The new rules of passing Exams in 2021

All alumni and parents, which in 2021 will go through a test Exam, afraid they’ll be bringing in the upcoming season GIA new rules for the exams. The excitement is quite justified, because in recent years, there has been major reform that significantly changed the structure and content of KIMS almost all subject Exams.

Even more uncertainty 11th grade pupils add statements Vasilyeva about the introduction of compulsory exam on the history of the USA already in 2021, because the school year has already started, and the graduates have not received a clear answer to the question, how many compulsory subjects they have to take just a few months.

Whether the story required Exams

As official statements on this matter nor from the state nor from FIPI, nor anyone else has not been received, we will try to analyze the situation and draw your own conclusions.

The new rules of passing Exams in 2021

Will the history Examinations required in 2021

Fact # 1 – a promising model 2021, as the rules of taking Exams in history available in the codifier and specifications have not changed.

If we consider the discipline “history of USA” as a compulsory subject the DPA, it is necessary to revise the rules of the exam, the structure of the KIMS and the system of evaluation. It is possible that the story will be offered on “basic” and “core” level, as mathematics today, because there are Universities who want to see the certificate Examinations, supporting a thorough in-depth knowledge of graduates in the discipline.

Fact # 2 – history as a compulsory subject, not tested.

If you remember the story of the introduction of most changes, they are all integrated into the system of knowledge evaluation after some period of testing. For example, this was the case with the oral language. In 2021, the history will become a compulsory subject for graduates of 9 classes that you will be considered as a kind of approbation. Management will review the results that demonstrate the 9-graders and decide whether the graduates to pass Exams in history in the same format that exists today, in 2021, or need to change the rules of submission (to ease the task to enter “base” and “profile”, etc.)

The new rules of passing Exams in 2021

Thus, it is safe to say that if history and will join the number of compulsory subjects GUIA-11, not before 2021, which should please the alumni 2021 and give them the opportunity, without unnecessary stress to start preparing three (and someone and 4) subjects.

How many items to be commissioned in 2021

How many items do I need to pass? This question also haunted by 11-grade pupils.

It is worth noting that not all graduates are limited to the minimal necessary set of the 3 disciplines (Russian language, mathematics and subject of choice). Many decide to pass the 4 exam, guided by different motives.

The new rules of passing Exams in 2021

Option # 1 and basic and core mathematics.

Preparation in this case is as simple as possible – prepare for the relevant exam. This knowledge will be more than enough in order to pass the base on a passing grade, but a certificate is in fact not necessary.

Option # 2 – two elective subject.

This option is relevant for those who are not able to define the desired direction. For example, torn between foreign Philology and the IT sector. Believe me, now these guys quite a lot.

In this case, you can try your luck twice and take a decision based on which of the core subjects, work to pass better. Importantly, to properly prepare for all subjects.

Important! Even if both of you are interested in the exam in the calendar 2021 Exams are in one day, the rules of taking the guessing out of the situation – one of the disciplines (which is already solved most test takers), can be put into the reserve day.

Will the procedure

Although the media quite a lot just talked about what changes in procedure are planned in the near future, it is unlikely that these innovations were launched already this season.

The new rules of passing Exams in 2021

In the near future (perhaps as early as 2021 or 2022) of graduates expect such innovations:

  1. Full transition of GIA in digital format.
  2. Individual CMM for each examinee.
  3. The oral part of the exam in Russian language.
  4. English and history as compulsory subjects.
  5. The return of GIA-11 in the school.

When and how to enter will be announced innovations, is still unknown. As soon as the Ministry of Education and FIPI will announce its plans for their implementation, we will first tell you about important news.

Important dates Exams 2021

For the early period, the Exams will be relevant 2021 these dates:

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