The school curriculum for primary school in 2020-2021 year

When choosing a place of learning for the preschool child parents need to take into account many different factors: distance of educational institution from home, teacher qualifications, learning environment. Now this list added another point – school program, which taught children at the elementary school in 2020-2021 year.

What type of program to choose

Training programmes developed by many younger students. In addition to the famous, such as “School USA”, “Perspective”, “Harmony”, is more experimental, intra. Officially to developing systems are just two of the complex: L. V. Zankov and Elkonin D. B – V. V. Davydova All other programs of study in the primary school 2020-2021 year – traditional.

Primary school teachers can choose not only the way of learning, but also books from the Federal list of textbooks. The whole set of teaching materials, handpicked for elementary school students 2020-2021 years must be within the same educational system. Mixing different sets is not recommended. In the traditional system the material is presented so that the student is first mastering simple things and then more complex. Received knowledge is assimilated by the decision of similar tasks. Students just memorize the mechanism of decision and then confidently apply it.

The school curriculum for primary school in 2020-2021 year

Recently this approach is often criticized. Outside of school children can not use the received information, and getting into a precarious situation, are lost. However, this method of education gained many years of experience, and its effectiveness is proven time. Such a system is studied almost all today’s adults.

Educational program elementary school 2020-2021 years suggest a completely different structure of learning. In the textbooks there is no clear division into topics, rules, and similar tasks. Assumes that students are quite erudite and inquisitive to get knowledge from other sources. The teacher does not just tell about the subject, but directs the thinking of the child. Such approach to teaching aims to develop children’s ability to solve non-standard tasks.

The lack of educational school programs, elementary schools 2020-2021 is when you graduate from the 4th grade, the child will have to go to traditional training. Well-designed teaching materials in this system in high school there.

School USA

“School of the USA” is a traditional presentation of the material, used over the past decades. So he studied in the Soviet Union. Over time, this program has made small changes, but the principle remains the same.

“The school is focused on USA:

  • the development of personality;
  • awareness of human values;
  • develop a global way of thinking;
  • providing quality diverse education.

For admission to class 1 the child may not be able to read and write. No additional training for preschoolers is not required.

The school curriculum for primary school in 2020-2021 year

Elementary school of the 21st century (Vinogradov N. F)

Educational-methodical complex of this programme is the result of years of experience of the staff of Center elementary school and the Russian Academy of education. The main goal is to teach students to learn. UMK is designed for erudite children. Students should be able to get the material and apply it in practice. Elementary school of the 21st century contains the playing techniques and visual materials. The teaching package includes such books as “Learning to think and to dream, Learning to know the world”.

The school curriculum for primary school in 2020-2021 year

School “2100”

2015 is one of the most popular programs. The main benefits of continuity and continuous education. The tutorials are designed not only for primary school but for the next levels of education. Children can be trained in this system since 3 years and before entering high school. The entire range is developed taking into account the specifics of the age of the student. A characteristic feature of the program is that the child is given the maximum material, and to master it needs at least a minimum. Thus, each student can learn as much as allow of his ability.

The school curriculum for primary school in 2020-2021 year

Planet of knowledge

Planet of knowledge is the innovation approach to the educational programs of the elementary school year 2020-2021. All tutorials are interlinked. They have unified goals, objectives and approach to the learning process. In addition to publications developed electronic application. During training, the children engaged in project activities. This stimulates the students to a deeper understanding of the material.

The school curriculum for primary school in 2020-2021 year

D. B. Elkonin – V. V. Davydov

This technique is aimed at the development of logical abilities. Untrained kids with this program can not cope. It is implied that the children entering the first grade may independently read and count to 10. During training, students learn to analyze the material, to check their guesses, to interact with the team. In this system does not use estimates. Instead of a diary, the children formed a portfolio with creative works. About your child’s progress the teacher informs parents and makes recommendations for further development.

The school curriculum for primary school in 2020-2021 year

No matter what program parents choose for primary schools to 2021, it should be remembered that much depends not only on educational institutions and teachers, but also from adult assistance at home.

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