The programme of improving courtyards in 2020-2021 years

The courtyards is part of a larger state program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”. The elevation of the places where citizens spend a large amount of free time began in 2018, and finally should be completed by 2022. The main scope of work for solution of problems of the yards of Russian apartment buildings is scheduled for the 2020-2021 years. It is important that the choice of the project of reconstruction of objects, the last word is for users of courtyards, that is for residents. Wishing to bring the area near the house in the proper form they should hurry up and submit an application.

The essence of the program

Until recently, most of the yard in the cities and settlements of the USA, was in a deplorable condition. Inherited from the Soviet Union, children’s sports complexes and parks has long been dilapidated, require repair or replacement. The reason for this lies in the lack of funds for the installation and maintenance of modern facilities. Until 2018, work on neighborhood beautification was carried out solely at the expense of local budgets. As you know, the basic costs of the regional funds go for social needs, and the improvement is almost nothing left. The problem is particularly serious in small municipalities. To remedy this situation the government decided, through a unique implementation of the state program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”.

The programme of improving courtyards in 2020-2021 years

According to the approved program of the site near the residential houses and public areas will be lined up for new projects. The lion’s share of all costs will take on the government and will allocate money from the Federal budget. Regional authorities have the responsibility to distribute them competently in cities and regions. It is important to understand that municipalities will receive money from the state Treasury only after the development and approval of its own program of improvement.

The direct participation of citizens in project selection for a particular yard is the main feature of the programme. The residents of apartment buildings have the right to decide how equipped area near their home. Meanwhile, the law stipulates two types of work: minimal and additional. The first included a standard set of services:

  • the installation of benches and litter bins;
  • road repair of sidewalks within the courtyard;
  • modern equipment of the lighting system.

At the request of the users of courtyards within the program it is possible to produce additional work. For example,

  • to equip playgrounds for children of different ages;
  • to provide the platform for rest of adults;
  • to organise the space for walking Pets;
  • to spend the gardening plots (hedge planting, installation of small architectural forms);
  • to allocate place and make Parking spaces for residents and guests.

Since the space of the courtyards is limited, residents need to make a choice between one or another solution.

The programme of improving courtyards in 2020-2021 years

Important. If you wish to carry out the work of the additional list of citizens required to contribute. To participate in the development of the yard can be financial subsidies, it is necessary to pay not less than 5% of the cost of repair. Allowed option, when instead of the money residents invest labor resources. For example, paint the area yourself or self planted trees. Financial participation does not necessarily mean that citizens will have to pay money out of pocket. For this purpose you can spend previously paid and accumulated funds from the capital repair Fund.

How to become a participant of the program

Creating comfortable, equipped with practical and aesthetic points of view of the public space in the framework of the program of improvement is only possible for residents of apartment buildings. It is legislatively defined that participate in the program are municipalities with a population of over 1000 people. While included in the program will be the only one courtyard, where tenants Express the wish to and apply. Consent to the improvement under the program “Formation of a comfortable urban environment” implies that tenants are willing to co-Finance the costs of development continue to provide its content. The concept of landscaping the yard has to offer municipality. And the residents in its sole discretion have the right to choose one or the other direction.

In order to get into the Federal program should:

  • To see the plans for landscaping for the desired period. This can be done on the official website of the “urban environment”. Applications are generated in the current year to the next. That is, in order the work was performed in 2021 must apply before the end of 2020.
  • To contact the district authorities with the desire to join the program or just complain about the mess in the yard. As practice shows, in response to the appeal will receive a letter with an official invitation to participate in the Federal project.
  • To arrange a meeting of the inhabitants of those houses to which belongs a specific area. By voting, citizens decide to participate in the program or not. In case of positive decision it is necessary to select a group of people who can engage in organizational and paper work. Together with the resident to determine the size of funding.
  • The initiative group is sketchy plan for future recreational facilities. It is important to take into account all wishes of residents, expressed at the first meeting. In the conceptual design it is necessary to schematically describe the new courtyard with the existing and new facilities planned to be constructed. This files most often for drawing sketch people approach a specialist company. Well, if the tenants choose a responsible citizen who agrees to do work on the coordination of the project.

The programme of improving courtyards in 2020-2021 years

  • As preparing a sketch plan, the resident activists collect a full package of documents for sending it to the administration. In addition to the procedure, it includes: inventory passport of the yard, information on the collection of utilities, estimate, meeting minutes meeting residents.
  • If the project is approved by the Commission, the next step choose the company which will perform the work. A tender to select a contractor usually conducts the management company. Often choose the firm with the least amount of work.
  • During the works residents are advised to monitor their quality. In case of detection of defects it is important to specify them in the act of acceptance executed works.

As a rule, the construction work requires no more than one month. In the future, residents need to support the new yard is in order. Recall that the yards, repaired under the Federal program after 2022 will be transferred to the tenants. To serve the public site on their own or to enter into a contract with a specialized company.

For information. Applications for participation, the Department is considering the construction of a particular region. This step verifies the completeness of documents and correctness. After that, applications that have passed the selection, send to the contest the public Commission for the district. The evaluation is based on a 100-point scale. Evaluation criteria the following: the percentage of co-financing of citizens, the number of objects (the more the better), the absence or presence of debts on payment services.

How to participate in the program on beautification of yards in the 2020-2021 year: video

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