Theatre day in 2021: when

In 2021, the Day of theatre in the USA and around the world will celebrate one day, as the date for the celebration is set at the international level. This holiday has long ceased to be just professional, as it applies not only to the employees of the theater, but also on the audience. In some countries the preparation for it lasts for months, and events are held over several weeks.

The date for the celebration

A number of theatre Day will be in 2021 known to every playgoer, as well as people who are somehow connected with this art form.

Important! In 2021, the theatre Day is March 27.

And although the holiday is celebrated at the international level, a public holiday, he is not. Since 2021 on March 27 falls on Friday evening before the weekend you can devote the most ancient form of art, for example, to go to the premiere or see a show with your favorite actors.

Theatre day in 2021: when

The history of

According to historical records, the theatrical art originated several centuries BC. Performances were staged in Ancient Rome, Greece, Egypt and other countries. Initially they were devoted to different holidays and important events, but over time the performances were held in other days for a wide range of audience.

During the Cold war theatre has become one of the methods of retaining the world, the rapprochement of peoples. To unite all of the country in 1948 on the initiative of UNESCO established the international Institute of theatre (ITI). The Soviet Union became a member in 1959. Now in its structure more than 100 countries.

In 1961, at the next Congress, held annually, there was a proposal to establish a professional holiday. All participants, including the representatives of the USSR, supported the idea. The event decided to hold the founding of MIT on March 27. For almost 60 years the date has not changed.

In the USA the international day of theatre not included in the list of public holidays, although it is regularly observed throughout the country. In the events often involved representatives of the local authorities.

Theatre day in 2021: when

Now the holiday is celebrated:

  • actors;
  • Directors;
  • operators;
  • sound engineers;
  • artists;
  • mounter scenery;
  • ushers;
  • lighting;
  • cloakroom attendants;
  • producers.


Over the years the festival has formed a certain tradition. One of the oldest customs is the preparation of the famous theater of the Message to all fans. The first author of this Message was Jean Cocteau, a famous French writer, artist and filmmaker.

Worldwide holiday dedicated to the ancient art of, say so:

  • play the famous performances by the public;
  • organize festivals;
  • master classes: acting, filming or editing;
  • arrange meetings with stars of the theatre, well-known Directors;
  • guided tours behind the scenes where you can see the process of creating performances.

Theatre day in 2021: when

The peculiarities of its celebration in USA

Traditionally in the USA the holiday is celebrated in large cities and small towns, where there is a Temple of the arts. Its employees are often concerts. At the solemn part of usually are local officials with congratulations. Best theater award, certificates and diplomas, and are assigned the title of “Best actor” “Best actress,” “Best Director”, etc. Reward creative individuals and material gifts or write them awards.

At the end of March often hold open days not only in theatres but also in educational institutions that teach the art. For pupils, students and socially vulnerable categories of citizens (the poor or large families, pensioners etc.) are doing free entry on presentation.

Interesting facts

Over the long history of theatrical art has accumulated a lot of interesting facts. Here are some of them:

  1. The first state theatre in the USA appeared in 1756.
  2. The great Temple of art is built in China. It is able to accommodate 6.5 million people.
  3. The smallest theater is located in Austria (city of Philae). In it the actors are only 8 spectators. The area of a scene total of 1.69 sq. m.
  4. Most recognizable in the world of construction related art, it is believed the Opera house in Sydney (Australia).
  5. The title of the most ancient theatre has Greek Dionysus, built in the VI century BC. Although he has long used as directed.
  6. First, the actors played only Comedy and tragedy. Other genres emerged relatively recently.

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