The scale of transfer points in the Exams 2021 assessment

Have to pass Exams in 2021 – learn how the evaluation of examination papers, which will be a conversion scale for raw score in the secondary and if we can get the result specified in the certificate, in school evaluation on a 5-point system.

Important! The official score certificate Examinations are not to be translated in the classical estimate, but we’ll show you how to understand how well you coped with the tasks GUIA 11.

Evaluation of examination papers

In the course of the audit work on the Exams 2021 will involve two systems:

  • automated checking of forms No. 1;
  • test forms number 2 two (or three) independent experts.

The scale of transfer points in the Exams 2021 assessment

Next, PB – primary score, TB – test score.

Computerized test

All the answers to test items with short answers, the examinee recorded in form No. 1 shall be the digitization and verification of the special programme. Forms Exams scan the check through the automated system, after you summarize the points for the first and SECOND work pieces, transfer PB accrued examinees in the secondary that will be the result of the examination in a particular subject on GIA 2021.

The advantages of this method are undeniable:

  • automation of the verification process;
  • the speed of information processing;
  • the absence of so-called “human factor”.

Important! The results of the computerized testing, you cannot challenge, therefore it is very important to fill out the form by following the guidelines you can find in the materials of the KIMS, and at the FIPI website.

Expert inspection

The second part of the work (the form of answers №2 with detailed answers) to be checked by two independent experts. Each of the teachers will put up points, guided by clear guidelines FIPI. However, none of the specialists knows how appreciated the work of the other auditors.

The scale of transfer points in the Exams 2021 assessment

There are three possible scenario:

  1. both experts exhibit the same;
  2. expert opinions have a negligible difference (1-2 b);
  3. opinions of reviewers vary widely (by more than 2 points).

With a slight difference in the quality of the final result should be the arithmetic mean of the two estimates. If you experience a significant difference between the rating of the 1st and 2nd expert work rechecks the third expert, whose opinion will be decisive. Depending on the extent of the discrepancies in estimates, a third examiner may examine only one of the disputed assignment, or the entire 2nd part.

Important! If you are sure that the audit form No. 2 the experts underestimated you an estimate, and it is ready to defend its position before the Commission, you have the right to appeal.

Of course, to appeal to the results of the check is acquainted with the fact, as will be the primary points secondary Examinations 2021, and carefully worked with the teacher the possible moments that could remove PB. After reviewing the tables for different items, you will realise that sometimes even 1 PB can greatly improve the result in the certificate, and in some situations, the appeal procedure does not make sense, as it added 1-2 PB will not significantly affect the final result.

The scale of the translation (mapping tables)

In the tables there is no exact passing of a threshold, as in all universities of the country, this figure varies and can vary from year to year. Instead, have a “green zone” is a high score at which you can qualify for a budget place in a University in USA. But keep in mind that for Top schools, or rather, one should aim to the strap 95+.

Russian language

In every sense of the main one for taking the Exams, 2021 will be the scale of transfer points on the subject of “Russian language”, because it is a mandatory exam for all graduates.

Please note that for Exams in Russian language is the concept of the minimum to get the document about education. In 2021 this is a 10 PB or up to 22 TB.

The scale of transfer points in the Exams 2021 assessment


For Exams in mathematics 2021 base level do not apply the familiar 100-point system, but there is a conversion scale for TB in the 5-ball:

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