The size of the disability pension in 2021

At the September meeting, the President of the Russian Federation Minister of labor and social protection Topilin announced the increase of invalidity pension in 2021. According to him, the changes will affect social and state pensions, insurance and monthly payments, a set of social services.

The amount of the allowance dependent on seniority, group, disability, circumstances of receipt, the presence of children.


The social pension is assigned to persons with disabilities in situations where they have no insurance experience. These payments are also assigned to children with disabilities and people with disabilities from birth. In 2021, the size will increase by 5% and will be:

  • for the 1st group – 14916 x 5% =15661,8;
  • for the 2nd group – 12423 x 5% = 13044,15;
  • for the 3rd group – 5283 x 5% = 5547,15 rubles.


On the state pension, unlike insurance, is entitled to claim only a few categories of citizens. These include:

  • military personnel who became disabled as a result of radiation or other technogenic accidents;
  • the participants of the second world war;
  • children and adults who survived the siege of Leningrad.

The increase in the pension for each recipient is calculated individually. He working or unemployed, the subsidy is not affected.

Except for the allocation in March 2021 will be held indexation of government payments. They will increase roughly 4%. The exact amount will be known in the beginning of the year. There are a few recipients of two types of financial assistance at the same time – they are few, as a rule, veterans or residents of besieged Leningrad with disabilities. They receive public assistance and insurance retirement pension.

The size of the disability pension in 2021


Insurance pensions are awarded to all citizens with disabilities of 1-3 groups. If you have minimal experience, the recipient is entitled to choose a pension insurance, the amount of which is more social. Insurance payments are indexed annually, in accordance with applicable law.

In January 2021 th next indexation and increase of the allowances of 6.3%. Persons with the 3rd degree of the current value of index by 3.8%. The notional will be updated by the end of 2020. The increase will also affect the fixed payment to insurance pension. Recipient of the 1st group, they will increase almost twice – up to 10534,6 rubles. Citizens with disabilities, dependent minor children will receive increased one-third payment.

The recalculation is done automatically, they don’t have to write applications and to apply to the Pension Fund.

Disabled since childhood

In 2021, the government provided the increase of pensions to disabled from childhood. This status is assigned only when the person is 18 years of age if he has dysfunction received since birth or childhood.

The monthly amount of payments will be:

  • having 1st degree – 13175, 65 RUB.;
  • 2nd degree – 11372,5 RUB.

Minor children with the official disability will receive from January 13175,65 RUB.

The size of the disability pension in 2021

EDV and NSOs

Monthly monetary payment (EDV) can make people with any disability. According to the forecasts of the Pension Fund, in 2021 their number will reach 11.4 million, 200 thousand less than in 2020. the amount of monthly assistance is calculated, depending on the privileged categories and decisions on form of payment (you can get it in the form of services or monetary compensation). In 2020 EDV for owners of the 2nd disability group amounted to RUB 2701,62 February 1, this payment will be once again indexed and will increase proportionally to the level of official inflation. Minekonrazvitiya predicts it at the level of 3.8%. Consequently, EDV will increase by RUB 102,66 next February.

The cost of a set of social services (NSO) is fixed, in the current year it is equal to 1121,42 RUB February 1 and it must be re – projected increase will amount to 3.8%. In absolute terms, this 1164, 03 RUB

Regional surcharges

Supplements are the retired on disability, who receive benefits below the subsistence minimum established in the region. The exact amount of bonus can not specify, as each area has its own living wage. He is in the 16260 RUB, in e – 12115, and in Kazan – 8232. Amounts are recalculated annually: the following year, the allocation is also planned rise accordingly and surcharges.

Care benefits

Able-bodied citizens who care for the disabled of the 1st group and children with disability and not working, the state pays compensation. Its size mounted on 2021-th, equal to 1550 rubles.

Monthly fee of guardians or parents caring for a child with a disability and not working, is Working get was 6600 RUB. 1440 RUB the fee is charged together with a pension.

The clock count them in the length of pensionable service: for each calendar year is charged to 1.8 points. Upon reaching the age of retirement relatives caring for people with disabilities, will have the right to insurance pension.

Indexing is working

Working with disabilities is likely to remain without allowances. This is due to the fact that the procedure for indexation of benefits for working welfare recipients was frozen. The reason for such harsh measures was the serious budget deficit. But once a person retires, he receives an increased pension.Russian President Vladimir Putin focused attention on the need to resume the indexation of working people from the 1st and 2nd degrees of disability. Such a possibility was repeatedly discussed in the Ministry of labor and social security, the FIU, but there is little official information on this issue.

The size of the disability pension in 2021

In the future, officials plan to significantly increase the size of social assistance to people with disabilities. According to their forecasts, in the next 4 years the payment will increase by 40% from the current amounts. During the implementation of planned social payments will grow on average by 6 thousand rubles. The increase is palpable.

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