The minimum pension in Moscow and the region in 2021

Retirement allowances depends on many factors, including the subsistence minimum established in a particular region. In 2021 the minimum pension in Moscow and the region will be recalculated depending on the approved size of the minimal wage and the rate of inflation. In addition, the extra capital allowances, which in 2021 will also be revised upwards.

Subsistence level

The Russian government currently implements one of the most ambitious projects – the pension reform. In the opinion of the leaders of the country, its main goal is to ensure a decent standard of living after termination of their employment. According to the approved plans, will be held annually increase pensions by an average of 1,000 rubles at the expense of means Federal and regional budgets within the limits of indexing. Also, will increase the value of pension points. In 2021 it will account for 93 rubles. At the same time, the seniority for calculation of pension must be at least 11 years, and the number of points is not less than the 18.6.

The minimum pension in Moscow and the region in 2021

In the future it is also planned to increase the cost of pension points: in 2021 – about 98 p., in 2022 – 104 R.

The accrual of pension is based on accumulated experience with the citizen of the Russian Federation and accumulated retirement points and other indicators (benefits for the severity of working conditions, etc.). If the resulting amount is less than the subsistence minimum of a pensioner (PMP), the citizen can apply for a Supplement to your insurance or social pension through the bodies of social services. Supplement is made of the regional budget.

MPM is determined individually for each region the local government. This figure is regulated by a separate law and approved by the Moscow city Duma and signed by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin. For 2020, the act was dated October 31, 2018. The size of the MPM, it was determined 12 115 rubles. It is expected that the official document for 2021 will also be published at the end of October 2020.

In the Moscow region the level of MPM is approved by the members of the Mosobldumy a separate law. For 2020, the minimum pension in Moscow region was installed in 9908 rubles.

PMP indicator is analyzed each year and changes depending on rising prices and the size of the inflation. In 2021 according to the Federal law on the budget for projected inflation of 3.8%. Accordingly, the “minimum salary” for retirees will be:

  • 12 616 roubles for the capital;
  • 10 284 rubles – for the suburbs.

The minimum pension in Moscow and the region in 2021


The annual indexation of pensions no longer tied to inflation. The government’s strategy suggests that it must exceed the inflation rates to create a decent level of pension benefits in the future. In 2020, the pension insurance grew by 7.05%. In 2021, according to Elena Bibikova, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy, the percentage of indexation will be set at the level of 6.6. That is, this figure will be taken into account when allocating allowances from 01 January 2021.

However, indexing only applies to non-working pensioners. Those citizens who continue to work while receiving pension payments to wait increases with the new year should not be. In the USA continue to allowed to continue to work and receive a pension, but it will not be indexed until until the person retires from all employment.

Working pensioners can only rely on annual recalculation in August 2021. Pensioners who have worked in 2020, will earn points they earned during the past period. This will increase the total amount of insurance pension.

The city social standard for pensioners in

In there is the concept of the Urban social standard (GSS), which reglamentary minimum level of income for pensioners in the capital. The standard of living in much higher than in other regions of the USA. It is characterized by not only large salaries, but high prices for goods and services. Therefore, the GSS determines the optimum value that residents of the capital to meet their needs.

From the regional budget to pensioners is Supplement to the level of the GSS, however, to make it can not do everything. The main criterion in this case is the period of staying in . If a person officially living in the capital (permanent registration) 10 years or more, he can count on this Supplement. Otherwise, its payment may be limited to the standard charges.

The minimum pension in Moscow and the region in 2021

From 01 September 2020 GSS increased to 19 500 rubles (in 2000 and compared to previous data). It was officially stated by the mayor Sergei Sobyanin. The recalculation of the payoff is calculated automatically, so the citizens already in the autumn of 2020 will be able to receive the minimum pension increased city Supplement.

Making additional payments on the basis of GSS

To receive the additional payments to the City social standard are eligible non-recipients of pension, and working pensioners. Thus, the latter should apply to the following categories of citizens:

  • people with disabilities and war veterans;
  • disabled groups I and II
  • the disabled of group III, provided that they combine work with education full-time training system;
  • recipients of the social pension on the occasion of loss of the breadwinner (applies to pensioners over the age of 18).

Supplement to GSS is only administered to those Muscovites who have permanent registration in the capital for at least 10 years.

The minimum pension in Moscow and the region in 2021

To receive the city payments will require to provide the following documents:

  • a statement by the special model (download the form for noworking and working pensioners);
  • a certificate of pension entitlements (social security number or other document);
  • the certificate, which specifies the level of payments received;
  • proof of the required registration period in the capital, if it is not specified in the passport.

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