The predictions of Nostradamus for the year 2021 for the USA

What are warning residents of the USA Nostradamus predictions for 2021? To interpret the quatrains very difficult – the seer believed that information about the future is not meant for everyone. However, many poetic predictions already decoded.

Prophecies for the USA

According to the prophecies of Nostradamus, in 2021 there is the possibility of creating a Union between India, China, Britain and Russia. Will Mature a conflict between European countries, in which Russia will assume the role of peacemaker. Other predictions relate to already a later period, in 2029, the potential for serious crisis on the background of military conflicts, but after 6 years, the country has entered a “Golden age” – the revolutionary discoveries in science will give an impetus to the economic development and trade. In the quatrains mention the appearance of a new religion, the ideological inspirer of which will be USAнин.

The predictions of Nostradamus for the year 2021 for the USA

Predictions for the world

After 2021 should occur in the global Islamic-Christian conflict. In the same period in the information space will be “the Antichrist.” Europe’s coming demographic crisis. The probability of combining into a single Church Orthodox and Catholic Christianity.

Until 2024, China will strengthen its position and gradually come to the forefront in political and economic sphere. After 3 years on the political scene will be a strong leader, who will report the fifth part of all mankind. With high probability it will come from China (another version of the transcripts from India).

The predictions relate to new inventions. Nostradamus predicted that after 2021 will create a new tectonic weapons have an enormous power – it will cause geological and environmental violations around the world. There is a risk of changes in the orbit of the planet, but the reason is not only the invention, but also cosmic factors. Coming environmental and man-made disasters in individual countries (most likely they are for Italy and the USA).

The predictions of Nostradamus for the year 2021 for the USA

Not all forecasts are so sad – seer predicted the complete automation of everyday life, which can not fail to please women. In 2028 the astronauts go to Venus. Around this period, to execute the physical work, people will learn to use a powerful sound wave. Is constructed of heavy duty power plant. Humanity is waiting for a breakthrough in the use of converted solar energy. Another good prophecy for full of the overcoming of the problem of hunger.

Not all of Nostradamus predictions for 2021 and subsequent years are encouraging, but there are those that are encouraging. Because the quatrains describe future events is very uncertain, to assess the correctness of the diviner will be possible after they occur. Michel de Notre Dame did everything in order to make it difficult for their descendants to know the future is not given to everyone. Many critics say that each of the quatrains can be interpreted dozens of different ways, so don’t even try to understand the meaning of the quatrains.

The accuracy of the prophecies

Poetry-quatrains with a vague sense combined into 10 centuriae (each of them includes 100 quatrains). The first edition included only 3 centuries and 53 quatrains – it was published in 1555. 2 years later a new edition of the already included 6 centuriae. Additionally, it included 42 of the quatrain. After 11 years, already after the author’s death, saw the light of the full collection – all 10 centuries have been printed. In the revision process of the work of Nostradamus has been enriched 2 centuries, which was not previously known. There is ongoing debate about whether to include them in the canonical text – not to confirm the authorship of the famous seer, nor deny it still failed.

The predictions of Nostradamus for the year 2021 for the USA

Today the work of the famous Frenchman translated into dozens of languages and continues to be an active interest.

Important! Scientists studying the quatrains, say – probability made 5 centuries ago predictions is 70-85%. The most accurate seer was able to predict the future of the UK.

Statistics is based on the events that had to happen at the current moment in time. Nostradamus predicted:

  • the siege of Vienna;
  • the discovery of Canada and Australia;
  • the introduction of the Gregorian calendar;
  • the Declaration of independence of the United States;
  • the opening of the railway in England.

The famous seer knew about all significant inventions of the future. He predicted the appearance of:

  • silicon guns;
  • thermometer;
  • the steam engine;
  • balloon;
  • electricity, light bulbs;
  • Telegraph;
  • dynamite;
  • phone;
  • x-ray apparatus;
  • of the aircraft;
  • television;
  • space missiles.

The predictions of Nostradamus for the year 2021 for the USA

He warned the children about the upcoming wars and revolutions. Not left without his attention to economic crises, natural disasters, epidemics, catastrophes. The scale of such coincidences are impressive, but unfortunately, most of the quatrains are able to decipher post factum – i.e., after the Commission of an event. That is why the predictions of Nostradamus for the year 2021 for the USA to lead literally does not make sense.

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