The minimum wage in 2021 in USA

The subsistence minimum in 2021, as before, will be the main indicator on the basis of which are appointed and formed many social benefits for the population. Along with the increase of the living wage in 85 regions of the USA from 1 January 2021 to change the size of the minimum wage.

Living wage — to each his own

The subsistence minimum (PM), according to the law, is calculated and is set in four different categories:

  • for able-bodied population;
  • for people who have retired;
  • for children;
  • per capita in Russia.

The final size of the PM consists of:

  • the prices of the consumer basket (PCs), which allows to support human life (basic food and non-food items);
  • payments of various kinds (utilities, taxes).

Since each category your minimum needs amount of subsistence minimum is different. Responsibilities track and analyze the growth of prices for PC components assigned to the Federal state statistics service. The cost components that make up the PM, are reviewed each quarter taking into account last period. Based on the analysis of collected data the minimum cost of living increases, decreases or remains the same.

Conventionally-assessed value of the consumer basket for able-bodied citizens, as a rule, higher than in other categories. As this population has the highest costs in contrast to pensioners and children. Because older people have a right to certain benefits (travel tickets, payment of utilities, tax breaks, medications for free or at a discount).

The minimum wage in 2021 in USA

The average per capita subsistence minimum in 2021 may be slightly different from the regional. The latter is at the discretion of local authorities. So, b and e, the city government always sets the PM higher than the other regions. But inflated conditionally estimated value of the consumer basket by the residents of these cities is not particularly noticeable. As the cost of living in these regions are actually more expensive than the average for the USA.

From 1 January 2020, the living wage has become a benchmark for another important value — the minimum wage. The lower limit of the size of the salary, by law, cannot be less than the subsistence minimum. Similarly, local authorities at the request have the right to adjust these values. Thus, in the Northern areas, and e the minimum wage is much higher than the average USAнина.

The draft law on the subsistence minimum in USA introduced in 1997. From 1 January 1998, this figure became the basis of state guarantees to obtain the minimum cash incomes and the implementation of other measures of social assistance.

The increase in the minimum wage in 2021

The government plans, according to the Minister of labour Maxim Topilin, increase Federal living wage and therefore the minimum wage from 1 January 2021 until 12130 RUB It is this “cost of living” for the working population was recorded in the second quarter of this year.Thus, the increase in PM in comparison with the value 2020 (11280 RUB) is 850 RUB.

Interestingly, at PM USA for the third quarter of 2020 decreased (per capita):

  • for the working population and children by 1.5%;
  • for seniors 1.6%.

The minimum wage in 2021 in USA

The decrease is due to the seasonal drop in the price of food (vegetables grown in domestic spaces).

The value of PM for the third quarter of the current year in some regions:

RegionSize PM, RUB.
For the entire populationFor able-bodiedFor seniorsFor children
In RussiaTen thousand two hundred thirteenEleven thousand sixty nineEight thousand four hundred sixty fourNine thousand nine hundred fifty
Sixteen thousand two hundred sixtyEighteen thousand five hundred eightyEleven thousand five hundred fiveThirteen thousand nine hundred thirty eight
11 021,312079,58954,110754,6
Nenets Autonomous OkrugTwenty thousand four hundred sixtyTwenty one thousand five hundred twenty sevenSixteen thousand six hundred ninetyTwenty one thousand four hundred twenty seven
Penza oblastEight thousand nine hundred sixNine thousand six hundred twenty oneSeven thousand three hundred eighty oneNine thousand two hundred twenty one

For citizens of retirement age who have left work and receive pensions below the PM in the region of residence, the state pays a special compensation. Federal social surcharge to pension to the minimum level PM for seniors was introduced in 2020.

The minimum wage in 2021 in USA

According to the national center of living standards, the official subsistence minimum, three times less real. In order for a person to live a normal life, without luxury, according to experts, it takes about 27 thousand rubles. per month. Reducing the minimum to life on the background of constant growth of prices seems strange, not only ordinary people but also some deputies. According to the former Deputy Minister of labour and employment of population of the Russian Federation Pavel Kudyukin, the cost of living in USA too low. Therefore, the ex-Deputy fully supports the initiative of deputies of the party “Fair USA” a proposal to raise the minimum wage and a living wage several times. The problem, as noted by the Deputy of the State Duma Olga batalina, is the method of determining the value of the consumer basket. If early (before 2012) if the calculation took into account necessary human things — outerwear, underwear, shoes, small and large appliances for the house, now in the calculation are only some products (the third part of which vegetables). Returning to the detailed prescription of all required services and goods would correct the situation. Interestingly, when calculating the cost of the current consumer basket are not taken into account and modern information services (telephone, Internet). Although without this the average Russian family with children already can not do.

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