Unified state exam in history 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

In 2021, graduates of the 11th grade will take the unified state exam in history as one of the subjects of their choice. We suggest that you find out in detail which faculties need a certificate in history today, whether there will be changes in the format and structure of the exam, what to pay special attention to during preparation, and what is known about the date of the GIA in 2021.

Dates of the event

Important! The early session of the unified state exam 2021 has been canceled! Also, 11th graders were allowed not to take elective subjects if they do not enter the UNIVERSITY.

According to the approved GIA calendar of 2021, graduates will take the unified state exam in history on such days:

June 22, 2021

July 1, 2021

Also see the dates of other exams during the main session:

Unified state exam in history 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Important! In September, you will not be able to retake the story. For non-mandatory subjects, the possibility of retaking is provided only on the reserve days of the early and main sessions of the unified state exam in 2021.

Basic information

Graduates of 2021, choosing the use subjects in advance and planning their preparation, were worried that they would make the history test mandatory for all 11th graders.

Please note that in 2021, the unified state exam in history will be one of the subjects of your choice, as it was before. Despite the loud statements made several years ago, the subject will not be transferred to the mandatory category, because this requires::

  • to develop a simplified version of the Kim;
  • review the rating system;
  • to hold the testing.

Unified state exam in history 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

It is likely that the decision not to introduce innovations in the 2021-2022 academic year will also be influenced by the difficult epidemiological situation during the 2020 unified state exam. Today, FIPI specialists and the Ministry of education and science face new challenges – how to organize safe exams in the context of a pandemic, if the coronavirus vaccine is not available until the end of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Thus, for the 2021 historical tests, the following basic facts will be relevant::

  • unified exam date for all graduates of the American Federation, indicated in the GIA calendar-2021;
  • no significant differences between the 2020 and 2021 KIMS;
  • the number of jobs – 25;
  • the time allotted for execution is 3 hours and 55 minutes (235 minutes);
  • maximum PB (primary score) – 56;
  • minimum TB (test score) – 32;
  • there are no additional materials allowed for use.

Important! Although the overall structure of the work and the maximum score will remain unchanged in 2021, there will still be some innovations and they will affect task No. 27-a historical essay.

Which Universities accept a certificate in history?

In the ranking of Gia-11 elective subjects, history is on the 4th place. It is this discipline that about 17.3% of exam participants (123,240 people) decided to take in 2020.

Unified state exam in history 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

For most students who have already chosen their future specialty and clearly know where they plan to continue their studies, history is a deliberate choice. But even for those who are still undecided about the future direction even a year before the unified state exam, history will be the right choice, because such a certificate will open the doors of a wide variety of Universities.

So, having passed a high score on the unified state exam in history, American, as well as foreign or social studies (depending on the requirements of the University) in 2021, you can apply for such specialties as:

  • history (46.03.01);
  • art history (30.03.03);
  • international relations (41.03.05);
  • legal support of national security (40.05.01);
  • political science (41.03.04);
  • law (40.03.01);
  • judicial and prosecutorial activities (40.05.04);
  • tourism (43.04.02);
  • social work (39.03.02);
  • publishing (42.03.03);
  • cultural studies (51.03.01).

As you can see, the list of directions is quite large, which provides ample opportunities, even if you will make the final decision after receiving the use certificates.

Kim Structure

In 2021, FIPI will not make any changes to the structure of CIMS and the format of the unified state exam in history. At the same time, all the innovations of 2020 will remain relevant.

The main innovation will be a new model of historical writing. If earlier graduates were asked to write a text on one of the 3 proposed historical periods (they were unchanged for all variants of the CMM), then in 2021 examinees will be offered 3 historical processes or activities of 3 historical figures for reflection.

Thus, the task for graduates is complicated, because it is no longer possible to memorize a text about one of the periods – in different versions of CIM, completely different sets of “historical triples”can occur.

Unified state exam in history 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

In Kim 2021, examinees will be offered 25 tasks (or rather 31 questions, taking into account 7 criteria for evaluating the essay), including 16-basic difficulty level, 8 – advanced, and 7 – high.

