Unified state exam in chemistry 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

All participants in the educational process hope that in 2021 the GIA will be held according to the established schedule and graduates will be able to pass all the subjects necessary for entering the UNIVERSITY in a safe and comfortable environment. Today we offer to talk about what will be in 2021 exam in chemistry – will there be significant changes in Kymi, what will be the structure of examination, whether a single test date, as was typical previously. We will also touch on the topic of preparing for the chemistry exam and find out what experienced teachers advise graduates of the 11th grade.

Should I take chemistry classes in 2021?

Important! In 2021, graduates who will not apply to the UNIVERSITY will not be required to take the unified state exam in chemistry and other subjects of their choice. In this category of classical students, it will be enough to pass 2 main subjects-American language and mathematics.

If the situation with the coronavirus stabilizes, the GIA-2021 will be held in a regular format. This means that graduates will have three sessions of the unified state exam.:

  • early payment (end of March-beginning of April) —canceled!;
  • basic (may-June);
  • autumn retakes (September).

It will be possible to pass the unified state exam in chemistry within the framework of the GIA 2021 only during the first two sessions. In September, only compulsory subjects – American language and mathematics-are expected to be retaken.

Unified state exam in chemistry 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

In 2020, chemistry, as one of the elective subjects, was passed by less than 15% of participants in the Unified State Exam (about 60,439 people). However, the Ministry expects that in 2021 chemistry will be more popular among graduates, because this certificate is a prerequisite for joining medical universities in America. Also, high scores in this subject can open doors for future applicants in such areas as:

  • biotechnologies (19.03.01);
  • biochemistry (03.01.03);
  • medical biochemistry (30.05.01);
  • chemical technology (18.03.01);
  • pharmacy (33.05.01);
  • architecture of living systems (19.03.01);
  • chemistry teacher (05.01.01).

Please note that in some Universities, in addition to a certificate in chemistry, they may require the result of the unified state exam in biology.

Important dates

Important! There will be no early passing of the unified state exam in 2021! The spring session was canceled due to the high incidence of COVID-19.

According to the 2021 unified state exam calendar, graduates will take the chemistry exam on the first day of the main period.

June 29, 2021

July 1, 2021

Also see the main dates of other use subjects in the calendar of the main session of 2021.

Unified state exam in chemistry 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Important! Reserve days are defined for retaking this discipline. It will be impossible to retake the unified state exam in chemistry in the fall of 2021, since only mandatory subjects are supposed to be retaken during the September session.

General information

The reform of the knowledge quality control system has been completed and in 2021 FIPI does not plan any changes for the unified state exam in chemistry. The format and content of the exam will be as close as possible to last year’s results. Only in some individual tasks that will cause the most complaints from 11th graders and teachers, there may be minor improvements.

At the moment, we can confidently talk about such fundamental facts for the unified state exam in chemistry in 2021:

  • the exam will be held in all regions of America on a single day (according to the GIA-2021 calendar).);
  • there are only 35 tasks in Kim;
  • the work is completed in 3.5 hours (210 minutes).);
  • it is allowed to use a non-programmable calculator and three tables (provided by the organizers).);
  • maximum PB (primary score) – 60;
  • the minimum required is 36 TB (test points) or 13 PB (primary points).

Kim Structure

In 2021, the Control Measurement Materials for the subject “chemistry” contain 35 tasks, of which:

A short answer can be represented by a digit, a sequence of digits, or a number with a given accuracy, and in tasks of increased complexity, you will need to establish mutual correspondence by analyzing the information provided.

Unified state exam in chemistry 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Tasks with a detailed answer will require drawing on knowledge from different branches of chemistry, as well as argumentation of the conclusions made.

In this case, the quantitative division of tasks into 4 main thematic blocks will be as follows::

TopicNumber of tasks
1Theoretical foundations4
Chemical reactions8
2Inorganic chemistry7
3Organic chemistry9
4Methods of cognition. Chemistry and life2
Calculations based on formulas and reactions5

Rating process

For correctly completed 35 tasks, a graduate can receive 60 PB, which corresponds to 100 TB in the unified state exam certificate.

According to the assessment criteria developed by FIPI for the unified state exam 2021 in the discipline “chemistry”, for individual tasks of Kim, you can get from 1 to 5 points.:

TasksThe maximum PB
№ 1-6, 11-15, 19-21, 26-291 b.
№ 7-10, 16-18, 22-25, 30-312 b.
№ 353 b.
№ 32, 344 b.
№ 335 b.

Important! Individual assessment criteria have been developed for problems 32-35, and the score depends on how many equations the examinee has made up and how complete their answer is.

So, in problems #32 and 34, you need to write 4 equations, in problem # 33-5 equations, and in problem # 35 – 3. However, if the equation is written correctly, but an error was made in the calculations during the solution, which resulted in an incorrect answer, the score will be reduced only by 1 point.

After calculating the primary points, experts translate them into a text result, which will be indicated in the certificate. For this purpose, a table developed by the Federal Institute of pedagogical measurements is used.

Unified state exam in chemistry 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

Important! In 2008, the results of the GIA-11b are not subject to transfer to the 5-point school assessment.

If you still want to understand what level your chemistry certificate corresponds to, we suggest using this approximate scale of compliance:

EvaluationTest score
I didn’t pass it0-35

As can be seen from the two tables, the minimum positive result for chemistry in 2021 will be 36 TB. However, do not confuse the minimum and passing grade. For admission to the budget in 2020, it was necessary to score at least 70-75 points. In 2021, the bar at many universities will be slightly higher, as due to the quarantine last season, there were a lot of Olympic medalists and high-achievers who could not enter the desired Universities due to the high competition, and will apply again in 2021.


Recommended time frame for completing individual tasks:

This is exactly the speed of CIM processing that you should strive for during intensive training.

Chemistry is an interesting subject, but it cannot be considered easy to pass, because the program covers a fairly wide range of theoretical material, and to solve problems, you also need to know mathematics.

Unified state exam in chemistry 2021 | changes, preparation, date, structure

What do you need to prepare for the unified state exam in chemistry in 2021?

  1. Get acquainted with the codifier and specifications (documents are available on the FIPI website).
  2. Recall the theory. To do this, you can use textbooks of the profile level (the basic level is not suitable) or specialized publications issued in 2020 or 2021.
  3. Practice solving the test part. To do this, it will be ideal to work out tasks from the open FIPI database, as well as options from collections for preparing for the unified state exam.
  4. To solve problems of high complexity. Without these 6 tasks, you won’t be able to get the desired high score. If the tasks of part 2 are difficult, see detailed online reviews with explanations of the solution process or contact a good tutor.
  5. Analyze the demo versions for 2020 and 2021 (they are similar in format and structure).

If in the 9th grade you already took the OGE in chemistry, then you know what a wonderful cheat sheet the periodic table can be for you. Be sure to use the information that is stored in it, because it can help you solve many tasks.

If you don’t know where to start training, determine your level of knowledge by solving the demo version of the previous year and checking your answers with the teacher’s explanations. This mini-exam will help you understand which topics should be repeated first and which tasks should be given maximum attention.

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