The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

One of the leaders of the global automotive industry the South Korean concern Hyundai is famous for the frequent appearance of new products, here and in the 2020-2021 year has produced the following automobiles.

A compact car is currently undergoing road tests in India.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

According to several automotive publications car will get new platform, which will be the basis for the compact Hyundai cars. In its rapid and dynamic style of the i10 will resemble a hatchback Santro.

For equipping the basic version will be available features like a rear view, climate control, Keyless entry, full power accessories. At initial release, the equipment will be used two engines: petrol (75 HP) and diesel (83 HP). Production of new items will begin in India in the second half of 2020.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Subcompact hatchback 2020 differs from its predecessor changed the front part.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

As a result of the facelift the car received a more dynamic and memorable appearance. This image is created using the following solutions:

  • headlights with integrated led running lights lines;
  • octagonal grille with sleek curves;
  • speed device to the front bumper;
  • a narrow strip of the inlet.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

The interior of the i20 has been preserved and continues to be characterized by high-quality Assembly and good finishing materials. Also changed the specifications.

The price of the hatchback will start from 14,500 euros. In our country the model will not be delivered.

Update subcompact sedan has a local character and are aimed at changing the exterior of the car with the new corporate style of the company.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Among other solutions, it is important to note the use of better materials for decoration, new multimedia equipment and the increased set of electronic assistants and safety systems.

Also in 2020-2021 plan to release the stylish i40 wagon, to assess the exterior which can be in the photo of the presentation of the news.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Runabout preserved the petrol engine capacity of 165 HP and 6-speed automatic transmission. In Russia the novelty is not forthcoming, and in Europe sales will begin early next year.


Another novelty of the company of 2020 will be the Elantra sixth generation. The updated car received a new front part and severely altered the stern, which made the model more solid and dynamic.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

The upgraded cabin has gained better architecture and improved interior materials. Equipment of the product was supplemented with modern equipment

In the line of power units has not changed and is still available petrol engines in 129, 150 and 204 of the force. The front-wheel drivetrain will continue to be equipped with 6-speed manual transmission, 6-speed automatic transmission or a robot. Sales in the domestic car dealerships will close in the second half of 2020.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year


The model, which the company specially developed for China, will be kupeobrazny sedan called Lafesta. Novelty has a bright sporty appearance, comfortable interior and rich equipment. The basis of the used car Elantra platform.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

At the initial stage of production to recruitment is designed turbocharged petrol motor in the 205 forces, together with a 7-speed robot in front-wheel drive powertrain. In the future, it is possible to use the 140 HP power unit with a 6-speed manual transmission.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Hyundai claims that depending on the volume of car sales in China it is possible to further supply to North America and European countries. The estimated price of the car is 25.50 thousand dollars.


The popular crossover has gone through another planned restyling and gained improved appearance.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Exterior model stand out:

  • new optics in led performance;
  • enlarged grille;
  • the high line of the side Windows.

The car’s interior is completely refreshed and its execution complies with the latest version of the model i30. Among the new equipment can highlight a powerful multimedia complex with a 7-inch touch monitor and the ability to navigate using 3D technology.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Powertrains remain the same and consist of two gasoline 4-cylinder engines with a capacity of 165 and 185 forces. The base will remain front-wheel drive, and the full only available as an option. The cost of Tucson 2020 model year in domestic showrooms will start from 1.42 million rubles.


For the year 2020 is scheduled for release in the second generation unusual asymmetrical hatchback. Non-standard three-door car (one driver’s side door, the two opposite the passenger) will receive the updated dynamic design in the corporate style.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

The main features are:

  • new design head optics;
  • updated the grille;
  • redesigned bumper.

In the cabin the change is small, first of all it touched a new multi-functional steering, performance center console, as well as the use of more qualitative finishing materials.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Range of power units is represented by five petrol engines capacity from 130 to 275 HP Basic version of the model estimated will cost about 23.00 thousand dollars. Official selling cars in our country are planned.

Genesis G90

Executive sedan manufacturer officially shown in the late fall of this year. Modification G90 2020 as a result of the restyling has a new look and different from the earlier version following solutions:

  • a huge pentagonal grille;
  • matrix head optics with lines navigation lights;
  • a powerful hood, raised above the front wings;
  • 19-inch wheels.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Updates in the cabin are minimal and confined to installing a new instrument panel and decrease the number keys on the center console.

Gamma petrol engines has not changed and is represented by engines with a capacity of 315, 375, 425 forces. With all the units used 8-speed automatic transmission. The cost model will start from 65.00 thousand dollars. The sedan will go in the first half of next year.

Genesis G70

In 2020, Hyundai plans to start production of the small car in the line of their premium cars. The novelty has received the designation G70.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

The car has a sporty style, which is formed by:

  • aggressive dynamic view of the front part;
  • large wheel arches;
  • the rapid transition of the roof line aft.

The interior is also formed in a sporty style with refined materials. Also, the G70 is equipped with advanced digital technology and numerous equipment for comfort and safety.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

For picking it is possible to use two petrol engines 200 and 250 HP, and turbo 375 forces. All motors are aggregated with 8-band automatic transmission. The cost of premium car will start from 36.00 thousand dollars.


In 2021, the Hyundai will start production of the very large and expensive SUV called the Palisade. The car looks powerful and solid, and fully complies with modern design for crossovers of this class.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

The spacious interior will comfortably accommodate passengers up to 8 people. Among the equipment designed for the equipment it was possible to identify the drive seat of the second row, an innovative multimedia center, a large number of security systems.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Be equipped SUV will be the engine of 365 HP, 8-speed automatic transmission. Standard version will get front-wheel drive, and fully provided as an option. The exact date of release of new products and the cost at the moment, the company has not yet provided.

Santa Cruz

For 2021 is planned to start production pickup truck called the Santa Cruz.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

The car is developed specially for the North American market, where it will be produced. Unlike most of his classmates pickup will not receive a frame structure and a monocoque. In addition, it is known that Santa Cruz is constructed on the basis of the SUV Palisade.

The main front-drive version with a double cabin. If all-wheel drive version as provides option plans equipment dual five-seat cabin is still unknown.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year

Range of power units presents petrol engines with a capacity of 145 and 185 HP, and a turbodiesel 205 forces. Roughly, the price will start from 18,90 thousand dollars.


Another compact crossover will be the company’s model karlina 2020. The new car was originally intended for India. In his own powerful and brutal appearance a compact crossover resembles a smaller version of the classic SUV.

Interior Carlino borrowed from the subcompact Hyundai i10 and is characterized by good ergonomics and cheap materials.

The key one will be front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive performance is not available even as an option. For manning there is only two engines: petrol (70 HP) and diesel (100 HP). Both motors are aggregated only a five-speed manual transmission. About the cost of the SUV will be known immediately before the commencement of production.

The new Hyundai 2020-2021 year


Continued and enhanced its range of displays the desire of the South Korean company Hyundai to increase sales not only by quantitative parameters, but also due to the development and production of new models of the year 2020-2021.

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