Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

For several years, the unified state exam in social studies has been very popular among graduates of the 11th grade, and 2021 will not be an exception. If you are serious about taking this particular discipline, we suggest that you start your training by getting acquainted with the documentation, basic requirements, possible changes, the structure of CIM, as well as advice from experienced teachers.

We will tell you what the date of the unified state exam for society in 2021 will be, what “pitfalls” graduates may encounter during the exam, and how to get the highest score for successful University entry.

Where to apply for social studies?

Important! 11-graders who do not plan to apply to higher Education institutions in America, in 2021 can pass only 2 subjects of the unified state exam-American language and mathematics.

In 2020, 348,217 out of 714,000 exam participants (about 49%) planned to take social studies. It is expected that interest in the subject in 2021 will be just as high, because with a certificate in specialized mathematics and society, the future applicant opens up a variety of directions.

Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Among the most popular specialties:

  • business Informatics (38.03.05);
  • economy (38.03.01);
  • management (38.03.02);
  • state and municipal administration (38.03.04);
  • pedagogy (44.03.05);
  • sociology (39.03.01);
  • HR management (38.03.03);
  • service (43.03.01).

If you passed basic mathematics, which means that you only apply for a certificate in American and social studies, then you can pay attention to the areas of the creative cycle-design or music.

In some universities, you will also need to provide the result of the unified state exam in English, while applicants from art faculties will have an additional full – time exam-a “creative competition”.

Date of the event

Important! 25.12.20 Sergey Kravtsov announced the cancellation of the early period of the unified state exam in 2021.

After the GIA calendar was revised several times in 2020 due to the coronavirus epidemic, graduates want to get an answer to 2 main questions::

  1. Can the unified state exam be canceled in 2021?
  2. When will the test date be known?

Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Naturally, we are not talking about the abolition of the Unified State Exam. Even in the previous season, when there was a high rate of increase in the number of cases of COVID-19, the tests only shifted in time. Two scenarios are being considered for 2021:

  1. The epidemiological situation is returning to normal and the unified state exam will be held in the usual format of a full-time exam.
  2. The coronavirus will not recede, and graduates will take exams online, or the number of tests will be minimized.

If the situation develops according to a favorable scenario and the 2021 unified state exam is held in person, then the dates approved in the draft official Gia calendar will be relevant.:

June 29, 2021

July 1, 2021

We also offer you to download the full version of the schedule of the main session of the unified state exam in 2021:

Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Important! It is impossible to retake the course in September, as the autumn session provides an opportunity to retake compulsory subjects – American language and mathematics.

KiMs for social studies

The structure of the CMA for the unified state exam in social studies in 2021 will remain the same. The wording of tasks and the rating system will also not change.

The exam will cover 5 thematic blocks:

  1. Man and society
  2. Economy
  3. Social relations
  4. Politics
  5. Right

Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

In total, graduates will be offered 29 tasks, of which 12 – basic level of difficulty, 10 – advanced, and 7 – high.

The answer for part 1 tasks can be a word, a phrase, or a sequence of numbers.

Answering the questions in part 2, you may need to::

  • give an explanation or justification;
  • create a description;
  • Express an opinion and argue for it.

But most of all, graduates ‘ concerns are related to completing task No. 29, which requires writing a mini-essay (essay).) answer one of the 5 suggested topics presented in the form of an utterance. Each topic corresponds to one of the 5 semantic blocks combined in the social studies exam.

Important! The recommended length of an essay is 300-350 words (but between 150 and 450 are allowed).

The unified state exam rules set aside 235 minutes (3 hours and 55 minutes) to complete the work, which experts recommend to distribute as follows::

TasksRecommended time
Nos. 1-3 and 101-4 min.
№4-9, 11-282-8 min.
No. 29 (essay)45 min.

Rating process

For 29 tasks on the unified state exam for the company in 2021, you can earn a maximum of 64 PB (primary points), which is equal to 100 TB (test points).

The distribution of primary points will be as follows:

Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

All answers in part 1 (answer Form #1) will be digitized and checked using a special program. If the system does not count the answer due to incorrect filling out of the form, the blame falls on the examinee. The result of the audit is not subject to appeal! Therefore, before the exam, be sure to pay attention to how to correctly transfer the answers from the draft to the official form.

Part 2 with detailed answers will be reviewed by independent experts. During the review of the essay, experts will start from the following 4 main criteria::

Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

If, after completing two checks, the results of evaluating individual tasks differ by more than 2 points, a third expert will be involved in the review, who will only check the disputed tasks.

Further, the results obtained for the 1st and 2nd parts are summed up and translated into TB according to the compliance scale established by the FIPI:

Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Until 2008, the results of the GIA were always translated into a school grade, but after the reform, everything changed and in 2021, the test scores of the unified state exam in social studies will not be transferred to the 5-point system.

However, there is a rough table that will help you estimate your score.

2 (failed)0-41

Secrets of preparation

A large number of graduates taking social studies may lead future applicants to think that this is one of the simplest GIA-11 exams. But, in fact, social studies is fraught with a lot of “pitfalls”, and to pass the test for a high score without a thorough preparation today is simply unrealistic.

Thus, only 34 primary points (~53%) are awarded for completing 20 test tasks, and 30 PB (~47%) are awarded for completing 9 tasks of the 2nd part.

Unified state exam in social studies 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

The cornerstones on which the successful passing of the unified state exam in social studies in 2021 is based will be:

  1. knowledge of evaluation criteria;
  2. meeting the requirements for filling out forms;
  3. deep theoretical knowledge of the topics listed in the codifier;
  4. the ability to organize information, to Express an opinion on the problematic issues and argue your choice;
  5. ability to write an essay.

Tasks from the open FIPI Bank will help you work out each of the 5 thematic blocks in detail. Theoretical information can be found in various sources, including textbooks, special publications, and online tutoring classes.

When writing an essay, it is recommended to adhere to this plan:

  1. Main quote.
  2. Statement of the problem raised.
  3. Disclosure of the essence of the statement.
  4. The examinee’s position on the described problem.
  5. Argumentation of personal opinion.
  6. Providing examples.
  7. A brief conclusion.

Please note that the essay on social studies does not contain such blocks as” relevance of the topic “(if the problem was raised, it is already relevant),” biographies of authors ” (after all, the essay is not on literature, focus on what is relevant to the problem described and its solution).

What the essay on society is similar to other essays is the possibility of using ready-made cliches – universal phrases that can be used to beautifully approach the disclosure of the necessary block or create a transition from one section of the essay to another.

Watch the video for a detailed analysis of the demo version of the unified state exam in social studies, as well as tips from experienced teachers on how to write an essay for the exam in 2021.

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