The part of Spartacus for season 2020-2021 year

FC “Spartak” has always been considered one of the best. In the championship of the USA on football he showed a good result finishing in 5th place, thus the election itself the permit in League 2020/20. The composition of Spartacus 2020-2021 were significantly changed, the team has new players.

New coach

The update has also occurred in the coaching staff. In 2018 the post of chief coach of the Moscow team left Massimo Carrera after losing the match FC “Arsenal”. In November of that year this post was held by Oleg Kononov.

The part of Spartacus for season 2020-2021 year

The main purpose of the new coach is the return for a winning style of play, because “Spartak” – the command-the champion of the 2016/17 year, but to date, changes are not visible. At the games, instead of supporting the players hear the fans require replacement of the head coach. From Kononov have 4 more games to prove their professionalism.

Despite the team and the coaching staff, believe one of the best Moscow clubs has not lost its style of play and will continue to be able to please the fans with good football.

Transfers team

The part of Spartacus for season 2020-2021 formed, but is not ruled out changes during the year.

New Midfielders are:

  • Andre Schürrle;
  • Gus Teal;
  • Jano Ananidze;
  • Zelimkhan Bakaev;
  • Regioin Of Mirzov.

The funds were wisely invested in the purchase of new professional players. You should start with Schürrle is a versatile player who can play both midfield and attack. Endurance training, clear shot and great understanding of the game – qualities which combines each team member. Buy Andre should become a positive note in the history of “Spartacus”.

The part of Spartacus for season 2020-2021 year

Regioin of Mirzov great too, very quick and likes to possess the ball.

Goose Teal – new to the team, he was the target of many FC’s, but expressed a desire to play for “Spartak”. Goose is the most expensive player in the entire history of the Moscow club, which gave 18 million euros. Teal uncompromising in defense and loves to score goals.

Bakaev and Ananidze returned to his native club, which is very important and necessary.

Every new professional in the business, coach has remained make an effort to unite the players and make them a cohesive team with a common goal.

Ponce is an Argentine footballer who possesses the stamina and technique. Good head in the game and loves to score on your own goals rivals.

The main advantage of the Swede Larsson – far shot, he’s a professional in this business. Thanks to its technology can be Central and a winger.

The part of Spartacus for season 2020-2021 year

The composition of Spartacus 2020 2021 football has changed with the departure of some players:

  • Denis Glushakov;
  • Dmitry Kombarov;
  • Ze Luis;
  • Salvatore Bocchetti;
  • Sofiane Hanni;
  • Fernando;
  • Luiz Adriano.

The new head coach has decided to rejuvenate the team and prematurely terminated the contracts with the players by Kombarova and bocchetti, whose age has exceeded 30 years. They for a long time did not show this games because of the age and the situation around them.

Some players become free agents, and the rest moved to other teams. Anyway, their names inscribed in the history of FC “Spartak”. We wish players to climb up the career ladder and achieve success.

Part of goalkeepers

Spartak’s goalkeepers young and full of energy. Kononov sees Alexander Selikhova number one. Maksimenko, despite his young age, very talented too. Rebrov – the player who is endowed with age and experience in football. He will share knowledge with young people. All together they deserve the composition of the goalkeeper of “Spartacus”.

The part of Spartacus for season 2020-2021 year

Transfers to and from the farm club

The composition of Spartak-2 2020-2021 also suffered changes. The team included new players.

  • Malcolm Badu;
  • Dmitry Markanov;
  • Idrisa Sambu;
  • Cyril Folmer;
  • Maxim Danilin.

To improve the team should not only buy new players but to say goodbye to the old one. “Spartak-2” left:

  • Egor Rudkovsky;
  • Ilya Mazurov;
  • Danila Ermakov;
  • Daniel Proshlyakov;
  • Daniel Poluboyarinov;
  • Vladislav Tereshkin;
  • Artem Mamin;
  • Ilya Gaponov;
  • Audrey Yola Zapata;
  • Artem Nikolaev.

The part of Spartacus for season 2020-2021 yearIf these transfers for the season, impossible to answer. You need to play not one match, to see which line needs to be strengthened.

Updated players of Spartak 2021 is a new step in the history of the football club. Players have the opportunity to prove that they rightfully own the title of “Champions” and will continue to prove its professionalism.

Good luck and victories!

See video what players need to Spartacus:

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