before the quarantine began, but the completion of the final part of the work, like everyone else, stretched unpredictably.

The plot

The creators of the film do not disclose detailed information before the premiere. But presumably the main villains of the film will be carnage and Shreke, who can hit enemies with a powerful sound wave, for which she is given the middle name Screech (in the comics, her name is Frances Barrison). The pair will act as the main antagonists of venom.

Active participation in the plot of the sequel “venom 2” is hinted at by the appearance of the symbiote of the maniac Cletus Cassady in the final scenes of the first part. And the Studio reference in the title translates as “Let there be carnage”. Woody Harrelson, who previously confirmed his participation in the film as the main villain, will play the role of the villain. Prior to the confrontation between alien aliens and symbiotes, Tom hardy posted on Instagram illustrations depicting venom and carnage.

A curious fact will be, perhaps, the meeting of the antihero with spider-Man. Interestingly, the Spider, according to the original comics, was the first carrier of the symbiote. The Director of venom 2 mentioned in an interview that the character’s origin story was changed due to a Studio conflict. The participation of spider-Man remains unsolved, but the prerequisites for the intersection of plots and characters from the projects of each Studio are not excluded.

Venom 2 movie 2021 | release date, actors

The cast

Viewers who watched the first part of the venom trailer will meet familiar actors from the first part of venom, but new characters will also appear in the story.:

  • Tom Hardyhe will continue to create the image of the hero Eddie Brock, who, while on a forbidden object, became the carrier of an alien symbiote. Superpowers of a monster of monstrously cruel color. The hero tries to manage the newfound nature, to get out of dangerous situations that follow a series after the transformation.
  • Michelle Williamsshe’ll still be part of Eddie’s ex-fiancee persona. A photo of the first day of work on the film” venom 2″, where Michelle stands next to Tom, was preserved on the Internet, although the post that hardy posted about the beginning of the shooting process was deleted. The actress admitted that she is a fan of Andy Serkis, hoping for equal screen time for her heroine and the main character.
  • Woody Harrelsonin the role of Cletus Cassady, the carrier of the carnage symbiote, he admitted in an interview that even in the first part of the Thriller he agreed to play at random – the hero appears only in the last frames of the film. Further plot at that time was unknown.
  • Woody Reed Scott cast in the first installment will continue to take on the role of Dan Lewis, Ann’s boyfriend, a doctor who researched the monster inside Brock.
  • Peggy Liuviewers will recognize the role of Mrs. Chen, the owner of the store.
  • Stephen Grahamappeared as a character with no name.

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