Urban environment 2021

Under the slogan “Your city! Your decision!” in the Rostov region is in full swing the implementation of the large-scale national project “Housing and the urban environment”. At the initiative of President Vladimir Putin’s national project was launched throughout the USA in the end of 2018. The program is unique in its diversity and special mechanism for the direct participation of citizens in creating a comfortable environment. Objects region will acquire a new modern look in 2021 will be addressed by the Rostovites.

A priority project in the Rostov region

After approval by the Ministry of the Russian Federation passport of the priority project “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” in the Rostov region established an interdepartmental Commission, headed by the Governor of the region Vasily Golubev. The work of the Commission aimed at monitoring and control of implementation of the tasks within the program. For the first year, government together with residents we have improved:

  • seven public spaces;
  • one Park;
  • more than 100 households in six cities (Rostov-on-don, Azov, Taganrog, Zverev, Gukovo, Donetsk).

In 2018 was landscaped more than 70 playgrounds, about 30 public squares and one Park area. The cost of the “upgrade” amounted to more than RUB 1.5 million In the same year of 2018, the region was recognized as one of the best participants of the state program. In the ranking of the Ministry of construction of Rostov oblast took an honorable 6th place. Only “competition” was attended by 81 regions of the Russian Federation.

Urban environment 2021

In the current 2020 to a new image of the Rostov region allocated 2, 4 billion rubles By results of competition of projects held in November 2018, undecided 36 winners. These ideas come on the public areas of the Rostov region. About what work will be carried out in 2021 yet to be addressed by the authorities together with the residents.

Until March 31, 2020 applications for participation in the competition “Small towns and historic settlements”. To eligible towns with population up to 100 thousand people. To do this the municipality must develop and submit to the Commission a project for the creation of a comfortable urban environment. The project must include a comprehensive programme of measures for the arrangement of one or several interrelated areas. Winners will be determined by the Commission prior to may 1, 2020. The prize Fund, by the way, is 5 billion rubles. the detailed terms and conditions of the contest can be found on the official website of “urban environment” konkurs.gorodsreda.ru.

Strategic center to help Rostov

In all regions of the USA, including in the Rostov region, established centers of competence on issues of the urban environment. The work of the center focused on education and consultation not only residents but also municipalities and business representatives. Via the Internet portal of the centre experts in the online and offline worlds offer valuable advice on the development of spaces taking into account territorial features. The strategic centre works closely with educational institutions for the preparation of valuable human resources (architects, culturologists, etc.).

The center will work to create program improvement comprehensive. In simple words, the spatial plan should be prepared in advance. Long before the money will come for its implementation. Linked to the plan must be with the opinion of the population, while implemented has to be the best of the best projects. In addition, the regeneration areas should not be at variance with the General plan of the city or municipality.

Urban environment 2021

On the website of the competence center “gorodsad 2021 ru” ( gorodsreda161.ru ) you can read various useful information. For example, conditions and timing of various competitions, seminars, learning conditions and the latest news about the main events of the competence center

How to apply

The address list of households that will be in 2021 and subsequent years in the Rostov region, is formed on the basis of the requests of the residents of apartment buildings. To file a claim you must do the following:

  • The official website of “gorodsad 2021” to see plans of improvement for 2021.
  • To create an initiative group. It should consist of representatives of apartment buildings which include yard. The group’s task is to organize and conduct public meetings, develop their own or to coordinate with the experts ideas and a new plan of the yard. As experts can be managers of companies, experts in landscaping, public Commission of the municipality. The drawing shall be existing structures and facilities, as well as new planned.
  • To hold a General meeting of the inhabitants in each house separately. While houses with a total area meeting agenda will be the same. At the meeting, you must vote and thereby define the list of works. Also vote to choose the responsible person who will coordinate the project. At the end of the meeting it is necessary to make the Protocol, taking into account all requirements of the Ministry of construction.
  • Apply for inclusion of his court in the municipal program. To do this, with the minutes of the General meeting, you must contact the public Commission in the municipality.
  • To agree on a design project to upgrade the yard, which prompted authorities of the municipality. A mandatory condition of approval of the design of the project is the approval by authorised persons from the initiative group of residents. With the participation of residents in the funding required to make the necessary amount of money for special accounts.

Urban environment 2021

  • While landscaping the yard to control the quality of work. After completion of the work must sign the certificate of completion. Upon detection of a mismatch, this information must be specified in the act.
  • After the yard will get a new look, residents should try to keep it in order. You can do this on their own or use the services of specialized organizations.

Important. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation in the minimum list of works on improvement of courtyard includes: repair yard driveways, security lighting, install benches and urns for garbage. Additionally, with the participation of funds or labor resources of residents can be equipped playgrounds, areas for dog walking, construction of Parking spaces, sidewalk repairs and landscaping.

How to vote

Annually, the strategic center opens the web site for voting where people can leave their opinion. So, from 25 to 27 March 2020 on the official website of “gorodsad 2021” passed a vote of the public area of the village of Rostov region. Objects with the highest number of votes will be landscaped in 2021 in the first place.

To take part in the voting can all Russian citizens who have reached 14 years of age. About the beginning of the shares at the option of the public areas on the website “urban environment 2021” and the Rostov notify local television and print media. In addition, from 2020 to vote for their favourite object and the site of public services. In order you need to click on the button “go to vote”, select the desired municipality and then vote for their favourite object in Rostov region. It is important to remember that repeat voting is not allowed.

Urban environment 2021

On the website of the competence center for the development of the urban environment in the section “Useful” to the attention of residents of the Rostov region are presented under the heading “the way of the future”. Everyone can see how they will transform the public space of the regional capital in the coming years. Projects are presented with information about the current status and bright pictures of the future comfortable city.

The path to the updated USA

In one of the may decrees of 2018, the President of USA Vladimir Putin approved the national project “Housing and the urban environment”. Its structure includes four project Federal level:

  • mortgage;
  • housing;
  • sustainable reduction of uninhabitable housing;
  • the formation of a comfortable urban environment.

The project “mortgage” provides for the creation of opportunities and conditions for people to acquire housing using the Bank’s funds. It provides preferential mortgage rates, assistance in the form of cash compensation for the first payment.

The Federal program “Housing” and “sustainable reduction in uninhabitable housing” aimed at supporting the construction of houses, increase in volumes of housing construction, reducing complex bureaucratic procedures in the construction area, the resettlement of dilapidated and emergency Fund.

Urban environment 2021

Completely new format the project “creation of a comfortable urban environment” encompasses multiple integrated programs. They are United by a common goal – the creation of decent living conditions USAн. Initially the program was intended to run until 2021. In the future, the President’s decision the term of validity has been extended until 2024. By this time it is planned to implement more than 400 projects for improvement, and to train about two thousand specialists. The essence of the program lies in the fact that citizens are given the opportunity to choose which objects need to improve. Furthermore, anyone can propose their own project of improvement. The best are selected on a competitive basis.

On the national the project the state is ready to spend more than 42 billion roubles, Of which about 60% will be allocated from the Federal budget, and other costs will take over the regions. The program includes all municipalities with a population of over one thousand people. This means that participants can become not only the city but also villages. In the framework of the national project new look will become a public area (squares, parks, pedestrian streets, promenades) and by playgrounds.

For information. Landscaping yards can be made with a minimal list of works. In this case, all work will be paid for from public funds. At the request of residents possible additional list of works. In this case, it should be co-funded residents. It can be as funds and labor resources.

Changed rules for participation in all-Russian competition of projects of a comfortable urban environment: video

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