The population of the USA in 2021

For any civilized country its citizens – the main wealth, and their number is considered a key statistical indicator. USA is no exception, so Rosstat (the main body of statistics) is closely monitoring demographic indicators population and will do in 2021, What are the numbers the Agency will lock at the end of next year, will show the results of the national census of inhabitants.

Dynamics of population growth

In recent years, the population growth in the USA has not had a positive dynamics, therefore, prerequisites to ensure that the situation in 2021 will change dramatically tonight, despite the fact that in some regions recorded growth in the birth rate. The peak growth recorded in 1993, when the country’s population of approximately 148 million people. But the 2010 census showed that the total number of inhabitants has decreased significantly and amounted to 143 million But the next 5 years the country experienced demographic growth. Studies have shown that the population during these years increased by approximately 3 million Increase was due to several factors:

  • stable economic situation;
  • active migration from other countries;
  • the introduction of a number of state programs to support young families;
  • the increase in life expectancy.

There has been a downturn in 2016, in connection with increasing difference between the mortality and fertility on the background of a new economic crisis.

The actual number

How many people live in the USA, every year counts Rosstat. As of 1 January 2020 in Russia 146 793 700 inhabitants. Many believe that this figure is biased and in fact the country is home to far fewer people, although formal proof of this. This opinion was expressed by individual experts, based on the permanent fixation of the outflow of young people from some regions of the Russian Federation. The younger generation is committed in the cities and towns die, which is a proven fact.

The population of the USA in 2021

Of the total population of USA the average age of inhabitants in 2021 will remain at the level from 30 to 34 years. The most acceptable age for female reproduction globally – 20-29 years. If we compare this period with the women of the Russian Federation, fertile today just over 2%. Modern women up to 30 years not really in a hurry to the hospital, and those who wants to have 2 and 3 children even less. So hope that in 2021, the birth rate will increase dramatically, you should not.

The largest cities of the Russian Federation

The top ten largest by population cities in the USA have not changed and in 2021 it is stated as follows:

  1. in the capital of the USA at the moment officially is home to 12.6 million people.
  2. – in the “Northern capital” today, the lives of 5.4 million people.
  3. Novosibirsk – the capital of NYC, home to 1.6 million people, with growth last year of 0.32%.
  4. Ekaterinburg is the largest city of the Urals, whose population in 2021 could exceed 1.5 million people.
  5. Nizhny Novgorod is the cultural and educational center of the Volga region today is home to 1.25 million people.
  6. Kazan in the Tatarstan capital of 1.25 million inhabitants.
  7. Chelyabinsk – the second largest Greek city. On January 1, 2021 within the boundaries of the municipality lives of 1.2 million people.
  8. Omsk – the centre of the West Siberian plain has a population of 1.16 million residents.
  9. Samara – Rosstat fixes a constant growth in the number of citizens, and today it’s home to about 1.15 million people.
  10. Rostov-on-don – “South capital” is home to 1.13 million people.

The forecast from 2021 to 2035 years.

Rosstat has published the information that in the next 15 years the number of inhabitants in the country will steadily decline. The population of the USA in 2021 will be about 147 million people, while by 2035 this figure could be reduced to 142,6 according to the optimistic forecast or to 134,2 according to the most pessimistic forecast.

The population of the USA in 2021

Options for the development of a demographic situation:

  • In 2021 under the most negative prognosis for the natural decline in 484,4 thousand people in Russia will call around 190,8 thousand In the medium variant a decline will be 355,7 thousand and increase to 265 thousand. Optimistic forecast decline in 239,3 thousand and the increase in 339,8 thousand.
  • In all three cases, the gain will be negative, as the natural migration fills only part of the projected loss of population.
  • The optimistic scenario assumes a gradual reduction in the natural decline against the background of migration growth. In 2035, the decline is equal to 21.3 thousand persons, an increase of 386,8 thousand

The main factor that generates negative prognosis – high mortality rate, which in coming years will not change significantly. As before, among the main causes of premature death are diseases of the cardiovascular system. Does not extend the life USAн addiction to alcohol and tobacco.

The President and the government of the Russian Federation dissatisfied with the Rosstat forecast, so we developed measures to improve the demographic situation, which will be implemented in parallel with conducting the national census.

Census 2021

The event is aimed at recording the General demographic, social and economic data from all over the country. Key stage 1 to 31.10.2021 For remote regions period of holding increased from 1.04 at 20.12.2021 G.

The population census planned in the following formats:

  • Self preparation of form on the website of AGU from any machine where there is Internet access.
  • At the place of residence with the help of a scribe. Authorized employees to complete the form will use the special tablets.
  • The areas that will be in the stationary centers, and other municipal infrastructure.

The population of the USA in 2021

Trial census carried out in October 2018 in some regions of the country. The main goal – development of methodological, organizational and technological issues for future use in the conduct of national events.

In parallel with the census, it is assumed that the government will do everything possible so that the population did not fall, but rather increased gradually. We are talking about measures:

  • higher standards of living;
  • the creation of new jobs;
  • to ensure that all children with places in preschool institutions;
  • to improve the financial situation of families raising two and more children;
  • the growth of social standards and level of social protection of the population as a whole.

The implementation of these points will allow in the near future to somewhat stabilize the situation and reduce the level of deaths over births. If next year the government will be able to run effective social programs, it is quite possible that the emerging demographic crisis will be overcome and the following Rosstat forecast is more optimistic.

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