Valentine’s day in 2021

When is Valentines Day in 2021, you know all young people. Because it is a holiday of love and romance, expression of feelings and confessions. Now it is very popular in European countries and the United States, but in many Muslim countries it is forbidden by Islam.

The date for the celebration

Valentine’s day for centuries celebrated on February 14. Date fixed, therefore does not depend on the day of the week, lunar calendar, or other factors.

Important! In 2021 Valentine’s Day will be celebrated on February 14.

Is not a public holiday. As the festival in 2021 falls on Friday, the working-age population will have to go to work. The evening can be devoted to joint leisure with a loved one, a trip to a restaurant or movie theater.

The legend of Valentine

The occasion is shrouded in many legends. It is believed that he dedicated doctor named Valentine, who lived in the III century. The legend about it is imbued with love and goodness. He was a talented doctor and worked in the army of the Roman Emperor Claudius II. From an early age Valentine was a Christian in his youth, he was ordained a priest. At the service, he came face to face with injustice, but could not come to terms with it.

The Emperor wished to conquer more lands. To implement these plans, he needed to have a strong army. In the army all middle aged men and young boys, but it was not enough. The Emperor took the unusual decision – forbade his soldiers to marry. Claudius II believed that if the soldier will not be something to lose, he will be able to fight bravely and not be afraid of death.

Once Valentine asked the guy who wanted to marry his sweetheart. Because of their kindness, the doctor could not refuse the warrior. At night, he performed the rite according to all the canons of the Christian Church by marrying a young couple. And although the ceremony was held in secret, the rumors about the incident reached the Emperor. Valentine was immediately arrested.

Pending execution of the death sentence the doctor was sitting in a prison cell. Every day came to him the daughter of his jailer. She was very kind and brought food. Valentine fell in love with her, but was never able to admit it. On the eve of his execution, which took place on 14 February, he wrote a note to the girl. In it, he talked about his feelings. The next day he was executed, and note the daughter of his jailer found after the execution of the sentence. So there was a tradition of writing a Valentine favorite. And although the memory of Valentine’s day began to honor the almost immediately, a holiday in his honor appeared only in the VIII century ago.

Valentine's day in 2021

Another legend tells of Patricia Valentine, who was a Christian. He secretly married a guy and a girl, but it became known to the Emperor. The guard was arrested and young people, and Valentina, but he belongs to the upper class, so it was soon released. To encourage the lovers who are facing execution, he wrote letters to them on red hearts, symbolizing the love in Christianity. Later he managed to persuade the guards to let young people in exchange for his life. Before his death Valentine wrote a letter to the blind girl who worked in the prison. After she picked up the message, a miracle happened – the vision returned.


Holiday loving couples try to spend together. And guys and girls give your beloved romantic gifts:

  • soft toys;
  • flowers;
  • balloons in form of hearts;
  • candy, cakes, chocolate and other sweets.

Rarely presented with more expensive gifts – jewelry, gadgets, etc. Often hold romantic dinners, preparing surprises and just surround soulmate love and care. There is a tradition of all friends and acquaintances to send Valentine cards – small cards in the shape of a heart with beautiful wishes or declarations of love.

Valentine's day in 2021

On Valentine’s Day in 2021 in restaurants, cafes, night clubs and other entertainment establishments will prepare an entertainment program with a concert, contests and dancing. In cinemas and on TV will broadcast films about love. Many stores hold sales and discounts, so you can go shopping. In educational establishments, themed nights or disco for students.

How to make Valentine’s own hands: video

How to celebrate in other countries

Almost every state has its own tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day, which will continue in 2021:

  1. In the US, lovers exchange red-and-white candy canes. Giving a homemade Valentine. Popular celebration in schools. The students make hearts out of paper mache, prepare theatrical performances.
  2. In England, definitely bake cookies in the form of hearts, and then give them together with postcards to friends and acquaintances. Girls wonder on her betrothed.
  3. In Japan, the holiday is celebrated two times with an interval of one month. February 14 girls presented gifts to the boys, and March 14, the boys congratulate. Often give chocolate as it is believed that he is able to convey the depth of feelings.
  4. In France, for loved ones on Valentines write poems. Giving flowers, sweets in the shape of hearts, figures of kupidonchika. Men often in this day make a marriage proposal.
  5. In Italy it is customary to give sweets, but often the “main” gift to complement the jewelry, flowers, soft toys. Joint time the lovers spend in a cafe or restaurant, sometimes organized picnics. Many couples arrange a wedding that day.

Valentine's day in 2021

In India, Japan and several other countries have repeatedly encountered protests against the festival. In Saudi Arabia there is a ban on the celebration, and breaks it relies on imposing the fine. In stores even allowed to sell Teddy bears, red roses and hearts, which made that day to give your favorite. In the USA there were also attempts to ban the holiday. With this proposal in 2011 made by the Governor of the Belgorod region in the framework of spiritual security.

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