Unified state exam in physics 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

After the difficult and unusual completion of the last academic year, it remains to be hoped that graduates of the 11th grades will be able to pass their final exams in 2021 without rescheduling dates and problems that America had to face in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. In this article, we propose to analyze in detail what the 2021 unified state exam in physics will be like, whether it is worth waiting for any changes in the structure of the exam itself and the content of KIMS, when it will be possible to find out exactly what the test date will be and how to properly organize training.

Physics – to pass or not?

In 2021, 11-year-olds who will not enter American Universities will be allowed not to take the unified state exam, but to limit themselves to exams in basic subjects — American language and mathematics.

The unified state exam certificate in physics in 2021 ode will be required for graduates who plan to continue their studies at Polytechnic universities of the American Federation, connect their lives with the study of any sections of physics or astronomy, as well as future applicants entering some IT areas.

Unified state exam in physics 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Important! In conjunction with the unified state exam in physics in 2021, you must provide a certificate in specialized mathematics.

It is worth noting that interest in physics among graduates of schools, gymnasiums and lyceums is growing every year. This is largely due to the popularity of the IT direction and the emergence of new specialties in the field of information technology, which require not only a certificate in physics, but also a really deep knowledge of the subject.

Dates of the event

Important! The early stage of the unified state exam in 2021 was canceled due to the high incidence of COVID-19.

It will be possible to pass physics in the framework of the unified state exam in 2021 in the early or main preiod:

June 22, 2021

July 1, 2021

We also recommend that you save a calendar of important dates for the main period of the unified state exam in 2021 on your device:

Unified state exam in physics 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Important! There is no physics retake scheduled for September. Graduates of 2021 will be able to get a second attempt only during the early or main period, for which special dates are reserved in the calendar.

Exam format in 2021

In the coming year, physics will remain one of the elective subjects for 11th graders who pass the State Final Certification.

If you plan to get a certificate in this subject, you should know the following basic facts::

  • all the topics studied in the school curriculum are submitted for the exam;
  • the exam duration is 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 minutes).);
  • the number of tasks in the CIM in physics is 32 (basic, advanced and high level).);
  • most tasks don’t have ready-made answers;
  • all authorized reference materials are listed in the CIM;
  • it is allowed to use a non-programmable calculator for the exam;
  • to solve problems, you will need to know not only physics, but also mathematics.

The exact dates of the early, main and September sessions will be announced closer to November 2020.

Kim Structure

In 2021, the unified state exam in physics will not be revised, only minor changes in the wording of individual tasks are possible if after the main session of 2020, the organizers will hear a lot of complaints from examinees and teachers about some of the tasks presented in the Kim.

As before, the control measurement materials in physics will consist of 2 parts, in which a total of 32 tasks will be presented:

Brief (# 25 and 26)

The distribution by difficulty level will be as follows:

  • basic – 21;
  • advanced – 7;
  • high – 4.

Unified state exam in physics 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

In the specifications, the FIPI specifies such a quantitative distribution by thematic blocks:

TopicQuantity in 1 partQty of 2 parts
Molecular physics5-62
Electrodynamics and fundamentals of SRT6-83
Quantum physics and elements of astrophysics4-51

The full list of content elements checked in each of these blocks can be found in the unified state exam 2021 in physics codifier on the FIPI website.

Rating process

After completing all 32 tasks correctly, the examinee can score a maximum of 53 TB (primary points), which will correspond to 100 TB (test points).

In 2021, the FIPI set the following maximum points for completing individual tasks in part 1 and solving tasks in part 2::

The maximum PBTasks
1 b.№ 1-4, 8-10, 13-15, 19, 20, 22, 23, 25, 26
2 b.№ 5-7, 11, 12, 16-18, 21, 24, 28
3 b.№ 27, 29-32

At the same time, the answer Form No. 1 is subject to automated verification, and tasks with detailed answers will be checked by two independent experts according to the verification algorithm developed by FIPI. If the test results of the first and second experts differ by more than 2 points, the disputed issues are checked by a third expert, whose opinion will be accepted as decisive.

Important! The result of checking the 1st form cannot be challenged, while an expert review can be challenged.

Further, the points awarded during the verification of parts I and II are summed up and converted into test points according to the compliance table recommended by the FIPI.

Unified state exam in physics 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Thus, to get a certificate, 11th graders need to score at least 9 primary or 36 test points. Naturally, the vast majority of students who choose physics as the subject of the unified state exam tend to achieve higher results. Thus, the minimum passing score for regional Universities in 2020 was the threshold of 70-75 TB.

However, in 2021, the pass rate may be significantly higher due to the following aspects::

  • cancellation of the final stage of the higher school of Economics, as a result of which a record number of 5,600 graduates were announced as winners;
  • many students took advantage of the quarantine period and rescheduled use dates for more thorough preparation, which increased the number of results in the range of 90-100 points.;
  • graduates who will not be able to get into the desired UNIVERSITY due to the large number of Vse winners will apply in 2021.

That is why experts predict that the passing score in 2021 will be significantly higher than Universities have demonstrated over the past 5 years.

Officially, the result of the unified state exam is not subject to translation into a school assessment since 2008, but you can understand what score the number of your certificate approximately corresponds to by using the approximate translation table.

EvaluationThe result of the certificate
I didn’t pass it0-35


What should I do if a graduate fails to get the minimum number of points after passing the unified state exam in physics? In 2021, you can retake any of the GIA-11 subjects, both mandatory (American and mathematics), and selected by the graduate himself.

The right to re-pass the exam during the current session is granted in the following cases::

  • the graduate failed to pass the minimum threshold;
  • the graduate could not come to the testing center for a valid reason (there is a document);
  • the graduate was present in the audience of the testing center, but could not finish the work for a good reason;
  • the result of the unified state exam was canceled due to the fault of third parties.

Please note that you can retake physics only on the reserve day of the main session, since in September you can retake only mandatory subjects – American, basic and specialized mathematics.

Retake the exam in 2021 will not be allowed to those who will be removed from the audience for cheating or violating the rules of conduct, as well as in case of failure to appear for the exam without a valid reason.

Secrets of preparation

Physics is one of the most difficult subjects of the unified state exam in 2021, so getting a high score will definitely require thorough training under the guidance of an experienced teacher. It is worth noting that this does not necessarily have to be individual classes. For many, group training will be quite enough, but with a detailed analysis of theoretical material with an emphasis on the points that are important for solving the problems of the unified state exam.

Can I prepare for the unified state exam on my own? If you can, then only those who have studied the subject in an in-depth program, have perfectly understood each topic in the learning process and at the same time have a high level of self-organization. There are really very few such 11th graders, but they do exist. If you feel that there are problems in your knowledge, it is better not to take any risks and still contact a tutor who has experience in preparing for the unified state exam.

Unified state exam in physics 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

During self-training, you can:

  • read the contents of the codifier and specifications posted on the FIPI website;
  • repeat theoretical material from textbooks or specially compiled collections for the unified state exam in 2020 and 2021;
  • complete test tasks and solve problems from the open FIPI Bank;
  • work out demonstration options, CMMS for the early unified state exam and “samples” of 2020 or 2021;
  • watch a video explaining difficult-to-understand topics;
  • watch video reviews of the 2020 and 2021 demos.

We suggest that you try to solve the demo version in 2020, then compare your answers with the video analysis and determine which topics will be first in the queue for repetition. Then work through all the available tasks and tasks by topic, and then proceed to solving the “samples” and demos of 2021.

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