TV shows Netflix 2021

Annually, Netflix spends on the production of movies and TV shows more than $ 10 billion, being the largest service for streaming multimedia. The number of subscribers exceeds the 139 million people and continues to grow at the expense of popular projects. Most of the users who cause the series Netflix 2021, which began to emerge now.

Black mirror

British sci-Fi anthology, was released in 2011. Creator and part writer of the project is writer and broadcaster Charlie Brooker. “Black mirror” combines the genre of science fiction, dystopia, Thriller, drama and satire, so that the first episode attracted an audience of 2 million people. The TV series talks about the impact of information technology on the relationships between people.

TV shows Netflix 2021

At the moment, out of 5 seasons, including a total score of 22 episodes, each lasting from 40 to 89 minutes. The rating of the project on IMDb is 8.5, but on IMDb is 8.8. It is known that extended Netflix “Black mirror” on season 6. Its premiere is planned for December 2021, but the exact date is not yet known.

13 reasons why

Television series loosely based on the eponymous book by Jay Asher, was released in 2017. He talks about the teenager, who graduated from suicide, and about why it happened. The first edition of the show became the most viewed on “Netflix” for the first 30 days after the premiere. Each week audience growth has increased by 18%, so the streaming service has ordered a sequel. Users of IMDb put the rating of 7.5, and IMDb is 7.8. Currently shown in 3 seasons, and it is expected 4th. It will be released in the summer of 2021, but will be the final.

TV shows Netflix 2021

Very strange things

American science fiction television series, filmed by brothers Zafferani, already has many awards and nominations. The project, which combines the genre of horror, detective and Thriller, follows the adventures of teenage children, unravels mysterious events that occur in their city.

Currently, completely out in 3 seasons. Audience show for the first few days after the premiere exceeded 40.7 million users, setting a record for the streaming service, so a TV show get a sequel. The rating on IMDb is 8.5, but on IMDb is 8.8. It is expected that the project will lead TV shows released Netflix 2021.

TV shows Netflix 2021


Historical drama TV series, telling about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, is one of the most expensive projects in history. The budget of each series reaches 5 million dollars. “Crown” is the winner of Golden globe 2017 in the category “Best drama series”. Evaluation of “Kinopoisk” is 8.2, and the portal IMDb and 8.7.

The plot is unique in that it covers several decades in the life of the country in the postwar period. At the moment, out of 3 seasons, including a total score of 30 episodes. Premiere 4 th held on 17 December 2021.

TV shows Netflix 2021

The Umbrella Academy

American television series that is an adaptation of the eponymous comic book, attracted much attention. The project is a superhero drama-Thriller about people with unusual abilities, which unite after death of the father for the salvation of the world. Thanks to the custom applying in the ironic format of the TV show got high marks from critics and users.

The rating of the series on Kinopoisk is 7.5, and on IMDb – 8. He was one of the first big hits Netflix after 1 issue, having the extension on the 2nd. The exact date of its release is still unknown, but it is expected in 2021.

TV shows Netflix 2021

The ghosts of hill house

American television series in the horror genre gained a lot of popularity. He talks about the family moving into an old mansion with the purpose to repair it and resell, but colliding with the ghosts. The show received high marks from critics and viewers. The rating on Rotten Tomatoes is 92%, on Kinopoisk and 8.0, and on IMDb is 8.7.

The project is the winner of the writer’s Guild in the nomination “the Best script of the new series”. Yet available only 1 season, but “the Ghosts of hill house” is already extended to the 2nd. Its premiere is scheduled for 2021 but the exact date is not yet available.

TV shows Netflix 2021

Love, death and robots

American animated cartoon from Netflix 2021, filmed in the format of the anthology, has become one of the most popular shows on Netflix. It consists of short episodes lasting from 5 to 17 minutes, unrelated. The show tells about the fantastic events created by the famous film Director David Fincher and animator Tim Miller. Almost every episode developed teams and studios from different countries of the world.

Before the premiere of the animated TV show called “Black mirror.” Kinopoisk rating is 8.2, and on IMDb is 8.6. Animated television series is already renewed for season 2, which premiered to be held March 14, 2021-th.

TV shows Netflix 2021


The American television animated series in the fantasy genre can overshadow the best movies of Netflix 2021. A show about dark magic, elves, dragons and the struggle for the Royal throne got so much popularity that on its basis it is developing games. At this point beyond season 3. The Creator of the animated series Aaron Ehaz said that it is planned 7 seasons, and the 4th should see the light next year.

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