The salary of the police in 2021

According to the draft budget, for the years 2020-2021, indexation of wages to police officers is scheduled for October 1, 2021. Budget allocations have been made to increase the incomes only on the magnitude of projected inflation. But the final version of the main financial document of the country has not yet been adopted. It is therefore possible that the salaries of police will be a different scenario.

Controversial budget

Initially, in drafting the Federal budget for 2021, the increase in wages to police officers was planned by 4.3%. That level of inflation expected in 2021. But in September of the current year, the Finance Ministry adjusted the main characteristics of the budget of the country. According to specified data, from the latest news it became known that in 2021:

  • the GDP volume will amount to 112 863 bln. RUB.
  • inflation will not go beyond 3%.

In accordance with the new measures, plans to increase the salaries of police officers for 2021 has changed. Instead of the previously promised 4.3%, the increase will not exceed 3%, announced the Finance Ministry. This turn of events was the cause of heated debate among the deputies of the state Duma during the first reading on the adoption of the budget. A rise of 3% has caused indignation in representatives of the defense Committee. “Nine months of the year prices continue to rise, but only in October security forces receive compensation for such growth last year,” – said the Deputy. When salary increase of 3%, in reality the income of the police will grow by 0.75%, according to the defense Committee.

The salary of the police in 2021

In the fight for more generous financing of power structures have entered the General himself Shamans. According to Russian policy, the same percentage of indexation does not replace the real devaluing the income of military and police officers. To increase the allowances of the security forces (police, military, asguardian) requires a minimum of 4.3%, said Vladimir Medvedev. In addition, according to the General, the indexing needs to be performed not at the end of the year, and 1 January. Only in this case the income of the security forces a little catch up to the stated average value for the country – 40 thousand rubles, said the Chairman of the defense Committee.

Recommendations for amendments to the budget for 2021 the state Duma Committee on defense will present for the second reading. Take into consideration colleagues call General Shamanov, time will tell. The politician has repeatedly warned that to save on the armed forces is unacceptable. This can cause a wave of discontent, layoffs, and as a consequence, the loss of the country’s defense.

According to official data after indexing by 4.3 % from 1 October 2020 the average salary of a police officer from the budget funds calculation is not less than 40 thousand.

Payment according to merit

Since 2012, the structure of wages of employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs has changed. Foundation allowance amount to the salary for the position (40%) and the rank pay grade (30%). Indexing is exposed only to the basic part of the salary. The additional payment is calculated from it. These include:

  • Supplement for years of service;
  • allowances for privacy, risk, processing, difficult working conditions;
  • district factor.

Doplaty and allowances are established by Federal laws or other normative acts of the Russian Federation. So,, the police raised the minimum rate of allowances for the stressful and difficult conditions of service special risk. Police officers who serve in conditions of high danger (detectives from the criminal investigation Department, OMON fighters, employees of private security), receive surcharge to the salary to 60%. Honorary enforcement officers are assigned an additional bonus to the basic part of the salary in the amount of 10%.

The salary of the police in 2021

The police have the right to a range of Federal benefits. For example, getting out of turn places in kindergartens, and free transportation, treatment and prosthetics, the right to single social payment for housing. Senior interior Ministry also have some benefits: exemption from tax on property, the right to treatment in sanatoria subordinate without pay, free tickets for social transport. The regions at its discretion can extend the list of preferences.

Reform of the Agency

The last tangible increase in salaries of employees of the Ministry was in 2012. Then the allowance at one time almost doubled. So, the COP academic staff in the rank of staff Sergeant was to receive about 25 thousand rubles. instead of 11 thousand. After such a huge increase in wages was followed by a long freeze of indexation. Initially, the term taboo to increase the s/n was limited to one year. But later was extended annually for 5 years. Then, in the framework of the may decrees of the President of indexation was restored.

For 2021 the government plans is the aim to increase employees ‘ salaries and departments and to reduce the gap between the ordinary and the chiefs. Significantly increase the salaries of police officers will be at the expense of staff reduction. Recall that in 2020 the internal Affairs bodies is carried out rosettastone employees. By 2024, the total number of departments will be reduced by 110 thousand people. Such a reform is implemented in order to preserve jobs only valuable, qualified workers. Also representatives of Department declare that in some cases, after retirement of the employee, the new invite will not.

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