The plan works on the Russian language Examinations in 2021

Have to pass Exams in Russian language in 2021, we suggest to familiarize with the changes described in the specifications, and also to know what should be the nature of the work, and what rules you should consider performing an examination task No. 27.

The structure of the KIMS 2021

Examination ticket Examinations 2021 in Russian language consists of 27 tasks, which are divided into two parts:

The work is given 210 minutes (3.5 hours). The use of additional materials and equipment is prohibited.

Performing correctly all the tasks, examinees can score maximum of 58 primary points that will be interpreted as a 100-point score. In this case, perform only the 1st part of the work, a graduate can gain a maximum of 34 points (equivalent to 59 points Exams). The composition is estimated at 24 primary points (respectively 41 test).

The plan works on the Russian language Examinations in 2021

This means that at the stage of preparation for the Exams 2021 it is necessary to pay attention not only to the repetition of the theory on the Russian language, and to practice writing essays, writing a work plan and thinking through the arguments.

Important innovations

Small changes in KIMS were made in the last year. In particular, specified the criteria by which experts evaluate the essay, and the new rules will be relevant for the Exams in Russian in 2021.

Just FIPI has developed 12 criteria of evaluation. Updated were only two of them:

  • K2 now review to the problem must include at least 2 examples with explanations, that reflect the understanding of the examinee the nature of the problem;
  • K4 – the graduate should Express their attitude to the position of the author, explaining it.

Offer more details to learn about how to evaluate the essay on the Russian language for Exams and 2021: what is the approximate number of points you can gain for completing certain requirements after reviewing the full list of criteria:

Tips teachers

Tutors with extensive experience of preparing for Exams, it is recommended to prepare for writing essays on the following plan:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the basic requirements of Exams in Russian 2021 and to understand what should be the correct structure of writing and what kind of problems can be asked in the exam.
  2. To work out a plan that will support when writing examination papers on any of the possible topics.
  3. To recall the works and write in a notebook the basic facts that can be useful when writing essays.
  4. Practice job No. 27, using ready-made clichés.

The structure of the essay

The main documents that will help you understand what to expect on the Exams in Russian language, and how to assess tests and essay can be found on the FIPI website. We recommend you read the codifier, specifications and a demo version of KIMS on the subject.

Job No. 27 in 2021 would have the following wording:

The plan works on the Russian language Examinations in 2021

Work, worthy of the high score should contain factual, kontseptualno and podtekstom information. It is important that the structure of the essay included such blocks as:

  1. The initial stop issue.
  2. Review (sample illustration) to the addressed problem.
  3. A description of the position occupied by the author of the work.
  4. The expression of the relationship of the examinee to the position of the author with the reasons.
  5. A brief conclusion.

If you find it difficult to imagine what should be written in each of the blocks, take the example works on the Russian language from any collection for Exams 2021 and work through the existing text. But, you should not rely solely on ready-made options, as the experts well know clichés the public tests. Besides, not all of them do meet the requirements of 2021.

The range of problems

In 2021 27th job Exams can raise a variety of problems, from soldiers of destiny to clogging of the Russian language. In fact, the range of possible topics is incredibly wide, which does not allow to prepare for the essay on 100%.

However, following the recommendations of experienced teachers, you can work out the main directions, to pick a cliché and works to draw upon, revealing a particular topic that will simplify the implementation of the 17-th task on the Exams.

Important! In order to identify the exact issue raised in the assignment, you must read the text.

Here is a list of possible problems:

Also watch the video that shows how to identify the problem, analyzing the text:

The plan works

To simplify the writing of essays allows a plan of writing essays, on which you can rely, working through almost any of the possible topics 2021 Exams on the Russian language.

The plan works on the Russian language Examinations in 2021

As a rule, most problems of the graduates occurs when the choice of examples, and writing to them for comment and clarification. Teachers focus on these points:

  1. Examples should be two.
  2. They should be linked.
  3. For each example, you must add an explanation.

In fact, the examples and explanations are a smooth transition from the formulation of the problem to the discussion of the position of the author, so they should not be taken out of context.

See also online lesson on how to write comments:


Although the use of 2021 for the Exams on the Russian language ready to work is not recommended, it is possible to take for a basis the so-called clichés (clichés). Stringing them like beads on a thread and diluting phrases taking into account the features offered in the theme task, you can get beautiful and well-written essay that meets basic requirements.

It is worth considering that each unit has its own cliche:

Stop words

It would seem that bad in the text, priukrasheny epithets and artistic momentum. It turns out that some phrases that are incorrect from the point of view of the Russian language, and therefore they should be avoided in the writings, especially when it is a graduation exam.

We suggest to familiarize with the list of such stop words and phrases as well as to check sin if such turnover ready essays offered online to prepare for Exams 2021 in the Russian language.


The secret of successful writing essays on Exams in Russian is simple – it is the ability to engage in reasoning, a good base argument to support the works and competent writing that is produced with the years of training.

We also recommend to watch a video in which teachers detail to understand all the main points that you need to pay attention when writing essays:

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