Trinity in 2021 | what date, Orthodox, date

The feast of the Trinity does not have a fixed date, as it falls on day 50 from Easter Sunday, The date of Which also changes annually. That is why Easter itself and the festive events associated with it are called transitive.

In 2021, the Orthodox Church will celebrate the Holy Trinity on SundayJuly 20.

Differences with Catholics this year will be significant – they will celebrate the feast of the Trinity in 2021 3 weeks earlier. Christians of different faiths use different paschalia for their calculations, which prevents Orthodox and Catholics from celebrating religious events at the same time.

Meaning of a holiday and determining its date

The plot of the Church holiday is connected with the events of the New Testament. The Saviour’s disciples, who until then were mostly simple fishermen, were not distinguished by their courage and education, but received the Gifts of the Holy spirit, after which they gained the strength to preach Christianity.

Trinity in 2021 | what date, Orthodox, date

Meaning of the celebration

On the day of the ascension, Christ commanded all the disciples to stay in the upper room of Zion, where their last meal together was held-the last Supper. On this occasion, many foreign-speaking people gathered in Jerusalem. The guests were amazed that the former fishermen suddenly began to speak clearly to any foreigner in his dialect. The witnesses were struck by the boldness of the apostles, who had previously been hiding and hiding from persecution. Filled with the Holy spirit, the apostles received a powerful impulse to preach in all parts of the world. They have converted hundreds and thousands of people who are ready to accept any torment for Christ. Therefore, it is generally accepted that it was on this day that the Christian Church was born.

The name of the holiday – Trinity-symbolizes the fullness of God’s appearance to people:

  • God The Fatherhe spoke to the Jewish people through the ancient prophets and gave them the 10 commandments of the old Testament.
  • God The Sonhe became incarnate and opened the way of true life to people, redeemed our sins on the Cross.
  • God Is The Holy Spirit beginning with the apostles, he fills every believing Christian with strength and strengthens them on the path of salvation.

Truly, this is a day of rejoicing, when every bird, blade of grass, and leaf bears witness to God’s love for man.

The determination of the date

The descent of the Holy spirit occurred exactly 50 days after the resurrection of Christ, so this holiday has another name – Pentecost.

When exactly (on what date) Trinity will be celebrated in 2021 depends on the date of Easter celebration. Palm Sunday (one week before Easter) and ascension Day (on the 40th day after Easter) also depend on the date of Christ’s Resurrection.

But no gospel gives a specific date when Christ was resurrected. It is only known that this happened on the Sunday after the Jewish holiday of Passover, which Jews celebrate on the 1st full moon after the spring equinox.

Trinity in 2021 | what date, Orthodox, date

These principles formed the basis for calculating the Alexandrian Paschal calendar, a special Church calendar for determining the dates of Easter and passing holidays. It was approved by the 1st Ecumenical Council in the IV century. Calculations were made on the basis of the Julian calendar (old style), they are still adhered to by the Orthodox Church.

Easter 2021 in the Orthodox tradition will be on may 2, and Trinity-on June 20 (n. St.).

Catholics since the XIV century Easter calculations are made according to the Gregorian calendar (new style): On April 4, 2021, Easter will be celebrated, on may 23 – Pentecost, and on may 30 – Trinity (for Catholics, it is celebrated separately).

How to celebrate Pentecost

Along with the high religious meaning in the celebration of the Trinity, ancient pagan beliefs have been preserved.

Church celebration

On the day before the holiday, the Orthodox Church performs a memorial service for parents on Saturday. In 2021, it falls on June 19. The Ecumenical commemoration of all Orthodox Christians who have been dead for centuries takes place with firm faith in their resurrection.

The Church is decorated with greenery-this color symbolizes the life-giving action of the Holy spirit. The fragrance of blooming forests and meadows reigns everywhere. For the first time after Easter, kneeling prayers are read – for cleansing from sins, for granting spiritual grace, for the repose of the deceased. The Church exempts believers from the obligation to observe fast days – a continuous week is declared.

Trinity in 2021 | what date, Orthodox, date

Pagan rites

The Slavs, long before Christianity, worshipped the sun God Yarila and the family goddess Lada at the beginning of summer. Semik is a girls ‘ holiday of dresses, fortune-telling, and bride reviews. The birch, the sacred tree of Lada, was revered; it was dressed up, led around in round dances, and songs were sung. Even today, birch branches are the main decoration of churches on Whitsunday. Wreaths of daisies, cornflowers and poppies, which decorated the heads of girls during Semik, were considered protection from evil spiritual forces. In the evening, young people wondered about marriage, sending wreaths down the river.

On a public holiday, it was forbidden to work in the household, in the garden, in the field. Everything needed to be redone the day before. It was impossible to walk in the forest and swim in reservoirs – goblins, water and mermaids on the days of Semik became especially active. But medicinal herbs collected on these days heal faster, and a small change given to those in need can protect them from adversity in the future.

Pagan motifs only emphasize the main meaning of the feast of the Trinity-the veneration of the Holy spirit, who descended to earth to save people.

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