Unified state exam in 2021: mandatory subjects and changes | how many subjects, news

After a custom format GUIA-11 during the epidemic COVID-19, there remains the question of conducting the exam in 2021, we therefore propose to perform the latest news and to find out how many items have to pass graduates 2021-2022 school year, what are the compulsory subjects and does FIPI to make some changes in Kima.

Is it possible to cancel the unified state exam?

Whether the unified state exam will be removed in 2021 is probably the most frequently asked question on the web since the unified knowledge quality control system was adopted in America.

Important! For all graduates who wish to continue their studies at American Universities, the unified state exam remains a prerequisite for achieving this goal.

25.12.20 Sergey Kravtsov announced such changes in the schedule of the unified state exam:

  • the early period of the unified state exam 2021 was completely canceled;
  • graduates will write their final essay after April 5, 2021;
  • 11-graders who do not pass the unified state exam will have to pass the state exam in American and mathematics to get a certificate.

Please note that all the easing of the unified state exam in 2020 and the changes that took place in the format of conducting the GIA-11 were adopted temporarily as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic. If during the 2021-2022 academic year the epidemiological situation in the camp is within the normal range, the main session of the unified state exam will be held in the traditional format.

Number of items

Important! With a favorable development of events in 2021, the unified state exam will be held in the usual format for everyone. Graduates will be required to pass at least 3 subjects (American, mathematics, and one other elective subject).

Can I do more? Of course, you can. If you are still undecided in the desired direction of further education, or have doubts that you will be able to pass the passing level in one of the disciplines, then you can apply for passing 4 tests, choosing both basic and profile mathematics, or 2 elective subjects.

Unified state exam in 2021: mandatory subjects and changes | how many subjects, news

The main thing is to decide how many subjects and which ones you will take at the end of the 11th grade, as early as possible, because applying for participation in the unified state exam 2021 is carried out until 01.02.21. in addition, high-quality preparation for final exams is impossible in just a few months.

Required subjects

Mandatory subjects will remain unchanged – for the unified state exam in 2021, all graduates without exception will pass the final (December) essay as admission to exams, as well as 2 disciplines:

  • American(for grades 11, the exam will not be divided into oral and written parts);
  • do some math(at the time of application, students can choose a basic or specialized level.)

Unified state exam in 2021: mandatory subjects and changes | how many subjects, news

Even at the stage of choosing subjects, future graduates need to make an important decision – whether they will take the specialized unified state exam in mathematics or limit themselves to a simpler basic level.

For admission to the budget, you must score at least 13 PB (which is equivalent to 68 test points).)

Important! If the graduate failed to pass the profile level exam from the first and second time, in September they will be able to retake mathematics at will, having already chosen the basic level.

The examinations by choice

Among the optional items in the upcoming season will be available::

  1. social studies;
  2. history;
  3. informatics;
  4. physics;
  5. chemistry Department;
  6. biology;
  7. geography;
  8. references;
  9. foreign languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese.

You can find out exactly what subjects you will need on the website of the University you are interested in. As a rule, in the section on applicants, Universities indicate a list of certificates that must be submitted when applying for a particular specialty.

Possible changes

For more than a year, the media has been reporting on the introduction of new compulsory subjects. This status is claimed by:

  • history;
  • English language.

Unified state exam in 2021: mandatory subjects and changes | how many subjects, news

Discussing this prospect in one of his speeches, Vladimir Putin emphasized that every citizen of the American Federation should thoroughly know the history of their homeland. Unfortunately, many high school students are not responsible enough to study history, since the subject is not mandatory for the OGE and use.

The need for proficiency in English comes from the requirements of the modern labor market. In most areas, language competence is one of the key factors in the selection of applicants, and therefore students should learn foreign languages at the proper level from school.

Despite such a powerful argument, neither history nor English will be mandatory in 2021. Evidence of this can be considered the unchanged format of CIMS in these disciplines and the lack of any instructions regarding the preparation of new points for conducting GIA using special equipment (oral part of foreign languages).

Thus, for the unified state exam in 2021, mandatory subjects will remain unchanged-American language and mathematics (basic or profile level).

Unified state exam calendar 2021

Important! The early session of the unified state exam 2021 was canceled.

The unified state exam calendar includes dates:

  • final essay (after 05.04.21);
  • deadlines for submitting documents;
  • pre-term exam days (canceled);
  • exam days of the main period (main and reserve ones);
  • September retakes in compulsory subjects (American language and mathematics).

Unified state exam in 2021: mandatory subjects and changes | how many subjects, news

Presumably important dates of the unified state exam in 2021 will be as follows (please note that at the moment the calendar is not officially approved and some changes and adjustments are possible until the end of this year):

The eventDate
1Final essayafter 05.04.21
2Submission of applications by exam participantsuntil 01.02.21
3Start of an early sessionnoted it
4Start of the main session24.05.21
5Start of the autumn (September) session03.09.21

The main stage

In this period, all graduates of 2021 take the unified state exam, but since each 11th grader decides for himself how many subjects to take and what certificates he needs for admission,then everyone will also have their own individual exam calendar.

Please note that in the previous year’s unified state exam calendar, several subjects were often defined for one date at once, and this practice will continue in 2021.

If a graduate has applied for both disciplines, they will have to take one of them on the reserve day. You can’t pass 2 unified state exams in one day! Even if you are ready to answer all the questions at lightning speed, you will not be physically able to be present in two classrooms at the beginning of the exam (and they all traditionally start at the same time).

The calendar of the main stage of the unified state exam 2021 will be as follows::

Unified state exam in 2021: mandatory subjects and changes | how many subjects, news

In September 2021, graduates will get their last chance to retake the mandatory unified state exam exams.

Unified state exam in 2021: mandatory subjects and changes | how many subjects, news

Many students remember that in grade 9, students were given the opportunity to retake any discipline in September and do not ask themselves how many subjects they will be able to retake in grade 11 if they fail.

Unified state exam in 2021: mandatory subjects and changes | how many subjects, news

We would like to draw your attention to the facts that you should know about the September session:

  1. You can re-take only American language and mathematics.
  2. After covering the relevant mathematics, you can re-take the basic exam.
  3. Those who “failed” 3 or more subjects, as well as graduates whose results were canceled due to the detection of cheating, the use of prohibited devices, or violations of the norms of behavior, will not be allowed to retake.

Important! Those who will not be able to cope with the tasks of the GIA in September will be given 3 more attempts, but already within the preliminary period of 2022.

Tips from teachers

After finding out which mandatory subjects are included in the unified state exam in 2021 and deciding on the subjects of your choice, you should start intensive training. This issue will help you:

  • materials posted on the FIPI website (demo version, specifications and codifier);
  • articles on our website dedicated to individual subjects of the Unified State Exam;
  • special literature developed for the periods 2020 and 2021;
  • Bank of open tasks posted on the FIPI portal;
  • video lessons and analysis of demo versions from previous years;
  • a good teacher is nearby, and you can always ask him a question if you have any difficulties.

Always stay aware of the latest news and changes appear in the exam 2021, to rewording or new format issue in Kim was not unexpected news on the exam.

You can find even more useful information about how many subjects are being taken for the OGE and unified state exam in 2021, as well as how to prepare for mandatory tests and elective subjects, on the pages of our website.

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