Veleslav – movie 2021

Breakthrough or debacle?

Whether to release pictures that don’t will be able to collect a large audience and become a breakthrough in the cinema? The question requires a mixed approach. No one can tell why at one point the films become popular in society and affect the most delicate strings of the soul, in the depths of which still have the images and memories of distant ancestors. In this respect the film 2021 “Veleslav” is a real mystery, because the question of its output was still in 2018, but the work is still not completed.

Veleslav – movie 2021

A little about the plot

The story of a young man by the name Veleslav talk about how important it is to stick to the true purpose and overcome obstacles on your way. The boy was raised in the old faith, he was never in a big city and does not know the temptations of the civilized world. Comfortable homespun clothing, complete unity with nature and a clear understanding of how to live doing it perfectly serene person like this way of life. He often goes for a steep cliff and is inspired by the surrounding harmony and prosperity.

Accommodation in a distant village makes it impossible to avoid a civil debt. Guy is drafted into the army where will have to meet with the individual aspect of human existence. Strict discipline and life in the barracks can’t make Veleslava to violate their principles, but fate throws difficulties.

Before leaving the army guy met Anna. The girl belongs to a Christian family, so the parents are opposed to such relations. Young people experience warm feelings, but do not assume for happiness have to fight.

The lines coming to an end, and demobilized soldiers returned to their homes. The news that the bride did not wait for him and went into the city becomes a huge surprise. What made her to do so? Veleslav rides behind him. He needs to know what caused the sudden departure. The guy has no idea that this little trip could dramatically change the existence and force to revise the principles.

Veleslav – movie 2021

Release date

The usual story of young people served under a special angle. In their life of immense importance, faith, characteristic rituals and clear rules. Is it possible to break the law for a loved one? How to cope with temptations and to keep the peace in the soul? Approaching the release date of the film, which will give answers to these and other questions and will make you wonder.

Interesting fact: before the Director and the screenwriter’s name was Nicholas, but during the naming ritual, he became a Veleslav and decided to use the name for the title of the film and the character. Many believe this is a PR move which should attract the attention of the audience, but the author’s own views on things.

The process of writing the script was long, but, as the author himself notes, the story of every draft takes on a new direction and depth. The film will be a lot of battles with the use of the basic principles of traditional Russian martial arts. The Director promises the scale, maximum immersion in the movie that put him on level with the best examples of cinema. Defense battle that was used by our ancestors is one of the combat techniques of the Slavic-goritskoy Bor, came to us from time immemorial.

Veleslav – movie 2021

Creating the perfect pictures

Veleslav Ustinov says: “no Matter how many mistakes you made and how slowly moving forward. Even if crawling with a broken leg at the dirty swamp, you’re still forever overtake those who have not tried it.”

When the project “Veleslav” see the world, modern society will get acquainted with the amazing story of a believer who lives in our reality, but it is not going to betray my principles and ready to fight.

The author and his achievements

Ustinov made his debut in cinema with the short film entitled “Papa”, which was highly appreciated by specialists. The film won the international film festival “Russian Elementary Cinema” 2013 and won in two nominations — “Best short film” and “Grand Prix”. There is no doubt that another of his creation, but in terms of the full-length will attract the attention of the audience that needs to appreciate the hard work and give her the highest rating.

Movie never ceases to perform a particular function and to introduce the inner world of other people, forcing you to understand that faith needs to fulfill his destiny and lead through obstacles to new milestones of existence, to change lives for the better.

Official trailer of the film “Veleslav” 2021: video

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