The second foreign language at school in 2020-2021 year

Standard of General education developed by the Ministry of education, involves the study of a second foreign language – French, German, Spanish or Chinese students in grades 5-9. However, not all schools have implemented the second foreign language in school in 2020, What changes to expect students and their parents in 2020-2021 year?

The current situation

Talking about the introduction of a second foreign language in schools being a long time, since 2010. Therefore, employees of the Ministry of education in his Letter No. 08-1214 from 17.05.2018 G. explained that the content of the educational program is developed and aligned each individual school on their own, according to the standard No. 412 dated 17.05.2012, approved by Orders of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation No. 373 of 06.10.2009 and No. 1897 dated 17.05.2012,

When the curriculum staff of institutions of General education are required to take into account the list of subjects required to be studied students according to the requirements of the GEF. Academic minimum for educational programs in the USA is established by article 12 and 28 of the Federal law № 273 dated 29.12.2012 “On education”.

The second foreign language at school in 2020-2021 year

In accordance with GEF to the list of compulsory subjects that must be taught in all schools include:

  • Russian;
  • native language;
  • literature;
  • foreign;
  • the second foreign language;
  • history – world and USA;
  • math – geometry and algebra;
  • social studies;
  • geography;
  • fundamentals of spiritual and moral culture;
  • music;
  • EVERY;
  • Life safety;
  • technology;
  • physical culture;
  • computer science;
  • physics;
  • biology;
  • chemistry.

If we turn to clause 9.3. GEF № 413 dated 17.05.2012, with current adjustments from 29.06.2017 g., we can see that in the section “Foreign languages” include subject results of development of school disciplines, such as:

  • foreign;
  • second foreign language – basic level.

The second foreign language at school in 2020-2021 year

Compulsory study of a foreign language spelled out in part 1 of section V of the strategy of innovative development of the Russian Federation. Upon graduation of the program, the student must have the following skills:

  • ability to communication;
  • the primary knowledge about cultural characteristics of countries of studied languages and the ability to build their behavior according to the norms accepted in the foreign country;
  • to be able to communicate at the threshold level;
  • to use the skills of finding information on English-speaking (or otherwise, depending on the study programme) resources for educational purposes.

Despite the above circumstances, even in 2020, the standards of the GEF, the Ministry of education have considered the educational institutions as an act purely Advisory in nature. Director of lyceums, gymnasiums and schools took the decision to add a particular program curriculum.

The second foreign language at school in 2020-2021 year

What changes to expect in 2020

The main problems which many schools still do not fulfill the requirements of the GEF are:

  • the shortage of professional staff;
  • disagreement of parents with higher stress on children;
  • the lack of educational materials and programs for the development of new disciplines;
  • the absence of the approved staffing level of free time.

In connection with the above circumstances, the letter still bears a recommendation character and, at the beginning of 2020, the second foreign language did not become a compulsory element of the curriculum. Officials from the Ministry of education soberly assess the situation and realize that in Russian schools today are not formed by the state competent teachers, and there is no methodical readiness for the execution of the standard GEF. So, parents have a year to prepare children to master a second language in 2021

Today, the decision on which foreign will be required to study, accept exclusively the administration of the institution. The most popular is German, mainly due to the recommendations of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation and the program “German – second foreign first” on the initiative of Goethe Institute (Embassy of Germany) and MAUPIN.

The second foreign language at school in 2020-2021 year

In the case of implementation of changes in 2021 for parents not to worry about increasing educational burden on their children. The fact that changes will be implemented in phases. With grade 1 children, as before, will study only English or German as a main, and 5th grade will begin to learn a second language. We are talking about secondary schools, without in-depth study of languages.

If the child is in 2021 will go to grade 6, even if the implementation of the new educational standard changes it will not affect, since the program teach a second foreign languages for 6 years, i.e. for children from 5 to 11, inclusive. It should be understood that according to the “graded approach” each region can independently decide on the volume of studied disciplines: everything will depend on the place of residence of the family.

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