The planned new buildings in 2021

In 2021, the developers plan to put in over 500 buildings. Residential complexes will be treated to different price categories and placed in different areas. What new demand from buyers now, and how they in principle can impress potential purchasers of real estate?

LCD “southern Bonino”

This residential complex will be located on the territory of New just 10 km from MKAD on the Kaluga highway. The exact address – Novomoskovsk JSC, the settlement of Sosenskoye, the cottage village “President”, street of Geologists.

In fact, “southern Bonino” will represent a quarter, a 19 monolithic-frame buildings of different heights (12 to 14), also built 3 kindergartens for 890 places, 2 children’s school places in 1975, the hospital, shops, cafes, beauty salons, Bank branches, offices and other necessary places.

Residents of new buildings will be available and the infrastructure itself . Settlers can not only move within their district, but also to go to the capital – for example, in the nearby southern Butovo. With this end in view a reconstructed section of the road, resulting in the city can be reached direct and convenient way. If we talk about the metro stations, the “southern Bonino” is a 14-minute drive from the “Buninskaya alley” and a 15-minute drive from “Teply Stan”. The developer will hand over the project “comfort class” in operation in the 4th quarter of 2021.

The planned new buildings in 2021

It’s fun! The territory of the quarter will be 3 sides surrounded by impressive forests and country villages. In addition, there are Valuev forest and the floodplain of the river Pine.

This LCD can be purchased the following types of residential premises (pre-finished, finished or without finishing):

  1. Studio – from 29,71 sq. m.
  2. One-bedroom apartments – from 23,60 sq. m.
  3. Bedroom apartments 43.50 sqm
  4. Bedroom apartments from 64,82 sq. m.
  5. Housing original format that includes 2 floors/large Windows/individual patio, etc. – from 105,50 sq. m.

1 sq. m in ZHK “southern Bonino” is from 86 to 137 256 744 RUB.

LCD “Scandinavia”

The following apartment complex, awaiting its commissioning in the 2nd quarter of 2021, will also be located in the New , namely, Novomoskovsk JSC, settlement Sosenskiy, village of Kommunarka, street Linden Park.

From here you will be able to get to the capital metro “Teply Stan”, “Buninskaya alley” and “Salarievo” (15 minutes on transport). Drivers of private vehicles in principle will not feel any isolation from the life, because with the help of Kaluzhskoye shosse and the Ring Road, located off of future buildings just 6.4 km, they will be able to quickly get to the city.

The residential complex will be built on the principle of integrated development of the territory. This means that, in addition to 19 houses are “comfort class” with the number of storeys from 9 to 16 levels, and there will also be a number of buildings for social and commercial purposes. We are talking about 3 kindergartens for 700 children, a school with 1,300 seats, a clinic, a SPA area with saunas and fitness room, shopping Mall, local stores and other service establishments. They will complement existing institutions, namely, secondary school, secondary schools, 4 public and 5 private kindergartens, adult and children’s clinics, supermarkets, pharmacies and other service facilities.

The planned new buildings in 2021

Sale of premises in Novomoskovskiy “Scandinavia” has already started. The first part of the work is planned to be commissioned in the 1st quarter of 2020. Here you can buy a property at a price from 90 to 150 996 437 rubles per sq. m (closer to 2021 these values can be changed in the direction of decreasing or increasing). Read more about the footage:

  1. Studio – 28, 90 sq. m.
  2. One – bedroom apartments- from 34,70 sq. m.
  3. Two-bedroom apartments – from a 39.50 sq. m.
  4. Three bedroom apartments – from of 65.40 sq. m.
  5. Four-room apartments – from 86,80 sq. m.

  • The planned new buildings in 2021
  • The planned new buildings in 2021
  • The planned new buildings in 2021

LCD “Quarter “Sputnik”

Residential complex “Quarter “Sputnik” will be put into final operation in 2021. District located at the address: Moscow region, Myakininskaya highway. From here you can reach the capital’s metro stations “Strogino’ and ‘Myakinino” (10 and 12 minutes respectively). 150 meters from the LCD will pass Myakininskaya highway and 500 metres from the MKAD.

A distinctive feature of 7 monolithic houses “comfort class” will be their number of storeys of all buildings will be from 33 to 38 levels! Another advantage of the “Satellite” is the surrounding natural space. From the Windows of the buildings you will enjoy a beautiful view of the beach and Picturesque bays, as well as on Lime-wood, Rublevsky Park and Veteran.

A multifunctional complex will consist not only of the actual buildings and objects of social infrastructure, which include:

  • 3 kindergartens;
  • secondary school;
  • fitness club;
  • gyms;
  • health and Wellness centers;
  • office and commercial sites;
  • facilities for diverse recreation (already constructed multi-storey concert hall “Crocus city Hall”, Aquarium, indoor ski slopes “Snow”, sports Palace “Yantar”, etc.).

The planned new buildings in 2021

The start of sales for residential purposes “Quarter Sputnik” has already begun. The first phase will be put in the 2nd quarter of 2020. Price for 1 sq. m. studios and apartments with full final finishing, including interior doors, ceramic tile, plumbing, etc., is from 95787 to 181466 rubles per sq m. The final proposals are available here until 2021, as follows:

  1. Studio – from 24,01 sq. m.
  2. One-bedroom apartments – from of 30.61 sq. m.
  3. Two-bedroom apartments – from 42,09 sq. m.
  4. Bedroom apartments from 65,26 sq. m.

Other suggestions

The developers are actively working on other projects that will be commissioned in 2021. Attention should be paid to:

LCD “future forest”

Western AO, Solntsevo, Borovskoe highway, 8 min drive to the station “Yugo-Zapadnaya”, 13 corps “comfort class” from 14 to 26 floors. Premises with a fine finish and without finishing, the cost per 1 sq. m – from 108300 to RUB 237500, existing footage – from 18,90 sqm (studios) to 105 sq. m. and more (four bedroom apartments). Commissioning in 2020, 2021 and 2021.

The planned new buildings in 2021

Residential complex “Pearl of Zelenograd”

Zelenograd, Zelenograd, Kryukovo district, 17th floor, St. George’s Avenue, 34 minutes on transport to the station “Mitino”, 11 buildings with “economy class” from 10 to 18 floors. Premises without finishing and wiring communications, the cost of 1 sq. m., from RUB 152200 82400 up to present footage from 20,30 sqm (studios) to 105,80 sq. m. and more (four bedroom apartments). Commissioning – 3rd quarter of 2021.

The planned new buildings in 2021

LCD “Apartment complex NOVA Alekseevskaya”

North-Eastern administrative district, area Alekseevsky, Staroalekseevskaya street, 3 minutes walk to the station “Alekseevskaya” and 17 min walk to the station “Riga”, korpus 1 “comfort class” in 11 floors. Space with decoration and without decoration, price per 1 sq. m – from 195000 to 250000 RUB available footage from 21,60 sq. m. (Studio) to of 45.88 sq. m. (two bedroom apartments). Commissioning – 2nd quarter 2021

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