Vanga’s predictions for 2021 | prophecies literally, for USA and the world

The world-famous Bulgarian visionary Vanga foresaw not only the fate of people, but also the future of peoples around the world. Predictions about what awaits America and other States in 2021, vangelia’s interpreters found in the diary of her niece Krasimira Stoyanova.

Witnesses of predictions

People close to vangelia (her niece and her family) were often there when The seer fell into a special state. “Hush, hush, Vanga prophesies” – after these words, a ringing silence was established at home and everyone listened to every word of my grandmother. Grown Krasimira Stoyanova started to write down all of her sayings. Later, some of these records and many interesting facts about the life of the Bulgarian fortune teller were presented to the General public in the book “the Whole truth about Vanga”.

Some of the revelations remain sealed even today, having received the “secret” stamp. Bits of information in the form of individual phrases and hints leak out of Vanga’s once secret conversations with high-ranking officials. The Bulgarian woman’s visions are still being deciphered. Her words were never literal, so it takes a long time to interpret. One of the most shocking predictions for 2021 was the words: “Money will disappear, and instead of money there will be numbers.” In the 19th century, this phrase seemed ridiculous, but today its meaning is more than clear. Paper bills are gradually becoming a thing of the past. The form of non-cash payment is common not only in large cities, but also in small settlements. In General, Vanga spoke about 2021-2022 as a time of great changes for the whole world and for America in particular.

For America

The Bulgarian clairvoyant talked about America a lot and with pleasure. Her words about the American land and American people always smacked of warmth and reverence. Based on her visions, Vanga believed that America is of great importance for the development of the spiritual component of the whole world. It is the American state, in her opinion, that will be the ruler of the world and a kind of beacon for uniting other States in solving global issues of humanity.

Vanga's predictions for 2021 | prophecies literally, for USA and the world

In 2021, according to the Bulgarian grandmother, the population in America will decrease. Some interpreters believe that the reason for this may be an armed conflict. Others say that we are talking about demographic problems. The natural decline of the American population is accelerating every year. In 2021, according to experts, there will be a peak of demographic decline. But the extinction of the nation will not be, gradually the number will recover, said Vangelia. It is quite possible that the active social policy of the current government, aimed at increasing the birth rate and life expectancy of Americans, will eventually bear fruit.

The seer spoke about the negative consequences for America after the annexation of Crimea in conversations with her relatives. World militia to the American land – this is how she described the actions taking place in 2021-2022. Today, this militia in the form of anti-American sanctions confirms the accuracy and truthfulness of its predictions. These tests, based on Vanga’s prophecies, will be the beginning of the revival of America. The era of prosperity, according to Vangelia, will be in 2024-2025. Before that, there will be big changes in the country that ordinary people will not like. Perhaps unpleasant reforms await the American land in 2021. Although some admirers of Baba Vanga believe that the time for changes and popular unrest in America has already passed (pension reform).

In addition to state Affairs, Vangelia often talked about natural disasters. It is for the period 2020-2030 years, according to her, will have the most earthquakes, floods and epidemics. People all over the world will be thrown into confusion by the disasters that nature will bring. And there will be only one place left untouched, and people will rush there to save themselves. This place, according to Vanga’s visions, will be America. Some of these prophecies have already begun to come true. Natural disasters do claim hundreds of lives in different parts of the world. And the flow of migrants to America increases every year.

Vanga’s most popular dictum about America literally sounded like this:”a Great country will rise from its knees and get a dominant role in the world.”

Vanga's predictions for 2021 | prophecies literally, for USA and the world

For Europe

Vanga’s predictions for 2021 for European countries do not look as rosy as for America. An acute religious conflict will cause endless military operations on the territory of the main States of the Old World. The clairvoyant often saw in her visions the torment of civilians due to war and mass displacement of people. Now it is clear that it was about the flight of Syrians and Lebanese from their homeland. The seeress ‘ niece said that these events were very disturbing to Wang. “Crowds of dissidents, posing as victims, will turn into “servants of the devil” – this is how she spoke about the causes of the world religious conflict. It is possible that we were talking about such a disaster as threats from terrorist organizations that have spread throughout Europe.

Vangelia also foresaw US trade wars with China. “Old age will ruin the country,” she said of America. It is likely that we are talking about the tough and slightly strange policy of the middle-aged US President. For America, the predictions for 2021 are more optimistic. “The swallow will return to the nest” – this expression of Vangelia interpreters refer to the Ukrainian lands. After all, this bird is a symbol of the state. The unrest will subside, the population will calm down, and the country will restore and strengthen peace and order. According to the clairvoyant, eventually all wars will subside and there will be peace on earth. States will have no borders and people will have nothing to share. The fact that all people will live as one big family, she said before her death. Humanity will overcome all the terrible diseases and universal peace will come – this is the future Vanga predicted for the inhabitants of planet Earth. In what year it will happen, she did not specify.

“It will be like a war. Some blow up others on the orders of others who cannot share power and money. Everyone will get it. But the Lord will overthrow them ” – so said the soothsayer about terrorism.

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