The weather forecast for 2021 in USA

A large area of the country affects the fundamental differences in the climate of its different parts, so the changing seasons are felt everywhere in different ways and does not always coincide with the dates on the calendar. Forecasters now give forecasts about the weather for 2021 in the USA. Of course, this is only estimated data. Which ones will be the most accurate – time will tell.

Winter 2021

The majority of foreigners Russian winter is associated with snow storms and frosts, which is true not for all parts of the country. As you move from North to South, the climate gradually changes from Arctic to continental, and even subtropical.

The coldest point of the USA is considered the town of Oymyakon, where winter frosts can reach -60°C. But in the coastal cities of the Caucasus and Crimea, even in winter days you can enjoy the warm weather and above-zero temperature.

According to forecasts of weather forecasters, in the beginning of 2021 should not expect any temperature, or snow anomalies: in cold regions will be the usual cold, warm – good weather. How different can be the winter in the USA only confirm the following temperature:

  • in NYC, Magadan, Khabarovsk territory and the Amur – minus 45-46°C;
  • in the Central regions up to -25°C;
  • in the Krasnodar region, the Rostov region, the Crimea up to minus 8-9°C.

The lowest temperature traditionally is to be expected in February, it is no wonder it is considered the coldest winter month.

The weather forecast for 2021 in USA

In average temperatures will exceed the norm (minus 9.3°C over the last 10 years) a couple of degrees. The second half of January will be less cold, but more snow compared with the first likely due to the warm cyclone of the Atlantic.

Spring 2021

Meteorologists suggest that spring 2021 will amaze USAн cold and snow:

  • in Chukotka are projected to be frost resistant at least until the end of the first month of spring, when the temperature will fall during the day to minus 15-20°C and night temperatures as low as -30°. At zero temperature the background here, you can count only to 20 th may.
  • in NYC spring is short, the March snow combined with strong winds will only strengthen the sensation of cold, although anomalous temperature readings are not expected. In April the temperature will rise to +2-7°C. this will open the likelihood of heavy rains, which can lead to raising the water level in rivers and flooding of coastal settlements. Particularly harsh spring will be in the North of Krasnodar Krai. In March, it expected to be 20 degrees below zero and above zero the thermometer will rise only towards the beginning of June.

European part of the country, including the capital, can rely on the warmth of spring in early March 2021, which will hold at the same level (with small fluctuations in temperature) until almost the end of may. And the situation with the weather, when temperatures in March and may stick almost at the same level is retained for several years. A similar forecast is available for cities of the Golden ring USA, Tver, Ryazan, Tula and Smolensk regions. Heat stable in the second half of may weather forecasters promise for most regions of the European part. It remains a possibility that may 2021 will be more cool in comparison with last year. Forecasters attribute this to the seismic activity in the sea of Japan which intensified in the last few years and not the best way affects the climate of the USA and the world in General.

The weather forecast for 2021 in USA

Summer 2021

Forecasts about what the weather would be in the USA in the summer of 2021, with some minor differences. Someone predicts a rainy summer, some drought and forest fires associated with unusual heat wave in NYC.

According to the first, summer of 2021 in the USA will not be a long and cool compared to the 2020 year, warm Sunny days are replaced by cloudy and rainy. The heat should not count in June and August:

  • In July, the highest level will show the thermometer in the Krasnodar region, the Crimea and Central regions.
  • In the Central and Northern regions since August, will start a small cold, will often rain and wind will become more strong and cold. But even so the summer weather will be replaced by warm days.
  • In the South, the warm days will linger until mid-September, if not pay attention to short-term heavy rains and thunderstorms.
  • For residents of the Urals early summer will be almost dry and warm. In July the heat will only intensify, but will alternate with thunderstorms, which will continue until Aug.

Among forecasters, there is also a view about the extremely dry summer of 2021, which could lead to no harvest, what with the forecast for the USA economic crisis paints a bleak prospects.

The weather forecast for 2021 in USA

Autumn 2021

Forecasters say the high variability of the autumn forecasts, and the spontaneous change of natural phenomena. That is, those who will plan trips or other events, depending on the weather, will have to track the weather for 3-7 days before the desired date.

The weather forecast for 2021 in USA

Folk omens

To know what the weather will be in USA for 2021 can not only weather forecasts, but also by means of national signs. The recent focus on changes in the nature of the phenomenon and allow us to predict weather conditions for different seasons long before they occur:

  • Windy winter says on a windless autumn. And the warm wind to the cold already in September, cold by early frosts in late autumn. Clear sky on the feast of the Baptism heralds an early spring, warm summer and a long Indian summer. Inclement February weather heralds a cold in August.
  • Spring storms portend warm days by mid-autumn, lightning in the early spring – dry summer and a quick snow melt and abundant streams, – long rains in summer.
  • Summer rains presage a dry fall, and lightning and thunderstorms, but no precipitation is talking about strong winds in October-November. Hot July – for the cold December.
  • September thunder predicts a warm autumn, dry weather – late winter.

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