The plan to demolish five-story building in 2020-2021 year

The heart of the capital of the USA will soon change beyond recognition. Finally, the city will be purged of obsolete and uninhabitable for a short, five-story building with awkward layouts of the rooms, poor insulation. Under the approved plan, the renovation will be carried more than 5 000 five-story building, and in their place erect a modern elite residential complexes. The first phase will be completed in 2020-2021 years.

New plans

“Khrushchev” and “Stalinka” look at the background of the monolithic residential high-rises, to put it mildly, ugly. A dull five-story building buildings 1957-1969 years simply spoil the look of the most beautiful cities in the country . Then the authorities took the decision to develop a long-term plan to replace old houses with modern. The global programme of renovation of housing started in 2017 (No. 497-PP dated 01.08.2017 “About the Program of renovation of the housing stock in the city “). Then there was approved the plan of demolition of dilapidated houses, reconstruction of buildings and construction of improved new. The first phase of the plan to demolish five-story building covers the period to 2021. Then will be realized the second part of the plan for construction on the vacant spaces of the new housing in the city.

The plan to demolish five-story building in 2020-2021 year

In fact, the demolition of old buildings began in the late 90-ies. Already had cleared a considerable part of the old , and people were resettled to other areas. It was planned that the building works will be finished by 2010, however, the crisis and the economic downturn brought about changes in the plans of urban planners. Redevelopment was slow, the year wore on and several dozen houses. A construction freeze for ten long years. But the problem remained. To support the collapsing house in good condition – not a cheap pleasure. Residents of Khrushchev, who had paid for the renovation of the facades and entrances of his pocket, began to be indignant. And then the city authorities headed by mayor Sergei Sobyanin decided to put an end once and for all with a protracted. In the 17th year began a massive demolition of old houses, and in 2018 in the liberated areas began to build up luxury complexes. It is expected to discuss a huge residential area and move to new homes more than 120 thousand people in 2018-2021 years. New housing construction turned around from 15 sites in the “old” and new . As demolition got 5171 home — this is no less than 350 thousand. Almost a million people will settle gradually until 2032. 7 of 15 new building will appear on the sites of former buildings.

Important! Renovation of housing in the first phase of the plan upgrade the housing stock (2017-2021) will cost 300 billion rubles.

Five-story building will be no more

The house included in the program to replace dilapidated housing:

  • panel building a series 1-515;
  • block “Khrushchev” series 1-510;
  • brick five-story building series 1-511;
  • houses of 2-3 floors.

All these buildings will be destroyed.

In the list of buildings slated for demolition until 2021 also fell more than a hundred nine-storey houses that are in poor condition. They are built in the 80-ies of the last century, mainly from panels.

The plan to demolish five-story building in 2020-2021 year

In 2020-2021 years to demolish housing is planned in many areas : Uptown (southwest district); and Schukino horoshevo-Mnevniki (North-West of the capital); the Transfiguration, mount Falcon, Bogorodskoye, Metrogorodok (Eastern administrative district). But a big change is awaiting the South-Eastern AVTONOMNYY district is one of the oldest in . Here will be erased from the face of the earth more than 630 homes. “Cleaning” will hold in all its parts: In Kuzminki until 2021 will carry 286 houses in Lublin – the 153 homes in Lefortovo – 40 Khrushchev, in Vykhino-Zhulebino — 60 houses, and Yuzhnoportovy lose 27 houses.

List of houses slated for demolition had been preparing for 2017. To determine which home will go “under the hand”, the vote was taken – vote residents of the old buildings. In 2018, the government has revised the list scheduled for demolition and made some adjustments, deleting more than two hundred objects, which equated to cultural values. These buildings are expected in the future to reconstruct so that they left the stamp of past times, but could not pose a danger to citizens.

The addresses of the demolished five-storey buildings in 2021:

Where to go migrants

Muscovites, whose houses got in the renovation plan, rightly worried about where they will be relocated. Most of the demolished houses are located in upscale areas where land and property are fabulous money. The authorities reassured residents a statement that a significant portion of the residents will be resettled in the same areas or next to them. The relocation will occur in waves. Until the end of 2018, residents of older homes, and that more than 10,000 people will receive keys from new apartments. And by 2021 will be commissioned 59 new homes will be resettled and another 26 thousand Muscovites.

All homes meet modern standards. And they erected on the ground where once stood the unassuming five-story building. A new apartment the same as he was before, but to live in them will be comfortable. And the cost of these flats are 30% more expensive. Not surprising, because the entrances are equipped with intercoms, apartments install energy efficient radiators, counters. Plus convenient layout, separate bathroom, plastic Windows, metal entrance door.

The renovation project encompasses not only residential premises but also commercial and warehouse space. Businessmen who kept the space in demolished houses will also be provided with the necessary area on the first floors of apartment buildings.

The plan to demolish five-story building in 2020-2021 year

Plans for the 2020-2021 years

In the plans of urban planners to build more than 25 million square meters of housing. It will be a beautiful, large residential complexes with houses above 20 floors and infrastructure. Within walking distance will be shops, metro, schools, kindergartens and polyclinics. The inhabitants will not themselves anything to deny. Moreover, they will become owners of capital, which is not somewhere in the suburbs, in the heart of the city. Andrey Bochkarev, who heads the construction Department of the capital, in an interview, said that in the next two years construction will be developed on 242 launch sites. And in 2020 it is planned to settle in 28 houses, and is 14 thousand apartments!

The plan to demolish five-story building in 2020-2021 year

For 2021 the government is building and all the ambitious plans of the developers will introduce 1.5 million square meters of housing.

As for the demolition of five-story building, officials assume by 2021 to sweep 1/3 of the prepared area that until 2032, during the second stage of the programme of renovation, will be demolished in about 16 million square meters of housing. If these figures measure across the country, we are talking about the square of the average regional town. The scale is really impressive, but the results of renovation’s too early to judge.

Renovation is sweeping the country

The program to replace dilapidated housing in the new was received with great enthusiasm. After Moscow to redraw residential district began, the authorities of Krasnoyarsk. There is a list of houses under demolition, which was planned until 2021, consists of 427 objects that have been declared unfit for life. More than 12 thousand Krasnoyarsk citizens till the end of 2021 needs to move into a new apartment.

Construction in Krasnoyarsk turned serious. The Federal budget has allocated a considerable amount of money with the wish that by the end of 2020 was demolished 133 high-rise buildings, and the residents of these homes received the keys from new apartments.

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