Valentine’s day (Valentine’s day) 2021: what date, date

Valentine’s day on February 14 is not included in the list of weekends, but in 2021, Valentine’s Day successfully falls on a Sunday. In the calendar of cultural life of our country, not so long ago, a date dedicated to the celebration of sincere feelings was included. Romance, warmth and tenderness fill the day that many people are waiting for to declare their love to a loved one. The time of celebration is associated with beautiful legends, fanned by religious beliefs.

History of the holiday

In America, the Catholic Valentine’s Day came only in the early 90s of the last century, although in Europe and around the world, the date of February 14 has been celebrated for about 800 years. According to various versions, the origins of the event are found in the middle ages and earlier epochs.

Orthodox believers have a negative attitude to this celebration because of the pagan roots of the celebration. In our country, the younger generation, schoolchildren and students, have accepted Valentine’s day as an occasion for an open display of romantic feelings, without delving deeply into the history of the mysterious Valentine, after whom the cultural event is named.

Valentine's day (Valentine's day) 2021: what date, date

Two Valentines were canonized in the Catholic Church. It is not known for certain who exactly the roots of the celebration are connected with. There are two legends, but only one is linked to the date of February 14:

  1. In the late middle ages, during the reign of Claudius II, soldiers were forbidden to marry. The Roman Emperor believed that the burden of a family, children hinders morale in military campaigns and battles. Priest Valentine, a field doctor, married the lovers secretly, under the cover of night. Secret marriages were revealed. When Claudius found out about the violation of the ban, the priest was taken into custody. During his incarceration, while awaiting sentencing, Valentin fell in love with the warden’s daughter. A strong feeling was not allowed to break free – the priest was sentenced to death on February 14. The Martyr managed to write his chosen one Julia only one letter with a Declaration of love, signed “your Valentine”.
  2. The Italian patrician Valentine preached Christianity in secret, converting his servants to the faith. During the wedding ceremony, he was detained. Being rich, the patrician could buy off for the sake of a pardon. Valentine chose to trade his life for the freedom of his men, and negotiated with the guard for the release of the servants. As a farewell, he handed over a letter, the content of which is dedicated to the sacrifice of true love.

Valentine's day (Valentine's day) 2021: what date, date

Other versions lead to pagan rites, beliefs that may have influenced the appearance of the feast of lovers, but are not associated with either St. Valentine or the date of February 14.

Traditions, rituals and gifts

The main symbol of the holiday is a small letter, greeting card, or Valentine card, with a confession of sincere feelings. The message is characterized by a heart shape, colorful design with the image of cupids with arrows, hearts, roses. It is customary to give small gifts in the form of sweets, soft toys, handmade crafts, balloons. Congratulations often contain an element of surprise and surprise.

It is especially customary to honor all Valentines and Valentines, whose names are symbolically associated with the protection of couples in love, strong feelings. The celebration of February 14 is logically connected with visiting entertainment shows, organizing romantic dates.

Young people who have mutual feelings are sure to spend Valentine’s Day together. Many people plan a marriage proposal, a wedding on February 14.

Valentine's day (Valentine's day) 2021: what date, date

Restaurants, cafes, and night clubs offer visitors festive programs, menus, and accept special orders for individual greetings. In the school and student environment, it is customary to install special mailboxes for collecting Valentines. Postmen deliver colorful postcards, mysterious messages, notes with confessions of feelings to the addressees.

Recently, young people celebrating Valentine’s day have been decorating their homes on Valentine’s day. They hang garlands bought or made with their own hands, put photos in patterned frames, arrange decorative items made in the form of hearts and flowers. A romantic atmosphere is created by festive candles, themed stickers on dishes.

Different countries have their own customs and traditions:

  • in Italy, they give you sweets with wishes inside;
  • in France, they write quatrains.;
  • in Japan, they always give chocolate, first on the day of February 14, the girls congratulate the guys, and exactly one month later, on the so-called White day, they receive gifts in return.


The celebration of Valentine’s day in 2021, as before, is not complete without signs related to the relationship of lovers:

  • if the first phone call from a loved one is to be together for many years;
  • break a mirror on Valentine’s day-to a strong sincere love;
  • stumble on Valentine’s day-to break up or unrequited love.

Bright and joyful Valentine’s day is a holiday whose traditions are not overshadowed by the harsh laws of rituals, expensive offerings. Everyone fills the celebration with joy and love, they are the greatest value of the holiday.

How to make a Valentine card with your own hands:video

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