Unified state exam in mathematics 2021 | profile, changes, preparation, date, structure

In 2021, all graduates of the 11th grade will have to take the mandatory unified state exam in mathematics. We suggest that you understand in detail who needs to take the “profile”, what will be the structure of CIM In the new academic year, what changes can be made to the wording and assessment of tasks.

Teachers agree that preparation for the State Final Certification should be systematic. Most teachers recommend starting to get acquainted with the features of GIA tasks in the 10th grade, since it is impossible to repeat the material qualitatively over all the years, and sometimes it is impossible to make up for lost knowledge by starting training 1-2 months before the set exam date.

Dates of the event

Important! The early unified state exam in 2021 has been canceled, and graduates who do not enter Universities can take the State exam in American and mathematics instead of the unified state exam.

In 2021, the mandatory unified state exam in mathematics will be held in the main and autumn exam periods (the early unified state exam has been canceled). The following dates are reserved for the subject::

September 3, 2021

September 17, 2021

For the dates of the main tests in other subjects, see the unified state exam 2021 calendar.

Unified state exam in mathematics 2021 | profile, changes, preparation, date, structure

Basic information

The unified state Exam in mathematics is mandatory for all 11th graders in America.

Unified state exam in mathematics 2021 | profile, changes, preparation, date, structure

If you are finishing your studies in the 2021-2022 academic year and plan to apply to the University, you should know these facts about the unified state exam in mathematics:

  1. The graduate can choose the level of the exam – basic or advanced.
  2. The level is selected when applying for participation.
  3. The test date is set by the GIA-2021 calendar, which must be approved before November 2020.
  4. The exam is held on the basis of a certified center (not in your home school).
  5. All graduates are provided with unified CMMS (control measuring materials) with assignments and reference materials that are allowed for use.
  6. The time to complete a job is 180 minutes for the basic level, and 235 minutes for the profile level.
  7. You can only bring a classical ruler with you, while any calculators are strictly prohibited for math exams.
  8. Examinees will receive an additional attempt as part of reserve dates, as well as the opportunity to retake math in September 2021.
  9. Overcoming the minimum threshold of the unified state exam is a prerequisite for obtaining a certificate!

Important! In 2021, you will not be able to pass both exams. The graduate must choose one of the following formats: basic or specialized.

What should I take, a database or a profile?

This is a question that every graduate asks himself sooner or later. Do not underestimate the importance of the choice, because the presence or absence of a certificate in specialized mathematics significantly affects the range of specialties available to the applicant.

  • Your choiceprofile unified state examin mathematics, if in 2021 you plan to continue your studies at the University at the faculty of physics, mathematics, Economics, get an engineering specialty, or connect your life with the popular IT field today.
  • Your choicebasic unified state examin mathematics, if you have firmly decided on your future specialty and the list of mandatory certificates required for admission includes the basic level.

Unified state exam in mathematics 2021 | profile, changes, preparation, date, structure

For those who have not yet made a decision, we suggest watching a video about the difference between the unified state exam in basic and advanced mathematics, as well as comparing the structure of CIMS, task features, and the system for evaluating exam papers.

Basic exam

In the basic level tickets, examinees will be offered 20 tasks with a short answer. Tasks with detailed answers are not expected, as there are no high-level or high-level tasks.

The quantitative distribution of tasks by topic blocks will be as follows::

Unified state exam in mathematics 2021 | profile, changes, preparation, date, structure

The GIA-11 rules give you exactly 3 hours (180 minutes) to complete basic math work.

All the calculations required for solving problems can be performed either in their minds or on a draft. Calculators are prohibited!

Since there are no tasks with detailed responses in the Kim, all work is checked automatically. This means that it is necessary to fill out the form strictly adhering to the established requirements, because it is impossible to challenge the result of a computerized check.

If you haven’t studied these rules yet, we recommend that you watch a video from Rosobrnadzor with detailed instructions on how to fill out the answer forms for the unified state exam.

Assessment of the basic mathematics exam in 2021 is as simple as possible – for each correct answer, 1PB (primary score) is awarded. The maximum amount of PB is 20, which corresponds to a 100% result.

Important! The result of the basic level math exam is not transferable to the 100-point system. According to the compliance table recommended by the FIPI, it is transferred to the classical school assessment.

Thus, it is enough to give only 7 correct answers for an 11th grader to get a certificate.

We suggest you view a detailed analysis of the demo version of the basic level:

Profile exam

The profile exam is much more difficult, because it is aimed at testing the depth of knowledge in the subject and is designed to identify future applicants who have the skills necessary for further study of exact disciplines.

So, for improvement in the field of physics, mathematics, engineering, programming, computer and information technologies, the basic ones are:

  • standard skills of performing basic arithmetic operations with any numbers;
  • logical and abstract thinking;
  • ability to perform analysis of mathematical information presented in a text or graphic way.

Unified state exam in mathematics 2021 | profile, changes, preparation, date, structure

In total, there will be 19 tasks in the Kim, among which only 8 will be assigned to the basic level, 9 to the advanced level, and 2 tasks to the high level.

The numerical distribution by topic blocks will be as follows::

Important! Officially, CIM no longer divides into “algebra” and “geometry” blocks, but when performing work, you should still pay special attention to the tasks of the geometric cycle.

The system of assessment of the profile unified state exam in mathematics is also quite simple. For each task of the 1st part, the examinee can get 1 PB (primary score), and for each task of the 2nd part-2 PB. The maximum primary score of specialized mathematics in 2021 is 32 points, which corresponds to the 100-point result of the certificate.

Unified state exam in mathematics 2021 | profile, changes, preparation, date, structure

To get a certificate, it is enough to solve 6 tasks of the 1st part, or rather to score 6 primary points (the certificate score is 27), but for admission, future applicants must strive for a higher result – at least 70 (for highly ranked Universities in America – more than 95).

Specialized mathematics can be retaken on a reserve date or in September 2021. Please note that participants of the September session who previously failed to complete the profile exam are given the opportunity to retake the unified state exam at the level of the profile or simpler basic exam.

Secrets of preparation

For many participants of the unified state exam 2021, mathematics is a real reason to worry, especially if you need a profile for admission, and the level of knowledge in the subject leaves much to be desired.

Can I prepare for the unified state exam in a short time? Definitely, it is unrealistic to learn math in 1-2 months if you did not pay proper attention to the subject before. However, it is quite possible to improve your knowledge during the school year under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Can I study without a tutor? Definitely, you can, but on the condition that you:

  • initially, you have a grade of 4 or 5 in the subject;
  • you are motivated for the result and take a serious approach to the issue of preparing for the unified state exam;
  • you know how to organize your owl’s time correctly.

Unified state exam in mathematics 2021 | profile, changes, preparation, date, structure

For independent training, they will be useful:

  • FIPI documentation, which reflects all changes in the CIM in the discipline “mathematics”, planned for the unified state exam in 2021;
  • open task Bank posted on the FIPI website;
  • special literature recommended for preparation for GIA-11 in 2020 and 2021;
  • video lessons with analysis of demo versions of 2020 and 2021.

Please note that there have been no significant changes in the 2021 unified state exam Results, so all materials from the previous season of the unified state exam will be relevant for effective self-training.

We suggest you start by analyzing the demo version of the profile unified state exam in mathematics:

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