The scale of transfer points Exams 2021 assessment

In late may – early June 2021 all graduates of the 9th classes will have the test to assess their knowledge for passing the basic course of General education in the form of a Basic state exam (Exams ). The results are measured in points, which will later be interpreted in the standard five-point system using the established scale of the translation. The obtained values have an impact on the final grade that will be recorded in the certificate.

The main organizational issues

To participate in the examination process, the student needs to learn the secondary school curriculum in full, as evidenced by the presence of a satisfactory annual evaluations on items. The basic state exam involves the assessment involved 4 subjects: two obligatory and two to choose from the list. To the compulsory subjects are Russian language and mathematics. Electives include 9 main disciplines in which the student had to learn over time General education.

To choose the subjects the student has until 1 March 2021. The corresponding statement with the indication of the selected items is made in the educational organization. The student may change their choice after the deadline if he has the good reason that it can be documented. In this case, he wrote a letter to the state examination Commission, which describes the request and justification.

The official start of the examination campaign is assigned at the end of may (25th).

The scale of transfer points Exams 2021 assessment

Until that time, may take place early in late April – early may. It is designed for students who for good reason will not be able to pass the Examination in the main period:

  • graduates who are called up for military service;
  • athletes participating in training camps or competitions;
  • students who have health problems, etc.

Period to retake the exam starts in September, with the beginning 2021-2021 school year.

During execution of examination tasks for each subject the student gaining a certain number of points. The checking of the works done by a special Commission, which evaluates the correctness of the answers and assigns them a value. The final grade will be issued on the basis of the scale of transfer points Exams for grades 9, approved by Rosobrnadzor to 2021.

Check the operation of the

Evaluation of completed examination papers is the subject of the special Commission of qualified experts. Projects are checked by two specialists (experts in the discipline) independent from each other. They put the appropriate values for the answers in the Protocol, which are further processed in rcai. If there are differences in certain values, to check the third assigned specialist, which will be final.

The scale of transfer points Exams 2021 assessment

Records that are written in draft, reviewed by the expert Committee and are not taken into account when setting the final grade.

In some cases, by the decision of the competent authorities, the organization of exchange of examination papers among the various subjects of the Russian Federation. However, the organization falls on the local authorities, who initiated this exchange. However, even if the works are assessed in other region, their verification must be completed within the time frame approved by law.

Translation table scores

Order No. 1393 dated December 25, 2013 about the order of the DPA, the examination papers must be checked not more than 10 calendar days. Next points that are scored, students who are transferred to a five-point system. The result is used to determine the final grade, which will be specified in the certificate.

The final grade for the certificate is equal to the average result of the Examinations and annual mark. Between these estimates is calculated the average value and is rounded upwards. Thus, due to the Exams you can improve your performance on the subject.

Recommendations for interpretation of points of students directs the spotlight to the bodies of Executive power of subjects of the Russian Federation, which are responsible for education. The Federal service for supervision in education and science forms the recommendation that the scale of transfer points Exams that may be used to summarize the results of exams in the subjects of the Russian Federation. The final decision about the interpretation of the results take local authorities.

In the 2020-2021 year, almost all Kimy for Exams will get significant improvement. Will change and the maximum score on many subjects, which in turn will lead to certain izmeneniyam and table interpretation of results.

We offer to your attention a comparison table of maximum points Exams 2020 and 2021.

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