Trimesters in a school in 2020-2021 academic year

Every year the number of educational establishments in USA, moving to timestravel learning system is growing, and today we offer to see the better half of the usual semester for all graphics, and when there are holidays 2020-2021 academic year (autumn, winter and spring) in the school that learns, term.

The word “trimester” comes from the Latin “trimestris” meaning three months.

Features trimestrali system

The first modular system of education appreciated in Germany, where the work term successfully has been practiced since the 1930-ies. Of course, today in USA the system has a number of significant differences from the European version taken as a basis, namely, because we have subjects are studied not in isolation (only 1 semester) and throughout the school year. Moreover, students in the USA, regardless of the training system, have 3 months of summer vacation.

Trimesters in a school in 2020-2021 academic year

It is worth noting that in the 2020-2021 year trimesters in the school are also popular in many schools in the USA, the UK, France and several other European countries. Although every country in the modular learning system to bring some of its features.

In USA trimesterly learning system involves the separation of school year 6 teaching periods, between which students are provided a week’s vacation.

Psychologists, doctors and scientists say such undeniable advantages trimesters:

  1. Frequent holidays, allowing to unload students and to decrease psycho-emotional tension, which builds up to the end of the 5th week of training.
  2. The presence of 3 training periods, allowing you to more accurately assess students and eliminates contentious issues that often confront teachers in the semester training.
  3. The reduction in the incidencein the team, indeed, such a system vacation often falls on the acute SARS.

Unlike teachers, which is a modular system like more of the views of parents vary a lot. Someone very like the schedule of school children, to someone absolutely not. Of the problems that arise, parents most often called:

  • the need to solve the problem of supervision for the kids during the holidays;
  • the complexity of the adaptation for guys who long to “swing” and “going” after the holidays;
  • the need for training on intermediate holidays that the child has not lost all the knowledge, because there are still tests and final cuts.

Trimesters in a school in 2020-2021 academic year

The structure of the academic year

As a rule, the academic year starts in early September in any system of education.

This year the celebration of the First call will be held 02.09.19, and the Last call – 25.05.20 (in some schools the school year can be extended to 29.05.20).

In the first half of the training modules for the last 5 weeks, second at 6 weeks, what forms the following schedule of educational and holiday periods:

Trimesters in a school in 2020-2021 academic year

As you can see, the vacation period 2020-2021 academic years for schools, gymnasiums and lyceums, working at term is distributed evenly, and in some cases supplemented by weekends and holidays, forming a long succession of output.

Vacations in trimesters

First vacation expect students already in the month of October (with 07.10.19 – 13.10.19). The duration of the holiday in the schools five days will be 9 days (holidays + 2 days off).

Second vacation, the beginning of which will mark the completion of the first training module will be 18.11.19 for 24.11.19.

Trimesters in a school in 2020-2021 academic year

The third holiday (new year), will be held from 30.12.19 for 08.01.20 and will be slightly smaller than in the classical (semester) system. The duration of rest in the five days will be 12 calendar days (10 vacation days +2 weekends).

Important! In this period of possible change. If approved, the transfer of output from 4 and 5 January at the 9 and 10 number, then the first working day of 2021 may be Monday 13.01.20. In this case, children will enjoy the whole 16 days.

Fourth vacation (February) is planned during 17.02.20 – 24.02.20. Subject to the transfer of the weekend from 23 to 24 February and the previous weekend, the rest period will be ten days.

Trimesters in a school in 2020-2021 academic year

The sixth (summer) vacation in 2020-2021 year for most local schools, which features work by trimesters will begin on 26 may, because the school year is over for them as for regular schools 25.05.20.

Trimesters in a school in 2020-2021 academic year

Possible changes

If the semester system of teaching schools quite often move the chart to the vacation period, the vacation trimestrale transferred extremely rare, and this means that in the 2020-2021 year, to the date relevant to most educational institutions in USA.

Of course, changes are possible. As a rule, the transfer may be adopted in the event of prolonged quarantine or temporary suspension of the educational process for other reasons. However, the offset cannot be more than 2 weeks, as required by the regulations.

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