The weather by 2021 in USA

The long-awaited new year holidays rapidly approaching and it’s time to plan where to celebrate New Year 2021 and where to go on the weekend for bright emotions and truly new year mood. We will tell, what will be the weather by 2021 in different regions of the USA, and what is the forecast prepared USAнам meteorologists for Christmas.

Winter in USA (climate)

For most foreigners, USA associate winter with frosts, heavy snowfalls and blizzards. But not all regions of our vast country are in such a harsh climate. As you move from the Northern regions to the South and will change the climate of the Arctic and subarctic to continental (most of the country) and tropical (coast of the Caucasus).

The weather by 2021 in USA

How different can be the weather by 2021 in different cities of the USA can show a graph of the average January temperatures for the regions located in different climatic zones.

But for most cities in the USA climate normal is snow and cold winter with blizzards and snowfalls, as well as rare short periods of thaw, during which the temperature does not rise above the zero mark.

Weather for the New Year in the capital

For USA meteorologists have already prepared long-term weather forecast, which promises the residents and guests on New Year 2021 moderate frosts and light snow.

December in the capital will be abnormally warm. In the daytime the temperature will show steady plus until the last week of the year, only occasionally falling below zero at night.

The weather by 2021 in USA

New year’s eve 31.12.19 weather forecasters promise Muscovites and guests of the capital of a small frost and snow that will give everyone a real sense of the Christmas story!

Moderate frosts and snowfalls are expected in the first half of January. Comfort -2 °C in the daytime will allow you to enjoy walks in the new year the capital, and adorned with parks, skating on ice and visiting fairs.

The weather by 2021 in USA

A real harsh winter will come to the capital from the 10th of January. The cold will intensify, reaching -13 °C during the day and -17°C at night.

Weather for other regions

To the question, what’s the forecast in a particular region USA on New Year 2021 can give long-term weather forecast. But, consider that the assumptions of the forecasts are not always confirmed, because the formation of weather conditions influenced by many factors, and the processes occurring under the influence of global warming is not only changing the climate pattern of the regions, but also make nature unpredictable.

Central region

In the Central part of the USA coming winter going to be snowy, with moderate frosts and persistent snow cover.

According to preliminary estimates 31 December 2020, in the cities of the region it is expected a temperature:

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