Unnamed Studio project Marvel 2021

While fans Marvel to relish the details of the film “the Avengers. The finale” is in full swing working on new tapes. The creators have planned several premieres. Originally “untitled project Marvel 2021” hid new part of the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, but it is now known that the premiere of this film will take place no earlier than 2021. So now the writers and Directors talking about the film, which will replace the legendary “Avengers”. The exact name is still unknown, so it is appropriate to call it “Unnamed project”.

Unnamed Studio project Marvel 2021

The plot

Marvel decided to film a series of comics about a race of superhumans known as the Eternal. They appeared about 5 million years ago during the evolutionary process. It is believed that it was then conceived intelligent life on Earth, without the involvement of Celestials. In rezulatte genetic experiments on human beings appeared Eternal and Deviants – the two camps of warring. First designed to protect the Planet, calling the second – to destroy. With Eternal time began for humans in the likeness of the gods and for the past several millennia, they have a direct impact on the development of human civilization, with no direct contact with people.

Eternal immortal, they fear neither disease nor poison, they are not able to bore even the most heavy physical activity.

The exact scenario is kept secret. We only know that the plot of the first film about the “Eternal” will be the representative of the Eternal by the name of Cersei, is able to control cosmic energy. In addition, the list of super-powers beauties including immortality, invulnerability and the ability to change the molecules of other people and objects.

Unnamed Studio project Marvel 2021


Work on the project began last year. In may, Matthew and Ryan Firpo have been approved for the position of writers. In September and decided with the Director, it was Chloe Zhao, known for such films as “the Rider”, “the Song that I was taught the brothers,” and others.

The role of the Director of the film claimed by many candidates, including Nicole Kessel, Travis knight and the Duo of Christina Gallego and Ciro Guerra.

As to the date of filming, then, according to the edition of Geek Tyrant, they will start on 16 September 2020, the exact locations are kept secret.

The cast

In March of this year, the Network appeared information about the fact that one of the leading roles in the movie “the Eternal” (to Cersei) the creators want to invite angelina Jolie. In early April, representatives of Marvel has officially announced that Oscar-winning actress actually appear in the film. The image of Hercules (another main character of the film) try on Luke Evans. The role of the Piper in the film will play Millie Bobby brown.

  • Unnamed Studio project Marvel 2021

Unnamed Studio project Marvel 2021

Unnamed Studio project Marvel 2021

Interesting facts

  • Eternal was invented by Jack Kirby. They first appeared in Comics The Eternals #1 July 1976.
  • According to the plan of Marvel, the role of Heracles must perform the representative homosexual in great physical shape between the ages of 30 to 49 years. Luke Evans’s perfect, because more than 10 years ago, he openly stated that on whose side he was on, he meets other requirements.
  • Josh Brolin, known to fans of “marvel” in the role of villain Thanos in “the Avengers” and “Guardians of the Galaxy”, said that with pleasure would play in the movie “Eternal.” Given that the “Unnamed Marvel project 2021” will appear in the Eros – brother Titan, and his appearance will be quite logical.

Learn more about the franchise “Eternal”: video

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