The weather by 2021 and in the Moscow region

Plan to celebrate the New year in 2021 – we know what will be weather in the capital region and 31 December 2020, as well as a forecast for the Christmas holidays gives the meteorologist.

Climatic norm of the region

located in a zone moderately-a continental climate, which is characterized by:

  • clearly expressed seasonality;
  • the cold long winter with blizzards and severe frosts;
  • the formation of a stable snow cover;
  • below freezing from mid-November to mid-March.

The weather by 2021 and in the Moscow region

The coldest inhabited the Moscow region is the village of Cherusti, located in the Eastern part of the region. If the capital the average temperature of December is 8 ° C, for Cherusti-13ºС.

To understand what might be in the weather for the New Year in 2021, we offer you to familiarize yourself with the basic temperature indices for the winter months:

As you can see, January is the coldest month of the year. Although it is not always the time of severe frost falls exactly on Christmas and new year holidays. So, last year the temperature dropped below -10 ° C in mid-December, but before the holidays was established quite soft snowy weather with light frosts, which gave the opportunity to visitors and residents of the city to fully feel the atmosphere of holiday visiting Christmas markets, skating rinks and other entertainment events held in different parts of the capital.

The consensus forecast for the winter of 2020-2021

The first frost came to the capital traditionally, the second half of October. Although Muscovites have already felt the first breath of approaching winter in the form of wet snow, fall some more time will not yield its position. Damp will be throughout November and even in the first half of December. Unusual for Dec +8 ° C in the daytime will be a significant hindrance to the timely formation of snow cover. Winter never come truly into its own until the New Year, although in the last days of the year to appreciate the small snowball that will adorn the capital for new year celebration.

The weather by 2021 and in the Moscow region

Forecast for new year’s eve 2021

Long-term weather forecast promises for the New 2021 in light snow and moderate frost.

After a comfortable for walks and outdoor air plus temperature, kept for the whole of December, Christmas -day 2 º C and 5 º C at night can cause many to abandon the idea to meet 2021 under the open sky. Although, the capital authorities will provide the residents and visitors wishing to see new year’s fireworks and to celebrate the New Year at one of the outdoor rinks in the capital.

The weather by 2021 and in the Moscow region

Learn more about where you can relax, dine and be entertained in the capital on December 31, read the article “New 2021 in “.

Weather for Christmas 2021

If the weather on the New Year 2021 will meet guests at a moderate frosts the first week of January and Christmas in Moscow region promise to be really cold.

Moderate frost and snow will be companions of all the winter holidays. Such weather will last in the region until January 10, and then begin a sharp temperature peak. Night time frosts will be closer to -13ºС, rising only slightly in the daytime.

The weather by 2021 and in the Moscow region

According to weather forecasts, the weather on Christmas day in 2021 will be mild and snowy. This temperature obviously does not fit into the normal region, as mentioned above. But, winter still remind myself severe frosts that will come to Moscow in the last week of January.

Where to go in bad weather?

Of course, it is important to know how the weather will be for the New Year is 2021, when planning a trip. But, don’t make the decision, starting only from the SYNOPTIC forecasts.

First, long-term forecasts are very often wrong. Secondly, in many places, where it will be warm, cozy and incredibly fun, even in the harsh winter weather. While raging outside the Windows the storm, visit:

  • museums, theatres, concerts and exhibitions;
  • cozy cafes and restaurants;
  • indoor pool;
  • Botanical garden;
  • aquarium;
  • ecoterrorism;
  • shopping and entertainment centres.

The weather by 2021 and in the Moscow region

In the daytime you can have a great time in the snow-covered parks and ice rinks where kids and adults can find lots of the most incredible entertainment, foot courts with festive Goodies, hot tea and Christmas gifts.

For the most persistent who is not afraid of a real Moscow winter, the reward will be a gorgeous fireworks, which is traditionally held on new year’s eve, marking the arrival of the New 2021.

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays 2021 offer to remember. what was Christmas last season.

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