The rapture in 2021

Ascension or Voznesenie day – one of the twelve (the twelve important ceremonial event after Easter) holidays in the Orthodox calendar. The ascension is closely associated with Easter Sunday and has no fixed date. Orthodox Christians annually calculate a number to celebrate the Ascension. 2021 no exception.

Ascension – a celebration in honor of the well-known events described in the Bible, the ascension to Heaven of Jesus Christ in the flesh after His Resurrection. According to legend, this happened on the fortieth day after Christ appeared before His disciples. The feast of the Resurrection, now called Easter, and hence the Ascension is celebrated forty days later (in this case the reference point takes the very Bright sun).

In 2021, the Ascension will be celebrated on 28 may, Thursday.

The rapture in 2021

Of course, to calculate the date of the holiday for 2021 can be your own. Suffice it to add the specified time (40 days) to the date of Easter (April 19).

Biblical events

In the gospel event, which formed the basis of the festival, is described briefly. Christ, gathered around his disciples, said that after a few days the apostles would be “baptized with the Holy Spirit” — we are talking about the descent of the Holy spirit on the apostles in Jerusalem on the 10th day after the ascension (the feast in the Orthodox Church received the name spirit day). After parting with the disciples Jesus had risen over the earth a cloud, and ascended into heaven.

The ascension itself is described in the Gospels of Luke and Mark and in Acts. Oddly enough, but the event is just a few time in the Scriptures, although about the upcoming ascension to heaven told by Jesus himself before his death and return to the living world.


In Christianity the Ascension is of great importance. The symbolism of the holiday – the opening of Heaven the opening of the place where the person will be unconditionally happy. Heaven is opened wide the doors to a world of kindness, joy, forgiveness, peace, eternal life.

The ascension of Christ is a symbol of forgiveness that every believer receives. The symbol of the knowledge that at the end of the earthly journey, everyone can shake off the shackles of original sin.

Voznesenie day

The ascension is not only the Church but also the folk festival. And in the farmers calendar this day was of great importance.

In the folk calendar, the Ascension completes the cycle of spring celebrations. After this day, spring ended and summer began, already with its customs and festivities. The girl-spring, “fade” and has assigned his rights heat and heat.

The signs of rain on this day was promised wet, with thunder, Jul. The nightingales in the ascension night, sang clearer and louder, seeing the inviting spring and summer.

The rapture in 2021

Ladders to heaven

There was a belief that during the forty days from Easter to ascension, had opened the gates of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Hell. And all this time the souls of the dead could walk freely on the earth to visit their loved ones and sometimes enemies and tormentors. With the sunset in Voskresenie day the gates was shut, and the dead came back.

Christ himself, if you believe the popular rumor, all these forty days of wandering the dusty roads, watching how people lived, punishing evil and rewarding doing for me. That’s why these days it is impossible to deny to those who ask them is to give to the poor, feed the hungry, to listen to a fool. It is not known who was hiding under the guise of a wretched – a mere mortal, the Holy or the Son of God himself.

The rapture in 2021

Due to this belief among the Slavs this holiday was celebrated as all souls ‘ day, with all its attendant attributes. Fried pancakes, and thin cakes of unleavened dough – “onuchko” or “lapatka”/”lapotochki”. It is so called because it was baked “on track” — meant the way to heaven. The first pancake-electronics”shock” had to give anybody, it is best to the poor, blessed are, “the pilgrims”. Then treat the neighbors – “for the remembrance of the soul”, and only after that to sit with the whole family. Pancakes generously cabriales oil – “to the path under his feet were rolling”.

A fixture of remembrance was the “ladder” biscuits from unleavened or fermented dough is often savory, baked in the form of a small, two or three rungs, the ladder. Ladders – first treat for the children. They were gifts to all the neighborhood kids that they remembered the dead. These stairways the soul was able to rise quickly into the sky. A traditional table was supplemented with colored eggs, porridge called kutya, sometimes small memorial buns-bread.

The people Voskresenie day was celebrated quietly in the family circle, without a lot of festivals and fairs.

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