Tiger horoscope for 2021: women and men

The year of the Bull promises to be calm – this is indicated by the horoscope for 2021 for the Tiger. In General, representatives of this sign have nothing to worry about – the time of stability and prosperity is coming, and they will cope with possible challenges effortlessly. But about all under the order.

General characteristics

People born in the year of the Tiger demonstrate innate leadership skills. Despite the restrained and calm appearance, passions are always raging in the soul. Most Tigers are real rebels, easily breaking the rules, including those that they themselves set for others. Generous and fair, they expect the same attitude from others, which often burns them.

  • charm;
  • straightforwardness;
  • generosity;
  • impulsivity;
  • short temper;
  • adventurism.

Tigers stand up for the weak, do not tolerate injustice. They are impulsive and short-tempered, but they never go along with their own emotions. In their youth, they are frivolous, easily carried away by new ideas, but also quickly cool down, so they do not finish what they started. With age, they become more reserved and reasonable.

What the year of the Bull has in store for Tigers

Tiger horoscope for 2021: women and men

The coming year promises to be successful in all areas. The bull favors the Tiger, and there comes a time when you can relax and reap the benefits of your labors. This period promises to be eventful, but there will be no unpleasant surprises.

The main challenge of the year is career UPS and downs. Work issues require close attention, but your efforts will definitely be rewarded. The main award of the year is good health and a burst of energy. Astrologers recommend using it to reach new heights, for example, in sports competitions. The main question of the year is: “Stop at what has been achieved, or go along with your ambitions?”. But deep down, everyone knows the answer.

Throughout the year, representatives of the sign will notice that they are actively attracted to the weak and in need of support. A keen sense of justice will not allow you to stay on the sidelines, but it is important to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, otherwise ill-wishers can take advantage of this.

Horoscope for men

Tiger horoscope for 2021: women and men

Male Tigers will have a busy year ahead of them. It will not be without difficulties, but representatives of the sign will overcome them brilliantly.

Horoscope for 2021 for a male Tiger warns about possible problems at work. In the first quarter of the year, many tasks will have to be solved, and material well-being is under threat. During this difficult period, it is necessary to make every effort to avoid conflicts with colleagues and superiors. Be patient – everything will stabilize by the summer.

Married men can count on the support of their wives. During this period, you should not hide your feelings from your loved ones, because they are ready to help. Astrologers promise to strengthen family relationships. From the second quarter of the year, you should think about new activities or vacations – after a hard day’s work, the Tiger needs rest. In the fall, there may be conflicts with colleagues. It is important to save face and avoid confrontation, then you can count on the favor of your superiors or promotion.

Single men expect romantic Dating. Take a closer look at your colleagues – it is quite possible that they put sticks in your wheels for a reason, but in the hope of attracting attention.

Forecast for a female Tiger

Tiger horoscope for 2021: women and men

Unlike men, Tigresses do not need to worry about work matters – this area remains stable. The horoscope for 2021 for a female Tiger is dominated by regularity and stability.

The year is favorable for new beginnings. Astrologers recommend thinking about an additional source of income, learning new skills, or playing sports. A favorable period for career achievements is the entire second half of the year.

Married ladies may face boredom. In this case, you need to engage in the realization of your creative potential or self-development. Single women can count on romantic acquaintances, but new relationships are unlikely to be serious. The year is good for change. A radical image change is a good solution. An unusual burst of energy is expected in the second half of the year. There will be so much energy that you can safely start new long-term projects, both in your work and in any other business.

Inspiration will come to the Tigresses in the middle of summer and will remain until the very end of the year. This is a great time to implement creative plans.

Love horoscope

Tiger horoscope for 2021: women and men

Personal relationships are expected to be stable. Married Tigresses may not get enough attention from their husbands, but astrologers advise you to simply direct your energy in a creative direction. Be sure to try to arrange a joint vacation with the other half – this will strengthen the connection. Think about a shared leisure time – nothing brings you closer than a common hobby.

Male Tigers can count on the support and attention of their spouse. You should avoid aggressive statements and control the negative emotions that you will face when dealing with work crises. Remember-your family is always on your side. Go out with your loved ones to nature more often, take the organization of leisure activities into your own hands, and the family will definitely appreciate it.

For single representatives of the sign, the year is rich in new acquaintances. Novels will be pleasant, easy, but fleeting. The chance to meet your partner increases towards the end of the year. Relationships that start in the fall and winter can grow into something more. There is a high probability of office romances.

Money horoscope

Tiger horoscope for 2021: women and men

Financially, everything is relatively stable. In the first months, there may be a lack of funds caused by unexpected expenses. This will not last long, and from mid-spring, income and expenses will be balanced. The bull does not tolerate waste, so generous Tigers should pay more attention to money.

Until mid-spring, there may be problems at work, which will negatively affect the overall financial condition. Astrologers advise you to tighten your belts tighter and continue to perform the tasks set – diligence will definitely pay off. You can expect a bonus or a raise in the second quarter of the year and in winter. In the summer, don’t skimp, let yourself have a good rest.

In the second half of the year, you should think about additional sources of income. Representatives of the sign are overwhelmed with energy, they will have enough strength for everything. Autumn will be a favorable period for new projects that will help improve the financial situation.

Career horoscope

Tiger horoscope for 2021: women and men

In the first half of the year, expect problems at work. A lot of new challenges, lack of time and recycling – this is what the Tiger can face in late winter and spring. And at first glance, it will seem that the efforts go unnoticed. There may be conflicts with colleagues – be wary of newcomers in the team, as they can put a spoke in the wheels. By mid-spring, the work intensity will subside, the situation will stabilize, and the authorities will definitely appreciate the work done.

Ambitious Tigers will want more, but it is not recommended to change jobs in the first months of the year. In the summer,there may be an opportunity to prove yourself and get a promotion. Unexpected career offers are possible in the second half of the year.

Health horoscope

Tiger horoscope for 2021: women and men

Your health won’t let you down this year. Tigers will feel a huge surge of strength and energy, and it is recommended to use this to improve their physical fitness. The year is favorable for new Hobbies and sports. A visit to the gym, yoga, swimming, Cycling – all this will have a positive effect on physical fitness and further strengthen your health. Those who have long wanted to start a sports career, it is recommended to take advantage of a successful period. Astrologers also recommend taking preventive measures and passing all examinations. The good news for those planning children is that the year is favorable for conception.

Overall, the Tigers will have a good busy year ahead of them. Minor problems in the work will more than pay off, and in all other areas, representatives of the sign are lucky.

People born in the year of the Tiger: Marilyn Monroe, Amy Lou Adams, Diana Arbenina, Joe Abercrombie, Penelope Cruz, Joaquin Phoenix, Sarah Paulson, Emilia Clarke, Robert Pattison, amber heard, Kate moss, Alexander Revva.

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