Top gun: Maverick – movie 2021

When people try to replace high-tech drones, it interferes with the old guard. Top gun: Maverick for so long waiting for the continuation that the film 2021 will produce a sensation like a low number of views. Longtime fans will certainly be interested in the continuation of the story, and for new viewers a few secrets that will cause a storm of emotions.

The aircraft taxis

Tom cruise often embodies on the silver screen heroes, who are accustomed to risk their lives. Among the huge number of enshrined images of an ACE pilot nicknamed Maverick evokes a special nostalgia. First of all, my youth, recklessness and fearlessness. The conqueror of the air space had to undergo many trials in life and to know the taste of personal tragedy, but a love of the sky and helped to find a place in life and accept the losses.

Top gun: Maverick – movie 2021

After the first picture in the society had a surge of interest in aviation. It is the “Top gun” made Tom cruise famous. Not surprisingly, he had a desire to repeat success again and to sit in the cockpit of a fighter, wearing a familiar jacket and a stylish Aviator frame.

Interesting facts

  1. “Top gun 2” is not the first joint work of Mcquarrie and Tom cruise. The actor starred in three pictures of this Director, but there are works where Cruz was a writer.
  2. At the request of the performer of the main roles in the film will be shown real planes, not CGI.
  3. To provide the rental service in China, had to be removed with jackets Maverick emblem of Taiwan and Japan, who are allies of the United States.
  4. The main part of the script of Top gun was written by Peter Craig and Justin marks, but Christopher Mcquarrie had to redo it.
  5. The film will be released in 2021, though the Paramount was planning to release it in July 2020. The reason for working out episodes of the aircraft that needs to look perfect.

The plot

Peter Mitchell becomes a mentor Bradley Bradshaw, who is the son of his longtime friend nick-Goose. The guy is ready to become a pilot and to follow in the footsteps of his father.

It is curious! The action of the second film takes place 34 years after the first story. The Director had plans to make the Maverick character of the second plan, but then they changed.

The cast

One of the stars of the future blockbuster “top gun 2” will be Jennifer Connelly. The actress will be with Tom cruise to repeat the famous scene on the bike. She loved driving qualities of a partner, which is professionally managed motorcycle.

Top gun: Maverick – movie 2021

Val Kilmer has long fought cancer and defeated the disease, but now has to cope with the consequences. The actor has changed a lot and almost stopped to chat with reporters because of problems with voice. News about returning to the role of a cocky air force pilot Tom Iceman Kazanski has caused excitement among fans.

Top gun: Maverick – movie 2021

Miles teller is a young actor. He will play the role of a son of a Goose, of the deceased partner Maverick. The character will be a cadet flight school.

The lead actor is a constant Tom cruise. For the movie actor has been trained and is going to sit behind the controls of a fighter. He is no stranger to new skills in the process of filming. In the film “Mission: impossible Consequences,” Cruz graduated from the courses of piloting the helicopter.

Expectations and reality

The sequel to famous paintings in advance attracted the attention of viewers. The authors set out to prove that the sequel will be worthy of the first film. To this end, they cooperate with the U.S. Navy. Except for the presence of real fighters and warships “top gun 2” boasts incredible special effects, allowing you to feel the atmosphere of the flight.

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