Tasks will be divided into two blocks:

PartNumberThe type of response
1-I19 pieces (No. 1-19)brief description
2-I6 pieces (No. 20-25)expanded

In this case, the short answer in the test part of the work can be represented by a sequence of numbers, a word or a phrase.

In tasks # 20-22, the examinee will need to perform an analysis of historical sources, and in tasks # 23-25, demonstrate the use of causal, structural-functional, temporal or spatial analysis.

The most difficult task, according to graduates, is task # 25-a historical essay. According to the task text, the essay should include:

  • specify at least 2 important events related to the selected topic;
  • describe at least 2 historical figures who have had a significant impact on the course of history;
  • specify at least 2 causal relationships between events;
  • give an assessment of the impact of the events described on the course of history (you can rely on historical facts and the opinion of historians).

Important! The text of the essay should contain historical terms and concepts related to the chosen topic.

Also see a detailed analysis of the new CMMS for the 2021 unified state exam in history:

Evaluation of works

After completing all 25 tasks, a graduate can score a maximum of 56 primary points.

In this case, the distribution of points for Kim’s tasks will be as follows::

№ 1, 4, 10, 13-15, 18,190 or 1
№ 2, 3, 5-9, 12, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22from 0 to 2
№ 11, 23from 0 to 3
№ 24from 0 to 4
№ 25from 0 to 12

As you can see, you can get 12 points for a historical essay, which is just over 20%, which means that it will be impossible to get a high result without completing task # 25.

Important! The criteria for evaluating an essay have not changed.

Experts will evaluate the essay according to 7 criteria developed by FIPI:

CriterionThe maximum score
K-1The indication of the events2 b.
K-2Historical figures, as well as their role in these events2 b.
K-3Causal relationships2 b.
K-4Assessment of the impact of events on the history of America1 b.
K-5Use of historical terminology1 b.
K-6Presence of factual errors3 b.
K-7The form of presentation1 b.

The essay will be evaluated at 0 points for all criteria, if:

  • the text will not contain information about historical events;
  • the events described do not apply to the selected time period.

Important! An essay is not evaluated according to the K-6 and K-7 criteria if it scores less than 5 points for the first 4 criteria.

Further, the primary scores are summed up and converted into a test score according to the compliance table developed by FIPI.

Unified state exam in history 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Secrets of preparation

According to statistics, the result in the range from 90 to 100 points is shown by less than 10% of graduates, which indicates insufficient quality of preparation for exams and highlights a number of problems that exist today in schools.

Can I learn history on my own and get the desired certificate with a high use score? If you have really taught this subject during all your years of school and are able to organize self-study on a systematic basis, then it is quite possible to repeat the theory and work out the necessary practical skills without resorting to expensive Tutors.

Preparation for the unified state exam 2021 in history should include::

  • repeat theoretical material (based on textbooks, printed publications, or video lessons);
  • creating a diary that recommends storing information about important events and personalities from different time periods;
  • solving test tasks submitted in an open Bank on the FIPI website;
  • writing essays (if earlier you can choose one of the 3 pre-known periods and work through it as efficiently as possible, then in 2021 you will need a more thorough study of historical material);
  • solution of demo options (you can check the correctness of the answers with the available video analysis).

A complete list of events and dates, which you can download to your device for further offline work, will help you make it easier to create a historical diary.

Special attention at the stage of preparation should be paid to writing historical essays. Experienced teachers are recommended to follow this algorithm in the course of the essay:

  1. Decide on the topic.
  2. Write out important information on the draft – dates, data of rulers and personalities who influenced the course of history.
  3. Highlight the important and unimportant events.
  4. Establish causal relationships between events of the selected period.
  5. Determine the reason for this turn of events.
  6. Make a plan for your essay.
  7. Write the text on the draft.
  8. At the end, make sure to add a few sentences with your assessment of the selected period.
  9. Proofread the text for logical, stylistic, grammatical, and punctuation errors.
  10. Rewrite the essay in the Form of answers №2.

Of course, you can find a lot of ready-made essays for the unified state exam in history on the web, but in 2021 you should not just memorize someone else’s text. If you are caught in plagiarism, such 12 points required for admission will be lost, while it is quite realistic to write an essay yourself, having thoroughly prepared in advance. This video lesson will help you understand the subtleties of writing a historical essay in 2021:

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