The other day in 2021

The world is full of holidays, official and unofficial. But one of the most warm and sincere is considered a holiday designed to remind about the importance of friendship. The friend’s day (or another Day, friends) in 2021 will be traditionally held on 9 June.

The history of the holiday

It is not known who initiated the establishment of “friendly” holiday. Presumably, the idea originated in America in the middle of the last century. And like any good initiative innovation caught many people in different countries. The idea came to mind and employees of the United Nations. By the end of the last century the world community, a decision was made on the day of the friends.

Initially could not determine the date of the celebration. One-time celebrations were held on the first Sunday of August. But gradually the date moved to the beginning of summer and no one today asks how many friend’s Day is June 9th.

The other day in 2021

The friend’s day in USA

In Russia the holiday has come in the present century. It is not official, because the output is not provided. But despite the “ordinariness” of date in some major cities organize events, albeit not on such a scale, what are regulated on the festivities. Very popular this day, the organization of art-sites, which anyone can attend a master class and to make a gift to a friend.

The celebration of friend’s Day

Given the long history of the festival on the day of each has no established traditions. Except, perhaps, one day it is necessary to spend with friends. And if the circumstances were scattered in different corners of the globe, there is always the opportunity to call a friend and tell him kind words. Or send a message via email or social networks. Moreover, many mobile operators in this day offer a nice bonus, but in social networks it is possible to get a totally free set of greeting stickers.

And with those who nearby, you can go to the movies or to a concert, bowling or an amusement Park. Oh and don’t forget about the fertile time of the year, which falls this glorious day. Clear, Sunny weather is like “pushing” to the nature of the trip. Time with friends in the fresh air in addition to the utility will bring a lot of positive emotions. But if suddenly there was inclement weather it is acceptable to come home, to remember over a Cup of tea funny situations from the past, dream about the future. And once again feel happy with close dear people.

The other day in 2021

In addition to the international day of friends, there is another, similar in theme, holiday – friendship Day. It is celebrated on July 30. An important caveat: the July festival is dedicated to friendly relations, not the individuals, but whole States.

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